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Dad creatively punishes his 15-year-old for a disrespectful Facebook post

Feb 9, 2012 By Abraham

This dad just saw a letter that his daughter posted to Facebook. It’s to her parents, but she thought they weren’t going to see it, and it’s appallingly rude. (The beginning of the video includes NSFW language because he reads the girl’s post.)

After giving her a severe dressing-down, he proceeds to video her punishment…which, by the way, she did not need to be present to receive.

Skip 6 minutes in for the 2 minute version and for the crazy part… You don’t want to miss the end.

I’m sure this dad loves his daughter. Unfortunately, he’s too angry here to seem like he ultimately has her interest in mind. Also, I’m not sure the publicity of this stunt is going to help his cause. Regardless of the flaws of his reaction, however, I think the punishment itself does fit the crime.

What do you think?

Update: Some follow-up thoughts from the dad.

(via Reddit)


      1. fabian says:

        Under privileged kid??? The worse thing you could ever do is give an under privileged kid a lap top… There is so much more out there for any under privileged kid to feel privileged.

        1. M says:

          Well that’s a dumb generalization. Many under privileged kids would love to have it and be responsible. When you have nothing, you learn to appreciate everything.

          1. C says:

            not true, underprivileged who are use to living off the system appreciate nothing unless they work for it because they feel entitled. It is a perpetual cycle. They need to get off their asses and work for what they want, only then will they appreciate it.

          2. July says:

            C you are a bigot-some of the hardest working kids I’ve seen come from virtually nothing. They are used to seeing their mothers and fathers work their butts off for a pittance and they are hoping their children will do well in school so they will not have to scrub toilets for a living. Judging someone by the amount of money they have is beyond shallow, more like ignorant. Look at the kids the rich raise-Paris Hilton? The Menendez brothers?

        2. Ibeeslick says:

          This guy is a great dad! I hope he stands by what he said and doesn’t give in to buying another laptop for his spoiled brat daughter. This is how parenting is done. FOLLOW THROUGH. A child needs to understand that words do mean something. It gives them trust and they hear the words louder and crystal clear. They learn respect. This child has absolutely no respect for her family and the love they give her. Cheers to this dad!!!

          1. rigby says:

            lbeeslick- If his daughter is a “spoiled brat daughter” as you say, who made her a “sproiled brat daughter”? If she doesn’t have respect for her family as you say, why doesn’t she have respect for her family? If he is a father that raised a “spoiled brat daughter” with “absolutely no respect for her family”, how is an act like this going to show her “follow through”?
            I’m not saying I disagree with the father, just your logic in defending his actions.

          2. Kathryn says:

            I’m in total agreement with you lbeeslick. Kudos to this dad. My 19 yo daughter had to be put out of the house because she didn’t want to follow the rules. Kids nowadays don’t know the first thing of sacrifice or work for things they want. I am not rich. Shoot, I don’t even have any money saved, but my needs are met by my husband & I working our tail ends off. So, blowing that laptop up was a great way of letting that lil girl know that enough was enough.

          3. July says:

            I have a respectful, smart and responsible son. I never had to shoot anything of his. Maybe better parenting raises better kids. This dad is a bully. Humiliation and intimidation is no way to raise a child.

        3. Larry Daigneault says:

          Another moron speaks repeating the Reagan “welfare queen” lie. Biggest whiners on the planet are the overprivileged rich like Romney and his Anti-American supporters. The same type of men the SE Asian trade in 12 y/o girls thriving. The guy’s mistake was spending $130 for software in the first place. If she wanted it, he should have told her find a way to earn the money, especially after he had grounded her not long before. Laptops come with everything one needs for school or the software is freeware like Adobe Reader. This father reminds me of my ex-wife and her treatment of our daughter bouncing between overly lavish gift giving to harse reactions to the resultant disrespectful behavior that flowed from it. He should have donated it to a local school, the fact he used a gun showed he isn’t operating on all cylinders.

    1. Thanksalot says:

      The Dad & Mom of this kid waited a way to long in deciding to raise this kid. like most people. this is typical of our spoiled youth of today. It seems we drank the kool aid of perverts in raising kids. ( Like kids are to be entertained not disciplined ) ( Its cruel to teach a kid to be responsible, or respectable ) (If parents want to worship GOD that’s their business but should never raise their children that way, that could harm the child for life.) and that kind of logic and teaching is rampart in today’s family’s.We are fulfilling the bible’s prophesy of a young and rebellious generation.We have made this rebellious generation by not raising our kids when we had the chance.///// We only get 1-chance.

      1. Mandi @ Life...Your Way says:

        How do you know they waited too long? If she has chores and responsibilities and was grounded before, what gives you the impression that they haven’t been good, responsible parents? Do you really think that good parents never have kids who rebel?

        1. Thanksalot says:

          Mandi do you in your wildest frame of mind think this happened in just one day. this has been going on for awhile, like a weed growing. should of have been nipped in the bud long ago.

          1. Scott says:

            @thanksalot, do you have kids? You say “WE”, come to my house watch me and my wonderful wife interact with our children, we are very strict and the rules were laid out as early as they could understand them. Kids will always test the boundaries, see how far they can push them, that’s what kids do. I’m curious to know why worshiping God will harm them at all, much less for life! That’s the problem with the world, God has been evicted from everything and everywhere.

          2. deb says:

            Yes ……. I totally understand your thinking but I have a child just like that…….raised in church every Sunday! brownie, girl scout…….. loved and interaction very well….then hormones set in…. about 13 to 14.. the LAW stops you from spanking and disciplining as WE were disciplined.. SOOOOOOO they will stand up to parents disrespectfully demanding cell phones and privileges…You must NOT have children or teenage girls! I AGREE with the parents 100%. Unfortunately, I doubt the daughter will learn a thing!!! :(

          3. just a dad says:

            I believe they tried the first time and that did not work, I bet it worked this time.

          4. Becca says:

            Sure this has probably been going on a long time with two responsible adults and a kid who has been rebellious and defiant a long time to. I know we have one, we have set rules, been respectful to him, required he comply in the same manner, like our other children he has to help around the house and be involved. But he is defiant and rebellious. You can be good parents and still have a kid who wants things His way all of the time, nipping in the bud does not always work with every kid, I know we have five and only the one who wants to rule the roost, his way. He does go to church with us and likes going to church, but doesn’t like our rules. He has been this way since ninth grade, he is now eighteen and we have given him the option to live on his own, problem is he quit school to so supporting himself will be a challenge and he knows his minimum wage job will not support him. So don’t judge a parent unless you have walked in their shoes, some kids are just difficult.

        2. Larry Daigneault says:

          Teenage rebellion and the individualism expressed is a fact of life. The teenage years are part and parcel about asserting ones independence from ones parents in preparation for the interdependence that typifies adulthood. It’s the charateristic of the stage. Respect is earned and it’s a two way street. The fact the girl tried to block her parents from her Facebook wall speaks loads to the poor job this guy has done. Indeed this father seems to be still stuck in his own teenage years, if that mature. The whole video is a blatant display of immaturity on his part. If the daughter sees it, she’s likely to be more embarassed by his behavior than her own, he speaks of.

        3. Paula says:

          Yes, I think good parents are capable of turning out bitchy, ungrateful, lazy children. They’re called TEENAGERS!!!! You do the best you can. but on the other hand…is she really picking up after them and getting them coffee? I never made my kid my waiter; if he had to do stuff for me then I was willing to do stuff for him.

      2. c says:

        Every gerneration since the history of man has said the young and rebellious generation are a sign of end times. Religion makes me pity all you mindless fools. The worse part is there is not one religious fanatic that will ever know they are wrong.

        1. Shrapnel says:

          Dude, you didn’t even answer the question. You do not know these people. The guy never once said that he was religious, you’re just assuming he is because of his accent.

