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D-Day photos from 1944 and photos of vacationers at the exact same locations today [28 pics]

June 6, 1944, marked a turning point in World War II as Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, forcing the end of the German occupation of France.

To mark this Friday’s 70th anniversary of D-Day, Reuters photographer Chris Helgren compiled a number of photos from that fateful day and took his own photographs from the exact same locations.

It’s sobering to compare the heavy events of that day 70 years ago with the casual vacationers relaxing there today, enjoying a lifestyle that’s enabled by those who sacrificed their lives on the same land…

Normandy Then Now 01

Normandy Then Now 02

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Normandy Then Now 03

Normandy Then Now 04

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Normandy Then Now 05

Normandy Then Now 06

Normandy Then Now 07

Normandy Then Now 08

Normandy Then Now 09

Normandy Then Now 10

Normandy Then Now 11

Normandy Then Now 12

Normandy Then Now 13

Normandy Then Now 14

(via Blame it on the Voices)

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