Dachshund is paralyzed kitten's constant protector and playmate [picture & video] | 22 Words

Dachshund is paralyzed kitten’s constant protector and playmate [picture & video]

By Abraham Piper

Ruth and Idgie

Three months ago, after being abandoned on the side of the road in Osteen, Florida, a dog and cat were picked up by animal control. This is a sad story, but unfortunately not altogether uncommon. What sets these two apart however is that the cat is paralyzed and is virtually immobile, especially compared to the agility of a normal cat. But the dog, a Dachshund, does not leave her side.

And now that the two have been adopted by Hollywood Houndz,┬áIdgie the Dachshund has a place to play with and protect her friend Ruth the Kitten. Whenever she has a new toy, she brings it to Ruth since she can’t come play with it herself. And whenever another dog comes in (It is a pet grooming studio, after all) Idgie stays between it and Idgie…

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