          1. Thanksalot says:

            Shrapnel That is the answer, You can not see it because you are drunk on cool aid from Liberal thinking. Every situation that I observe, The Absence of Christian influence and teaching results in severe mental problems,

          1. Sakura ShinRa says:

            Thanksalot: Wow, what’s with the cool-aid obsession? The cool-aid of perverts? What? Are you upset because you missed the bus to Jonestown or something?
            It’s obvious to me that you’re the worst kind of fanatical, god-bothering idiot, and you give decent christians (of which I know many, although I am not christian myself) a really bad name. People like you are the reason that many christians are reluctant to declare their faith to non-believers because they’re afraid they’ll be tarred with same brush as verbal diarrohea spouting fanatics like yourself.
            Children rebel, it’s a normal part of adolescent development, no matter how well they are raised, it’s how that rebellion is dealt with that is a sign of a good parent. I think this father’s method was fair and not at all unreasonable, and his daughter will certainly think very hard before acting like an such an entitled little brat in the future. Besides, saving for her own computor will teach her a lot about how the real world works and what it’s like when you don’t have parents there to buy everything for you anymore.

          2. July says:

            Thanks-who says that liberals aren’t Christian? I know a christian who is a liberal thinker. He thinks that you should love your enemy, turn the other cheek, not be judgmental, hangs with hookers, is a pacifist, said being rich is sinful. His name is Jesus.

        2. Robbie says:

          “c:” I believe in God, and you, apparently, don’t. Maybe you’re right, and maybe I’m right. If you’re right, and I’m wasting my time believing in Him…no harm done. If I’m right, you might find out that Eternity is a LONG time to be wrong!

          1. Snagglepuss24 says:

            Yeah Robbie, cuz the best reason to follow god is just in case he exists. Based on that, I guess we should all accept Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, Zeus, and every other god just in case… MORON!

          2. Robbie says:

            “Snagglepuss:” Your namesake is smarter than you. To understand what I said, you would first have to have at least a little comprehension. You really make yourself look foolish when you read things that I never said. So let me rephrase this, and I’ll try to use small words for you. First: the best reason to follow God is because you believe in Him. It’s not a lottery, or a grab bag. One doesn’t just say “I guess I need a belief system, so I’ll choose this one.” It takes exposure, learning,and faith. The problem with you atheists is that you clump all religions into one, and declare them all wrong. And you somehow, grasping at straws, believe that we do the same, and declare them all right. It doesn’t work that way. I don’t believe that there is more than one real religion (but there might be). So my allegiance is to my religion. If I were to accept other religions as right, then that would be saying that mine is wrong – what would be the purpose in that? As I said above: if I’m wrong, and there is no God, at least my belief in Him won’t make me a mean, bad, terrified person who refers to anyone disagreeing with me a moron. Hopefully, I will lead a good life, and leave a good, moral legacy (something that even most atheists believe in). If, at the end, there is no Hereafter, then it’s over, and I haven’t lost anything. No harm done. If, however, there IS a God, anyone who denies Him is apt to find eternity to be a LONG time to be wrong!
            The next time you post, remember the old saying: “It’s better to keep one’s mouth shut, and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”
            Oh – and “Allah” is another name for God. Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the same God – the One in the Holy Bible (Old Testament)

          3. Larry Daigneault says:

            Robbie we all get 1000 years (Judgement Day) to prove we are worthy of salvation if the Bible is correct and there is a God. Believing in God doesn’t make a man moral, indeed the rapturist position is one can sin all they want so long as they believe in God they are saved. The percentage of moral atheists and agnostics exceeds that of the theists by a country mile which was one reason America’s founders said religion should be kept outside gov’t.

      3. tammy says:

        well u raise ur kids like u want but without god u wouldnt have them kids and u would just be dust and u wouldnt be nothing so im here to tell u that its sad to think that u could post something like that about your creator he is the begining and the end and u need to get a reality check becuase the end of time is near and without god we r nthn

        1. Shrapnel says:

          Not everyone believes what you believe. What you said is pushing your religion on another and in turn, pushing them away. Just drop it.

          1. Tom says:

            Tammy’s comment really isn’t pushing religion on anyone. She stated what she believes- just like every other person who has commented. Obviously not everyone believes the same thing! And guess what? Most people think their beliefs are true even when they can’t be proven. (Hence the term: beliefs.)

            If you believe you’re having religion ‘forced’ on you while voluntarily reading comments on a blog, I’d advise you to stop reading. If you can’t stop reading, at least stop whining.

        2. Jack says:

          Your creator should have encouraged you to pay more attention in English class.
          Did your Christain folks check your homework? Probably.
          The guy in the video was right and If allow streotype to dictate what that guy is like……the he probably drank a bottle of Jack when he was done,got in his pick-up,raised hell with his drunk buddies,went back home,took a beer out of the fridge on his porch and then beat his wife.
          And if I allowed your speech to influence what I thought…I would imagine you have an accent similar to the guy in the video.

      4. veteran47 says:

        Thanksalot, you have no business bashing this fathers reaction and hiding behind your “faith” as if that is the only way to raise a child. The vast majority of “christian” kids that i grew up with learned nothing about real life in their sheltered little world there bible banging parents forced them into. These kids often have many more problems when they enter the real world and dont know how act when they suddenly have freedom. This father has obviously disciplined in the past and is making a big statement to his daughter with this video, she will be ok. Save your preaching for sundays, and why do you even care, you are just another nut job who thinks the world is about to end because some of the children are acting out. Get your head out of the clouds.

        1. Thanksalot says:

          Hey Veteran47 will take your advise, now here is some for you, GET your head out of your ass,read a little slower so to improve your comprehension.No way was I bashing the father, He is just a few years late in his discipline,this problem did not happen over night,there should have been more interaction between the parents and kid long before now. Bet if you could ask him if I am right about this, He would tell you Yes he is right.We all see many signs going down the road of life, But we ignore most of them and there lies the problem.

          1. mom of three says:

            Thanksalot- really??? i too would like to ask the question on whether you have children. because maybe you should go ahead and get off here and do your job as a parent. and as for you thinking it is okay for you to judge everyone else and their parenting, maybe you should step back and worry about your own….

          2. mom of three says:

            thanksalot. and as far as everyone else showing their ignorance. the only ignorant comments i’ve read so far on here are from you…..

        2. Gabriel says:

          This is in response to Tom, since he had no reply button. Tammy was indeed pushing her religion when she said ” its sad to think that u could post something like that about your creator he is the begining and the end and u need to get a reality check “.That is a flat out attack against someone elses beliefs.

          1. Robbie says:

            No, Gabriel, she was, indeed, NOT “pushing her religion.” She was stating her belief,which is what these comment sections are all about. It just happens that her belief is based on her religion. When you state your belief on a given subject, are you just stating your belief, or are you “pushing your atheism?”
            There is often a double standard in comment sections all over the internet. What it amounts to is that an atheist point of view should be accepted as fact, or at least not receive any argument, but a religious point of view is supposedly considered to be one that is “being pushed on others,” and has no business being expressed outside of your bedroom closet. But what I really see there is that a lot of people, not able to adequately defend their atheistic beliefs, can only tell religious people to abandon these PUBLIC posts. Sorry, pal – we ain’t going away!

      5. just a dad says:

        why do you blame the parents?? they did nothing wrong you say they waited to long?? maybe you need to watch the video again. THIS HAPPEN BEFORE and she was told, The only way you discipline your child is you wait till they do something wrong or something they have already been told not to do, you don’t discipline your child when they havent done anything wrong so I can not see why you think they waited to long. And keep the bible and god out of this, your parents raised you one way and I am sure that you were not an angel. What that dad did was AWESOME he all ready told his daughter once for posting stupid sh>> on facebook and told her what would happen if she did it again, Dad was just following through.

        Oh ya also all you people think he should of donated the computer well i am sure in his life time he has donated plenty of stuff for the not so fortunate.
        Again Way to go Dad. This Man and Mom love there daughter very much or you would not of seen this video

        father of 3

        1. Thanksalot says:

          Just a Dad ///Wow its hard to keep up with your logic,,This event that was displayed on the video did not happen in just one day, its been growing like a weed to have escalated to this.That 15 year old girl should have had a lot more attention from her Mother and Father all of her life, its way to late now to do any good, like I said / You only get one chance. No way can I leave GOD out of the right way to raise a child.

          1. Gabriel says:

            Thanksalot, You must not have kids. When they learn they can’t challenge you to your face, they try to do it where you can’t see it. The girl failed, got caught and was justly punished. I went through this crap with my own daughter, and now that she’s 24, I still do. Rebellion is just natural, but you have to make sure they know who is in charge, regardless.

          2. mom of three says:

            thanksalot… does your GOD approve of the judgment to other people??? also does GOd like you to have a potty mouth now too? you’re using words like a$$ and talking crap about others and their opinions but yet then in the next sentence you preach about your GOD and blah blah blah… stop bible thumping and go be a parent. that is if you even have kids. because from the sounds of your post you don’t. because you have no clue what you’re talking about when it comes to being a parent. i look forward to seeing your child on americas most wanted one day…. also to father of three- i agree 100% with you. i give these parents a thumbs up as well… raising teenagers is very difficult and parents can only do so much. and then they are old enough to make their own decisions and then pay for their mistakes. and donating the computer. really??? i think this made a much better statement. and i am a true believer that kids should have to work for the things they want in life. they s+hould not think handouts are always going to be there for them. not to mention when they work and pay for something themselves they tend to appreciate and take better care of it….

          3. Jack says:

            To all the hypocritical bible-thumping closet sinners:
            The guardian of the underworld just called…..He wants me to tell you that you can not hide….he knows what your thinking and what your doing when your alone(as God does). You know your a hypocrite. He also said…bring him some ketchup when you come,he’s out.

          4. kat-mom of 4 says:

            Wow Thanksalot….You need to get a life, and stay off the computer! All these comments are ridiculous. Religion has nothing to do with parenting, nor should you assume that these parents have not been doing their job thusfar. Parenting is an ongoing job. One that we love and struggle with at times. This father did exactly what he needed to do to get through to his daughter. Leave your opinions out of this! He had warned her before…there are consequences to actions and I thought this was just. She’ll be fine, after all, if you can dish it, you can take it. You are right to say that some of these problems may have started a long time ago…well guess what, in this case, sounds like she has had enough attention, perhaps even too much so now the spoiled rotten child learns an unforgettable lesson. Nice job dad, you’ve made her think I am sure and Thanksalot, watch and listen again, he’s hurt, parenting can hurt and you should butt out.

          5. chris says:

            It does help to have faith in raising a family but realize that teenagers do get testy it’s the hormones and if anyone tells you different is a liar. I’ve gone through hell and more then you people will know as a teenager. I could have drank or got into drugs at that point. I did have chores, and respected the people that raised me and learned to respect adults. This father did the correct thing and most teens this this day are drinking from the liberal anti GOD water hole.
            It’s time to put the controll back into the hands of the
            parents and stop giving into these brats.
            And keep the local phych ideologs out of our lives.

      6. Heather says:

        Everyone wrote, or thought these same things about their parents growing up. The only difference is that we didn’t have a public forum. And where did God come from in your comment? I think it is apparent that you @thanksalot have no experience with children at all.

        1. Thanksalot says:

          Yea Heather Four kids of my own and one of em is named Heather,It is apparent a lot of fast reading is done on these post for the sake of arguing and no comprehension,A lot of liberals believe the teaching of GOD and his word have no place in raising children.Well look at the grief when all their liberal beliefs let them down.

          1. Jack says:

            Liberals believe that GOD should not be taught in public school. Liberals go home and use God(God of their religious beliefs) in their personal lives and raising children everyday.What polictical system are YOU talking about? Do you even know what your talking about?
            I now know that there was no lifeguard on duty at the gene pool for at least four days.

      7. Thanksalot says:

        Scott read my post again, you missed something, like the whole message.Yes I have 4-kids. and you sound like me when I was raising my kids. Plus a lot of kids that had no friends came to our home and we enjoyed them coming and being a very big part of our family. The examples I gave in my first post was and still is very popular views of Liberals. My family and other kids that came into contact with us knew we were GOD fearing. To my knowledge it all worked out for the best with the exception of one who was raised by a single mom,and she was a lesbian. he later got into drugs and fried his brain.

        1. Stella says:

          Seriously?! The kid went down the wrong path because his mom was single and a lesbian? Your children probably loathe you, I would be embarrassed to read if my parent wrote something as close minded as the crap you are spewing all over this website. My mom was a single parent (my father passed away), she raised me with God… didn’t force me to go to church but she always went and we would discuss religion at home, as in all religious beliefs, not just one. What this father did was right, teenagers act insane. Not just these days but in the past too. My grandparents have told me stories of things they did that I would never dream of doing and that was easily 60 years ago. Now of days we have social networking so it’s easier to get our message across and stay connected… Now hopefully someone will come and shoot your computer.

      8. nova says:

        Thanks that is totally a stupid thing to say. It seems to me that when I was in school we prayed and said the Pledge of. Allegiance.and there was no students killing fellow students or teachers. Fights only included smart mouths and fists. This 15 year old child should watch the video frof her dad doing this and remember back that he warned her. I am glad that he made this kind of point and made it so everyone can see it. She was disrespectful and at least he didn’t put his hands on her. So please. Mind your manners and sit down and hush. Thank you. Also forgive the typing I have a new Smart Phone.

      9. rabbitfire says:

        “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for
        authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place
        of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their
        households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They
        contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties
        at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.” This was written by Plato…

      10. Don says:

        He could have donated it, but more importantly, it was the point he was trying to make! He could have invited the neighborhood and friends over and let everyone have a shot at it. It would further show her that there are many who stand united against her behavior. She should have been made sit and watch her laptop being filled with lead and each one of the shooters could have thanked her for the opportunity to get in a little target practice in. Behavior like this is across the board. You can thank government intrusion for that. I’m not surprised at your comments – Thanksalot! Meaning, without knowing a thing about how this child was raised, you somehow feel comfortable making bizarre comments against her parents. Something is not right here! You may want to seek professional help! Your compass is 180 out! God Bless.

      11. LissFirefly says:

        This guy is a psychopath and needs anger management. This is an indication of abuse in the household to me. This guy doesn’t seem shy to pulling back a fist and wailing on people.

        Dude needs some chill-pills.

    2. Suzanne says:

      @ Dynomoose and Tyler: No, he should’ve done it exactly like that. Usually I’m for conservation and recycling, but I’m also for making powerful emotional and visual statements — in situations that require a powerful statement to be made. Something’s going on in this family that needed to be dealt with head-on; that’s what’s important here. Footage of him walking into the Goodwill with a laptop under his arm — no. Not memorable, not impacting, not gonna bring the point home.

      1. mouse605 says:

        @suzanne- i’m the same way. donating it wouldn’t have had the ‘punch’ this did. i was a good kid, legitimately- all my parent’s had to do was THREATEN to take my horses away (i was in 4-H and went down to the barn every afternoon- it was my LIFE!), and i was right as rain! and this child uses such LANGUAGE. i’m 26 and STILL have NEVER cussed in front of my parents- not out of fear, but out of respect! and this kid complains about going to bed at 10?! dad did right. i have a 3 year old daughter, and i can tell you if she wrote a letter like that about me at 15, i’d have my husband take her laptop out and blast it to smithereens! seems like she’s a well taken care of child, too- bet daddy was going to buy her a vehicle before all this went down! go dad for taking out that computer!

        1. fabian says:

          I agree, children these days rebel harder when things are just taken away. He was right, because no one else is going to buy her that comp like the ole man would… Just shows who doesnt have children and the ones that let their children do as they please. SEEMS LIKE( not to offend if you believe your not one of these parents ) I would have done the same… Good job ole man…

    3. just me says:

      Its his investment, and he wanted to make a point to his daughter. I’d say it was a very useful tool. I hope he stands by restrictions he laid forth in this video, not for years, but for several months at least.

    4. TeenageMother says:

      My daughter is the same age as this girl and she is not allowed to have a Facebook nor her own laptop. I don’t feel like she should have a laptop until she can work for one or maybe as a gift when she starts college! Facebook…when she is an adult she can make that decision for herself!!!!!! That’s how you raise your kids…this comment to the person who said “they waited too long to raise their kid”…I think you are right! You just don’t give them the access to begin with…they are not old enough or responsible enough to handle it…no matter what they think!

      1. Thanksalot says:

        TeenageMother you are so right.I know none of us is perfect but way to many people are letting toys,TV and gimmicks raise their children.basically some people think food & bed is raising kids.way to many times I have seen parents push their kids in every direction just so the parent could party all the time.

      2. abhorred voyeur says:

        After reading a number of the comments posted here, it seems that Thanksalot seems to have some sort of political agenda driving her posts. No where did the video say anything about liberal this or conservative that, but yet she was prompt to point out anything anyone else had to say that it was just a liberals point of view. It is hard to quote her, due to her mediocre grasp of the English language. My Godson(15) and his sister(16) both have their respective phones and laptops, and neither has had any inkling to behave in the manner of the young lady referenced in the video. They both have chores and school work (just as any other kid) along with their respective extra curricular activities. So, Teenagemother your argument does not hold water, nor does thanksalots delusional political views. You never know how a child is going to be in their teenage years. If you could predict that, then you would not be posting here.

    5. Jules says:

      I agree that the girl should be grounded. However, I have a girl that I coach that does not even have a lap top. HE should have donated the computer to a child that did not have a computer for school. Most schools now days have the kids type homework.
      It must be nice just to have money to throw away by shooting a lap top. Donate to those that have nothing.

      Sounds like this girl needs to be involved more in after school activities.

    6. James says:

      It sounded like it needed a new battery and cord. Usually this means it is not worth the repairs. Trust me, I have worked many laptops and a bad battery or cord usually totals the thing, unless it is new.

    7. getatornado says:

      What do you mean wasteful? That parent putting those bullets into this girls laptop will make sure she remembers this for the rest of her life.
      You see Dynomoose(if your a parent), your way of thinking is exactly why a large majority of the current generation of kids have become a major problem in our country today and for the future.
      You only see a wasted laptop. You should be seeing the valuable lesson taught by the Dad and learned by the girl. Then you should be applauding the man for standing up and being a parent to his kid and not taking the high road so that he could remain the “Cool Dad”.
      I’m only 30 years old but I am the father of two young boys ages 7 and 2. I know that I wouldn’t have dared to even think about writing a letter like that about my parents. Not then and Not Now!!! Not because I was scared of them but because I respected them. I was taught to put forth the effort and work hard for the things you desire.
      So Parents, quit buying and having your child’s first car be something nicer than your driving now at the age of 40!!!! They don’t and nor will they understand what it really takes from a individual in life to have something so nice like a brand new car. And since the parents give them things like a brand new car at the age of 16 they don’t and won’t respect and appreciate these type of things like they should. Kids now feel entitled just because, when they should really be feeling humbled and thankful that their parents just went out and bought them a 1988 Oldsmobile for their first car.
      I know I am rambling so I am going to stop. I just say we need to be more like this man and be a true parent to his kids. We shouldn’t care about the laptop computer. We should care about the lesson learned by the kid and hope she is now better off because of it.
      Dynomoose, no hard feelings buddy. This girls actions just hit me in the spot so I had to vent. Now y’all can reply all your hate messages towards me. Later.

    8. Paul says:

      Not any of your business! He did exactly the right thing. I have one close to this age and she uses our laptops. Won’t let her get one because young girls are so stupid. Mine is close to this point. Her phone is the thing we take away for now, but that doesn’t seem to bother her. Watch your teens going on sites like omeggle and fml. Mine is getting mouthy, and her day is coming!

    9. Rebekah says:

      Yeeaaahhh but it wouldn’t have had the same effect…I would have loved to watch his daughters face when he shot her computer!

    10. Nancy says:

      Shame on this father, what an ass hole if I ever seen one. She is a teenager, they go threw it. It wasnt at all bad. You should be punished for torture.He has anger problems , should take anger management classes , seriously I hope she runs away as far and as fast as she can awaiy from him. What a freak. You treat people the way you like to be treated. He shouldnt have snooped in her buisness, let her have her privacy. He thinks he is all kool with a gun. CPS needs to see this one.

  1. Phoebe says:

    Yep, the thrift side of me is cringing too. I don’t know what this does to his relationship with his daughter, but … wow, what she said on facebook was terrible and I can tell he’s really hurt.

  2. Kelli says:

    Obviously I haven’t seen all that’s led up to this, but he seems kind of crazy with the shooting and all. And if she’s doing ALL those chores every day AND doing homework, it does seem like a lot. I mean, why doesn’t he make up his own damn bed and lead by example? Why is she having to make up everyone’s beds? I feel like there would be much more productive ways to deal with this situation than that, but I don’t have a sassy teenage girl, either.

      1. Kelli says:

        I did watch the full video. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be punished for the horrible things she said, don’t get me wrong. Growing up, I had all kinds of chores, and I did them without much back talk. I had a job at her age, too. Kids do need responsibility. But what he did was wasteful, and the way he went about it freaked me out.

        1. Alexandra says:

          I agree that it was wasteful. But- she doesn’t have to make the bed of her family, only her own. You obviously haven’t watched the full thing. It really isn’t a lot that she has to do.

          1. Nancy says:

            I believe she was telling the truth about all her chores, so she wrote down her feelings and look what is cost her. He is a lier. No feelings at all about human emotions. He wasnt supposed to see that either . He needs a good ol fashion ass whopping.

        2. D says:

          I dont think you watched the video otherwise you would have understood the message the dad was trying to deliver to his daughter.

        3. Scott says:

          Kelli, did you really watch the video? He plainly stated that she DIDN’T make everyone’s bed, all she had to do was make her’s, do dishes (dishwasher), wipe counters, sweep floors(2), and homework. Man do you have any kids? It is a parents job to teach responsibility, accountability, giving them choirs is a great thing. Shows them they have to work. I must be a terrible parent then if giving choirs is that bad. Maybe we should just let them sit in front of a T.V. or computer screen, let’s see how they turn out then. This is why (MOST) not all American children have NO respect, work ethic,nor ambition in life. The land of ENTITLEMENT!!

      1. Rose says:

        I have a feeling that she is Kevin.

        I had a job at 16, worked my ass off at school and work, worked my ass HARDER when i was a full time college student AND worked 38 hours at my job. I may have been living with my parents at the time, but that CHILD has no right to say what she did.

        I EARNED what i bought because i worked. My first REAL laptop was a graduation gift and i made DAMNED sure i was able to keep it. My second laptop i saved up for because of the fact that my parents wouldnt buy it for me, and i actually take care of it. My first car was paid for in cash, BY ME.

        She’s LUCKY her parents bought her that stuff. Maybe now she’ll appreciate what is given to her.

    1. Jess says:

      Kelli, the dad stated that her only chores are making her own bed, her laundry, sweeping the kitchen floor, wiping the kitchen counters and unloading the dishwasher.

      She exaggerated the number of chores she had in her facebook post in order to gain sympathy.

    2. Marie says:

      Since you didn’t watch the whole video, let me sum up: She has to sweep the floor, unload the dishwasher and make her own bed everyday…occasionally she has to make the guest bed. As in typical teenage fashion, her letter to her parents is incredibly over-exaggerated.

      On another note. ALL people have responsibilities in life. By teaching her to do chores and other things on top of school work they are giving her a valuable life lesson. What’s going to happen when she’s an adult and has a job? Who will do the chores then? SHE will and then hopefully someday if she has children she can teach them to do chores as well. She’s lucky she doesn’t have a job, I know some excellent parents who require their children with jobs to contribute to the household financially (because it teaches them that money isn’t 100% discretionary and there are financial responsibilities to be learned). My children are still pretty young but they do chores like unloading the dishwasher, cleaning up their toys and cleaning their bathroom. I teach them to #1, clean up their own messes and #2 to serve the household that serves them. We all work together. This teenager doesn’t understand that. Although it isn’t all her fault. This is something her parents should have been teaching her from a very young age.

      1. Mel says:

        Judgment is so easy to cast but it’s often quite unfair. You have young kids so you haven’t had to deal with teen rebellion, peer pressure and kids growing up.

        Responsible parents seem to be a minority. When you are a teen with responsible parents it seems pretty unfair when your friends have “cool” parents (the majority these days) who let them stay up as late as they want, buy whatever they want, be disrespectful and do no chores. They only see the fun side. No matter how well you raise them it’s almost impossible to compete with that. You can’t just see it in black and white and assume she was parented poorly because she is complaining about her chores.

        I had chores starting when I was 4 but I complained about doing the dishes right up until I moved out, I’m ashamed to admit. Teens are self centered and in today’s world it just keeps getting worse.

      2. Nancy says:

        What does such a violant act teach a young child, my god . Oh a valuable lesson , go around shooting things you dont like ha ha.

    3. Seton says:

      That was just plain wasteful…He could have sold her laptop to get his damn money back. And he could have taken a sledgehammer(I’m sure he has one) to her computer instead of wasting those rounds. Grounding for a stupid amount of time, plus having to find a job and shell out all the money for his temper? He’s got some serious anger control issues. I agree she’s at the age of accountability where she needs to learn to be more mature, but he was being more immature than she was by sinking to that level. I whole-heartedly agree that she needs to learn discipline and responsibility but what he did was immature, stupid, and wasteful. All what he did teaches her is that it’s okay to respond to something that hurts you or angers you is with violence. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. I got my hide tanned good and proper when I was young, had chores, was taught to clean up after myself, was taught to respect my elders….all by my grandmother no less. But she never did anything so violent or wasteful.

      Jess, there are what he says her chores are, what she says they are, and what they actually are. We don’t live with them, so it’s impossible to say what other chores she may or may not actually get assigned on a regular basis in addition to the ones listed. I remember well how easy it is for a parent to forget some of what they said. My mother did that to me more than once.

      And Yank, when a punishment is issued out of anger like that, especially when it involves something like humiliation or public humiliation, it does start to cross the line into emotional abuse. What was acceptable and what is acceptable are two different things. Way back when, people used to be able to do anything they wanted to their children, including maiming them. That didn’t make it okay. Society evolved, and people have to do the same. I agree that kids still need discipline, but there are other ways of going about it. What he did sets a bad example, as I stated above.

      1. Tina says:

        Totally agreed. Take the computer away for a good long time and Work on your relationship with your daughter.

      2. Phoebe says:

        Close to agreeing with you — but listen, he had had a similar incident from her before and punished her by grounding, only warning her that “if there’s a next time it will be much worse.” It sounds like he has been consistent with the responsibilities required, boundaries defined, and consequences carried out.

        But, as someone who was a compliant teenager but had conflict with my own father beginning as an adult (age 23), I can say that harshness definitely won’t win her heart and obedience. It didn’t win mine!

        So it’s a story of law and grace. He’s been consistent with the law, and people on this page mostly applaud him for that, but where is the grace? Grace would have found a way to express unconditional love, while yet enforcing some kind of law as is the responsibility of a father.

        I can see her being alienated farther, perhaps learning to take responsibility and become independent, but still begrudgingly. Once she’s of age, she may break of her relationship with her dad. Only later on hopefully she will understand that he wanted her good, and they can both reconcile. But is there a better way?

      3. Erica says:

        Agree with this. Ignorance breeds ignorance. Or this could be fake! If it is not fake, teens are impulsive due to the part of the brain responsible for decision making being in development. What is the father’s excuse for taking the time to make a video in which he had to give a speech, shoot the laptop up, and then post for the world to see? Public humiliation is not the best form of punishment. I can recall a story from when I was a child and my sibling skirted some chores by going to a friend’s house; my father drove to the friend’s house and didn’t speak the entire time to my sibling. My brother was so worried about how angry our Dad would be that it was enough punishment in itself. A wise parent corrects the child and shows the right way. Destroying property and public humiliation is the act of an immature child. There is no excuse for it. Some will say it was good for him. Sure, the child will remember it and perhaps she will learn not to “disrespect” her father. A father who also swore when doling out his punishment…or perhaps she will rebel due to the hypocrisy.

      4. Mom of 3, Nana of 4 says:

        Seton, I was so glad to see that someone saw this the way that I did. It reminds me of the parent who, while spanking their child, says with each whack, “Don’t…ever….hit…your….brother!” Makes no sense. You want to teach your daughter not to use public humiliation against her parents? How about thinking of a better way than publicly humiliating HER? I liked your phrase “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”. I am a parent of three wonderful adult children who certainly pushed the edges of the envelope with the best of them. But I never would have done something like this to any of them for ANY reason. It is not the way to teach an appropriate lesson about respect and responsibility.

      5. Nancy says:

        Seton thats the point I was trying to make , very well said. He should be so ashamed of himself and CPS should see that video. I fear for her life from that monster.

      6. turtlegirl784 says:

        I agree COMPLETELY. His daughter needed discipline, but he did NOT go about it the right way. Taking the computer away? Fine. Shooting it and telling her that she has to pay him back for both the laptop and the rounds? Ridiculous. Videotaping the whole thing and posting it on YouTube? Way, way over the line. It sounds like his daughter has a wide stubborn streak and I can only see this video making her more indignant and horribly resentful. What he did can only have damaged his relationship with his daughter. When dealing with children who are old enough to think for themselves punishments need to be carefully thought out. Ideally, he should have told her last time what the punishment would be for a second offense, not just that it would be “much worse”. This guy seems to have lashed out in the first way that came into his head.

        1. turtlegirl784 says:

          Also, it really isn’t that easy to find a first job. Just because he was able to make money when he was a kid doesn’t mean that it will be as simple for his daughter. Child labor laws make it completely not worth it for a business to hire anyone under 15, and minimum wage laws make it hard to take a chance on someone with no work history to prove that they might be worth it.

          When I was looking for my first job a little over 10 years ago (when the economy was still pretty decent) I put in applications at TONS of places and heard absolutely nothing back. The only way I got a job was by walking into a small pet store (not a chain) and impressing one of the people who already worked there with my knowledge of gerbils and interest in the other small animals they had. She was nice enough to put in a good word for me with her boss, which finally got me my first interview and then a job.

    4. John says:

      Clearly you didn’t watch the video, because she didn’t have to make his bed, she only had to make her own. He explicitly stated that in the video.

    5. E says:

      If you watched the whole video, he indicates that “ALL” those chores aren’t even what she does. they were supposedly (according to him) all exaggerated horribly.

      1. Nancy says:

        He dosnt seem like the man of truth to me. Would you trust him in your house? Not a chance , he is a creep.

    6. AML says:

      Her only chores are to load and start a dishwasher, wipe off a counter and make her own bed and do her own laundry. I seriously doubt that the laundry is even an everyday thing, as no one person goes through a load of laundry in one day. It is a very reasonable amount to ask of a 15 year old. My 5 year old is already doing his own bed and my 3 year old already helps with laundry. I think this father was right on in his method of dealing with it. Yes donating it was an option, but would have had almost no impact on the child. This did.

    7. Scott says:

      @Kelli, If you did watch the whole video you must have terrible comprehension skills as the dad clearly explained that her chores were: ‘sweep the kitchen and living room floors (2-3min), IF the kitchen counter is dirty wipe it down (1 min), if the dish-washer is full and clean empty it and put everything away, if it’s dirty make sure it is full and start it, if she has laundry do HER laundry, if her bed is not made make HER bed.’
      In addition, whether he used a gun, a bat, or a pick-axe, he destroyed the laptop because it was more theatrical. If it was donated the daughter would still think, “Hey, it’s still out there, I’ll find a way to get it back.” By destroying it, the point is driven home to say, “This is the definitive result of your actions and there is nothing you can do to reverse it.”

      1. Erica says:

        Just because the father says that is all she does, doesn’t mean that is really all she does. Also, I would have hated if I had been raised by parents that showed no mercy or given me the chance to right a wrong. What does anger breed? Anger. The inability to redeem oneself? We allow criminals the chance to redeem themselves but a father that won’t show his daughter the correct way to deal with problems (NOT A PUBLIC FORUM) and then offers no redemption. Lame. Too bad one doesn’t need a parenting license to breed.

        1. PW says:

          This was a second offense if you didn’t notice. The dad has tried correcting the problem before. You kids today spend way too much time on facebook and airing your dirty laundry for the world to see.

          She had no right to disrespect her parents over facebook like that.

          Only complaint I have is that he wasn’t responsible by using a gun like that. He should of just used a baseball bat and bashed that laptop in.

    8. mom of three says:

      oh my kelli…. rewatch the video. she doesn’t make everybodies bed, that is what she said and he responded to that and said she only has to make her OWN bed… and chores at 15 is a great thing to have your children do… it teaches them that to be responsible and nothing is for free. you have to work to earn what you want in life. my kids at 13 and 11 already have chores. and so did i when i was younger. and i turned out to be a very great employee that works hard and pays cash on everythin i want in life… i use no government assistant for anything and never have nor will. rewatch the video and this time pay attention….

  3. Wulfe says:

    Seeing something as precious destroyed, instead of sold, leaves a better lasting impression that material items mean nothing to him. He did good in my opinion.

    I was raised in a very old school type of family. My mother is from Germany, and raised us the same way her parents raised her. We worked for the family, sometimes got a little bit of cash, but always knew we were loved. Kid’s need to learn quick, your parents are not around forever to take care of you.

  4. Jessica says:

    Sadly, I behaved a bit like that girl myself. I have to say he totally went about this all wrong and, at least to her, justified all those petty little opinions she was trumpeting. I don’t know them, or their situation, but I can say that threats of punishment, trying to repress behavior/expression, and reacting with disgust and violent emotions… none of that will make this girl respect him.


    Usually when a child with no reason to bitch is bitching this bad, and exaggerating… it’s not that she really thinks she has a hard life. There’s usually something else causing her to feel those things and she’s just projecting it onto normal everyday gripes. Sounds to me like their daddy-daughter bond needs some serious help. This video is nothing but extremely wasteful emotional discharge. Her letter AND his response. They both have their heads in their asses. I can’t really say either is more to blame; but neither of them are fixing anything.

    1. Jason says:

      I disagree. If my dad put a bullet through my laptop I’d understand he meant business and say “Okay lesson learned”. And how do threats of punishment not work? I’m 16 and when my dad (or mother, yes I fear and respect BOTH of my parents. And contrary to public belief that is HEALTHY) threatens punishment I listen. And also contrary to public belief children (Again I’m 16 and thus am still a child) do NOT get/deserve/have an “opinion” their opinion is “to do and obey”. And I, as a child who has had his “behavior/expression” “repressed” all of my life I’ve/am turning out alright. Parents are over the children. Children don’t have rights “theirs is to do or die” (Expressively not literally). And a side note regardless of our parents actions we are commanded to respect and obey them. Again the child does not get to choose whether or not she respects her father and mother.

      1. Keith says:

        Sorry, but I completely disagree with you. I am 21 years old and my parents have been divorced since I was about 6. My dad is almost crazy enough to do the same thing this dad has done. He tries to gain respect from my brothers and I by FEAR and PUNISHMENT and throughout my entire childhood he has used these two things to get us to do chores/whatever and to scare the living crap out of us. Guess whose house my brothers visit (I am living at home, in college too) when they come home? My mom’s house. They are still, to this day, scared of my dad. My mom has never punished me or my brothers, but my dad loved punishing us and it still effects me every time I am at his house. I am afraid to say certain things to him, but I can easily say all these things to my mom. I know these may seem like poor and vague examples but I really think my upbringing would have been a lot more positive if my dad didn’t use every excuse to fight with me and my brothers about everything (more verbal abuse than anything else). To this day I am still scared of him.

        This dad has just put a huge dent in their relationship. Instead of acting equally as a huge baby and bweaking her wittle laptop, why not just TALK TO HER? NOPE! Confrontation is so yesterday. Posting on her wall to humiliate her is totally what any normal parent would do… This should be a private matter, not public. He just made it so much worse.

        1. AML says:

          It is impossible for this to be privately handled as she made it public. And sorry but a threat to punish, or a punishment is not the same as emotional or verbal abuse. I was raised with punishments, not abuse, and respect my grandmother who raised me more than any person on earth, for the way she raised me. I punish my children even now, ages 5 and younger, for bad behavior and for disrespectful behavior. That is how you teach children. if i ignore it, or talk to them about it, it will continue forever, I punish it, it stops much sooner.

          1. turtlegirl784 says:

            She didn’t really make it THAT public. Her friends could see it, but as far as I know it wasn’t a completely public post. If you think it’s so public, go try to find the original letter that started the whole thing. I was only able to find a copy after searching for a bit, and even then it was tacked on as part of an article on the video and follow-up with the dad. (Here it is: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2099958/Dad-shot-daughters-laptop-Facebook-post-wont-let-family-gain-new-fame.html) It’s one thing to dress down your kid for bad behavior at the supermarket in front of everyone. It would be entirely different to take out an ad in the Sunday paper and broadcast it to the whole town. This has now gone all over the world.
            He says that he found the letter because of his IT background, and she should’ve known better than to try to hide it from him. It says in that link that the only reason he found it was because he was uploading pictures to the dog’s FB account and she’d forgotten to hide it from the dog. He also says that he put the video on YouTube because the video upload is easier there than on FB. With all his vaunted IT knowledge, he should’ve known that it would be better to upload it to FB and keep it from getting anymore public than she had made it.

        2. Cheryl says:

          My father is also verbally abusive and has been for a long as I can remember, and this father is not being verbally abusive. He’s Really Pissed and making it abundantly clear there will be consequences for her disrespect and lack of appreciation for what he and her mother have done for her and given her, and his anger is totally understandable. Talk to the girl? Oh, I’m very sure there will be talking. There are also consequences and the ones she’s facing aren’t even remotely unreasonable. The day before she posted the letter he invested not a small amount of time and money in upgrading her laptop. Confrontation is NOT “so yesterday”. Confrontation does not have to involve yelling and nastiness and being hurtful, and it’s absolutely necessary in situations like this. Calling your kid on their bad behavior is absolutely necessary so they know the boundaries and they learn being a little shit is not going to fly. My mother, whom I absolutely adore, doesn’t take any shit and calls me on my crap, and she’s always been calm and reasonable about it. Growing up I had a healthy fear of her, in that I knew full well that if I stepped over the line there would be a punishment, such as having to stand in the corner when I was a wee one or grounding and not being able to watch TV when I got older. I knew if I ever came home drunk and was caught, I’d be facing not only grounding but having to do work around the house while hungover. *shudders*

    2. Jeanette says:

      He did not do this impulsively, as it would have been shot the 1st time and without the theatrics. It was only violent in the fact he used a gun. Any way he chose to destroy the laptop would have to be violent. He could have taken a sledgehammer to it, threw it or even drove over it. We don’t know what this family is like to know how they are towards charity. Obviously he knows the value of a dollar as he said she would have to pay him back for the bullets. And lets be honest, teenage girls can be irrational and over-reactive (speaking from experience). They are hard to live with. He has tried other methods (even though he doesn’t get very specific other than to say she had grounded from personal electronics less than a year ago). She obviously did not learn her lesson. Sometimes, parents have to be creative. It might not make his daughter respect him now, but at some point, she is going to grow up and be terribly embarrassed about the whole situation, as he probably will be (or is).

    3. Phil M. says:

      I agree with you completely. My wife’s father is a more extreme version of this dad. This is something I could completely see him doing. My wife hasn’t really spoken to her father in over 7 years. It’s not that she doesn’t want to have a relationship with him. It’s just that it’s impossible to.

    4. Tina says:

      Agreed 1000 times over. This man needs to win her heart and he just cut more strings by the public humiliation.

    5. Cheryl says:

      She’s a kid who has it very good and is blowing the fact she has to do chores way, way out of proportion and the fact she posted that letter a day after her father did a lot of work on her laptop and invested a fair amount of money in software and hardware shows an ungrateful, entitled attitude. Yes, it was wasteful to shoot the laptop, but I do not blame the father for being Really Pissed. The girl needs to learn respect.

    6. Scott says:

      Jessica, she wasn’t “bitching only about her dad”, it was her mother and stepmother also! Yeah it’s probably something else, how about ungrateful, disrespectful, and plain LAZY! as is most teens today in America! To many parents want to be friends instead of parents, to scared they might hurt their poor little feelings!

    7. Phillip says:

      Threat of punishment–no, the promise of her choice; if you do this, the reaction will be this. It was her choice for this to happen. Maybe he was a little extreme, but she already knew there would be consequences for her actions–not his fault, hers!

    1. Marie says:

      The punishment fit the crime. She publicly humiliated her parents so they publicly humiliated her. Definitely NOT child abuse.

      1. Tina says:

        An eye for an eye….. Jesus abolished that. Of course the world will not agree with that radical way to handle things….

    2. Jason says:

      Ummm did you hear what the child wrote about her parents? How can you pardon what she said but go crazy over what he said? A public sin garners a public rebuke. And by the way I’m a 16 year old who whole-heartedly agrees with what that man did. He showed his child that he is the one that is in charge and anything less than willing submission will result in punishment. Again a public rebuke for a public sin. An eye for an eye.

      1. Tina says:

        I agree with the rebuke and the punishment, but it is clear that this was an emotional, angry response from him, not controlled by wanting only his child’s good., which Abraham stated in the post and I agree with. Yes, she needed rebuke, yes she needed a good consequence, but his angry , emotional response no doubt only infuriated her more. Anger begets anger. Trust me, know. I have 6 kids and 3 teenage boys!!!

    3. Yank says:

      It’s not child abuse… I think what he did is a lot less harsh then what my dad would have done if I wrote something like that ever to him even now as a grown up I know better then to cross my dad, because he wasn’t afraid to lay down the law. If this was my dad he would have made me watch him shoot my laptop (I have never had my own laptop)and I would have been doing a whole lot of unneccessary chores. He would have taken a weekend to just mess up the house and make me reclean it. That’s not child abuse, that’s teaching kids the consequences of lack of respect. Kids these days hardly ever respect their elders. and the whole child abuse bs is getting out of hand it seems like if a parent even looks at their kid wrong the stupid kid wants to call CPS, it’s rediculous. Just saying.

      1. Jason says:

        Thank you Yank for understanding Parents>child. Fortunately I have parents who still have a spine in their back and are not afraid to punish (sometimes severely) me and my siblings when we do wrong. I often shake my head in disgust seeing how the rest of my generation presents themselves.

        1. sara m says:

          Jason, Parents are not greater than the child. They have delegated authority over the child and must be careful to use it well. Children are born persons, created in the image and likeness of God.

          What this girl did was angry and disrespectful and immature and about what I’d expect from a girl her age who has this kind of behavior for an example.

          How would it be if her dad had appealed to her heart? How would it be if he’d let down his guard for a minute to let his daughter know how much he cares for her? That her behavior worries him? He is so wrapped up in the fact that she made him look bad, that revenge rather than correction has become his primary motive. She made him look bad and now he’s had to one-up her.

          I wonder if this is how he would like to be disciplined?

          1. Thanksalot says:

            Wow Sara m you are a basket case with your logic. Hope you never have kids, they would not have a prayer for success. You sound like someone planting a garden and telling the weeds not to grow there. It will not work,

          2. sara m says:

            No, Thanksalot, that’s not enough. Which part of what I wrote do you think makes me a “basket case?” The part where I said that children are equal in value to adults? Or the part where I said they are made in the image of God? The part where I said that parental authority is derived from God? The part where I suggested that revenge is a not a great compliment to discipline? Do you dislike the idea in my last sentence of doing unto others as you would have done unto you?

            Your hostility aimed at both me and my children is rude and disrespectful.

          3. Cheryl says:

            We don’t know anything about the family or how this guy is when he’s not upset. We don’t know that he hasn’t tried to talk to her in the past and “appealed to her heart”. That he loves his girl is clear, to me, in the fact he spent time and money upgrading her laptop the day before she posted the letter, and the chores she has to do are entirely reasonable. His anger is clearly aimed at her attitude of ingratitude and the way she blew her chores out of proportion and did so publicly a day after he did a lot for her. He isn’t out for revenge or trying to one-up his daughter. Wounded pride and insecurity would manifest differently than posting a response explaining why her letter is a major overreaction and the consequences she’s going to face (which will be told to her in person as well). The reality of the situation she’s made out to be So Horrible and that she didn’t get away with trying to keep the letter secret will be what embarrasses her, not crazy over-the-top antics of her father.

          4. sara m says:


            You’re right, all we have to go on is this one video. That is what my entire opinion is based on. Off camera maybe he’s a completely different person, but this is the image and persona he chose to show his daughter and all her friends and the world at large since, being an IT guy so he knows that what happens on Facebook does not necessarily stay there.

            He’s awfully concerned that “all those kids who thought it was cool” see who laughs last. That’s pride, anger, and yes, revenge. Unless you think he’s trying to save them from the same fate out of altruistic motives?

            For the record, I totally get his anger and I’m not sure I could have done better. But sympathizing and condoning are different things. I’m not disputing that he probably loves his children more than anything. I’m being critical only of his methods, not his fatherly devotion.

          5. Thanksalot says:

            sara m hey got back over here reading post and read your response.Just seems to me you 100% in the Girls defense, and that leaves nothing for her Dad. (You say that is what you expect from a girl her age and her kind of behavior.) We are miles apart on that. My wife and I raised four kids of our own and helped with many more kids from all kinds of life situations and never did we expect this type of attitude or did we ever get it.We raised kids/// the kids did not raise us.

      2. Tina says:

        The fact is though, he did this in anger and publicly humiliated her, which will never make her respect him. The wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God. Trust me, I’ve been responded so much to my kids in anger that I know this first hand!!!!

        1. Phoebe says:

          Good point. In scripture it says BOTH, “obey your father and mother,” AND, “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger.” Though her teenage petulance has overblown the provocation… I’m pretty sure the provocation on his part was there.

    4. Nikki says:

      oh PUH-LEASE! she PUBLICLY posted a rude rant about her parents. PUBLICLY humiliate right on back. Bet that taught her a damn good lesson. One little teenaged brats need to learn.

    5. Thanksalot says:

      Thanks Wilco you have drank away to much Liberal cool-aid. You are part of the problem. Tough Love is real Love. I guess you think its OK for the child to totally disrespect their family.

    6. jls says:

      Publicly humiliating this child was absolutely in order. She publicly himiliated her parents, and THOUGHT she would get away with it. Go Dad.

    7. Phil M. says:

      I agree with you. This is way over the top. I don’t see how responding to a childish rant with another childish rant is going to help this girl. Really, if this is what she has to put up with, it doesn’t surprise me that she’s lashing out.

      1. Thanksalot says:

        Phil M I am convinced you know nothing, please do not have kids, Kids would be raising you /// Instead of you raising kids

    8. Wilco says:

      She is a KID! Sure, she needs punishment, but do you really think – well, never mind. Obviously you do. So glad my kids aren’t around you people.

    9. just me says:

      He did nothing to publicly embarrass her, she acted out publicly and if a response from her father is given in a public setting, well that’s on her. He called her out, and is forcing her to own up to something she did. If my child steals from a store and I catch them, they are taking it back and apologizing in front of everyone there. Children need to know that their actions have consequences. Public embarrassment that borders on abuse, not even close.

  5. Rose says:

    While my parents never went to the extent of taking a full clip of .45s to my computer, they did give me a thorough verbal lashing when i was an insolent twit like this guys child. HOWEVER, i do know of some people who would go to this extent.

    Whether this punishment actually STUCK… the world may never know.

  6. Jane. says:

    Unfortunatly our goverment wont let us have guns, but i could so feel for this Dad, how many parents would do the same thing to not only the laptop but phones and all the other things which render them totally deaf?. Well done to you, [ I hope you can laugh about this one day].

  7. nodnarbus says:

    i assure you, butting bullets in it was his way of resolving his anger.
    and for that girl to visually witness her computer being shot, ensures he is to be taken seriously.

    good show from a Tennessean.

    1. Phillip says:

      Spiteful??? She knew she had a choice–obey and reap the benefits, or rebel and receive the punishment. It was her choice! Too many people want to act and not pay the consequences for their actions–I say RIGHT ON, DAD!

  8. Love2Live says:

    Kelli, he said in the response what her chores actually were and they involved making her bed and hers alone, doing her own laundry, sweeping the kitchen and living room, wiping down the counter, and unloading the dishwasher, which can be done in under 30 minutes.

    I say way to go Dad. Too many parents today want to be their kids’ peer/friend. Your kid will have plenty of friends, but only two parents. Do your jobs proudly!

  9. April says:

    I think he did very well holding his temper! I would have had to leave her at a friend’s house for a few days before I could cool down long enough to talk to her!!

    1. Shadow says:

      April…you might want to reconsider that, as you would be giving your child a reward of sorts for bad behavior that would garner more bad behavior so they could go stay over at friends again for an extended period of time. Just sayin’.

  10. leanne says:

    I say way to go as well. Too many kids think they have it so bad, are so lazy, and he said she did something like this before and was grounded. So obviously she didn’t learn her lesson the first time. Sure, maybe he was a little harsh, but what she wrote was rude, disrespectful, and out of line. Besides shooting the laptop, I think this was awesome.

  11. Jay says:

    Wow, check your anger, man! She’s a teenager, yes she exaggerated the truth, but she could have acted out in a lot of ways worse than venting on facebook. If he continues to handle things in this way, she probably will act out worse.

    1. Michael says:

      She could have acted out in a lot worse way? This father runs his own business and his pride is obviously very important to him. I get that from an 8 minute video. Why would his daughter go out of her way to PUBLICLY humliate her AND try to hide it. She KNEW she was going to be in deep trouble if she got caught.

      To be quite honest, I don’t think the father cares if she respects him ever again. All he is concerned about it raising a kid who understands life isn’t a cake walk and she needs to get this through her head. I’m sure he loves his daughter, but its more important she grows up and learns how to get through life than for her to respect him. I applaud him for sacrficing his relationship with his daughter for her to understand he means business.

      Everyone here who thinks she has it hard. Grow up. If you think he was too hard, your parents were obviously the ones who let you get away with murder.

      Good job Dad.

      1. Phoebe says:

        “I applaud him for sacrficing his relationship with his daughter for her to understand he means business.”

        Do you really mean that? Someone this creative could find a way to give consequences AND offer love if his daughter will respond to it. As a daughter who experienced harshness from my father, I can say that in my life there has been nothing more demoralizing to the core of my spirit then seeing my father “sacrificing his relationship with [me] for [me] to understand he means business.”

        1. Joanna says:

          I agree with you Phoebe. Unfortunately, there’s no basic interpersonal skills test required to become a parent.

      2. Justsayin says:

        It wasn’t public. Anyone under 18 can’t have “public” facebook profiles. 18 and under can ONLY be seen by friends.

    2. Thanksalot says:

      Hell yea Jay,The Dad getting Mad, no way,hey hey hey, let me give you $50. bucks little girl,and beg your forgiveness for trying to teach you a little responsibility,//// The Dad for got his kid has been raised by TV nuts,95% liberal nuts

  12. Charles says:

    Trashing the computer is appropriate punishment for trashing her parents.

    Giving it away to a thrift store only reinforces the notion that some kind of “good” can come out of the girl’s actions. She would have thought, “well, at least someone can benefit from the laptop now”, but instead, her actions resulted in nobody getting any benefit.

    1. Tara says:

      Honestly, it doesn’t sound like she is mature enough to actually find “good” in giving away the laptop. She doesn’t sound like she’d be able to think about anyone else in that compassionate a way. Whether the computer was trashed or donated doesn’t make much of a difference in my opinion. It’s still permanently unavailable to her, which is all she would care about.

  13. Donna Cloud says:

    Perhaps a cooling down period would have been beneficial for the dad. Public humiliation in either direction is not going to help resolve any difficulties. If anything, father’s actions validates the daughter’s. I believe that a period of family counseling would help this family to find positive ways to deal with issues. My concern with the use of the gun on the laptop is that much anger may result in physical abuse, however much father may try not to. Way too much going on for any of us to make any specific judgments on the situation.
    Praying for this family.

    1. Monica says:

      For those that say the father has anger issues, I rather disagree. He is ranting, yes, but that is justifiable. He didn’t shoot the computer while yelling and screaming like a maniac – he was calm and collected in everything that he did. Folks that don’t have a lot of experience with hand weapons might find this very disturbing, but are people “violent” for taking a weapon to a range and firing? If so, run and hide from every police officer and member of law enforcement or military personell, because I’m sure they’re full of scarcely-repressed violence and will maim you at their first opportunity. This is just like using his .45 at the range – just firing a weapon. That’s it. That doesn’t mean he’s going to abuse his daughter. Get real.

      1. Erica says:

        Bologna! Angry at his kid for trashing him then retaliating because his ego was bruised; that’s all this guy did. Lame. Why put it on the Internet? Beyond me. Immature! This society disgusts me.

      2. Erica says:

        The calm and collected thing scares me the most about this guy. How can he justify putting this on the Internet? What happened to good old fashioned parenting? The kind where you don’t sink to the same level as your kid. The kind where you act like an ADULT. God forbid. Not on the Internet! He was mad because it was on the Internet. If she had wrote it in a diary, maybe he would have been angry but not as badly. This guy was mad that he had been humiliated and chose to retaliate. If it had been in an effort of correction, he could have just taken the laptop away. Given it away, thrown it away, smashed it…whatever! But no, he methodically recorded himself, put bullet holes into the laptop then posted it. Never once thinking, “I’m an adult. It’s my job to lead by example.” If my child lied about me on a public forum, not sure what I would do…definitely take the laptop away then allow her time to think about lying, her actions about putting it out there causing me embarrassment then one day IF she ever got it back…she could issue me a public apology. Because if she were lying, then that would be expected. I think this guy is FOS. Going crazy about some teens rant. I haven’t forgotten what it was like to be a teen. Sometimes I hated my parents. That’s how kids act!

        1. BomDigidy says:

          Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, “old fashioned parenting” would include the father taking the daughter over his knee and spanking her(which I am not against, but that’s a different argument). Also, taking the laptop away wouldn’t work, because HE TRIED THAT before.

          One more thing, it wasn’t just that she insulted him, she also insulted the woman that cleans the house.

  14. VIctoria says:

    This father is sadistic and abusive. No wonder the girl is frustrated and disrespectful. If this is how he is when he the world is watching I shudder to think how awful he is in private. I really hope this is fake. And people who cheer this sort of behavior? I don’t understand at all. Btw. I was a fifteen year old girl once and have raised 3 and have one nearly 15. I’m sure she’d like some love, respect and support from her father. Breaks my heart.

    1. shane says:

      sadistic and abusive? you’ve got to be kidding me. Whether it was the best way to handle it is subjective but it definitely was not sadistic or abusive. He’s right. These kids should get to spend some time in the shoes of teenagers 100, 50, and even 25 years ago.

    2. Michael says:

      You think she would like some love and respect after the post she made? You have got be kidding. She got the exact punishment she deserved, a public humiliation for a public sin.

      If you think you could “love and respect” you kids after they publicly humiliated you in front of millions of people (because this is now viral), that you could just tell them you love them anyways? Not only would this shatter a man’s confidence and pride that he is a good father, but this would potentially harm his business! You take away a man’s dignity and livelyhood, you deserve the consequences. This child has done this before and he wasn’t agressive (obviously this hinges on him telling the truth), he grounded her and warned her it would be worse if she did it again.

  15. Kristina says:

    Parents should never stoop to tit-for-tat. I’m totally in favor of his values and what he’s trying to teach his daughter. He was right to take away the computer. But to insult her publicly to get back at her for insulting him publicly, well, he is the adult and ought to be bigger than that. He should be showing her how adults deal with conflict rather than coming down to her level.

  16. Shaun says:

    OHHHHH, such conflicted feelings I am having.

    She was out of line and needed to be punished. I have no problem with destroying the laptop or even posting this on Facebook.

    However, his rant was also filled with curse words and posturing – my guess is her behavior is learned from him. My guess is he made an angry daughter his enemy that day.

    1. Jim says:

      Actually, if you go back and watch the video, you’ll hear that he used only one curse word, besides the ones that he had to use for his daughters letter. With him stuttering and being as calm as he was, holding back the anger, I’m surprised that he didn’t use more. And I’m glad he didn’t, using more would have brought his response further down to his daughters level.

  17. Charles says:

    There comes a point where one should have more maturity than one’s child.

    We say in our house that if you find yourself arguing with a 4-year old, you’ve already lost. Double true when you’re having a “Facebook battle” with your teenage daughter. You may have won the battle, but you’re in danger of losing the war…

    1. kmom says:

      you got it Charles! It doesn’t mean this didn’t require a response, but it would be helpful to model adult behavior.

  18. Amy says:


    I love it! I promise you, she will NEVER post anything defamatory about her parents again.

    She sounds like a spoiled brat.

    1. Kristina says:

      I doubt that. I think he just escalated it. “You think you can mess with me? Well, just watch me mess with you!” I imagine she won’t stop defaming them for a long time yet, loudly and publicly. The dad did nothing that might change her heart, just embittered her further and gave her a really good reason to hate his guts. He won the battle, but lost the war.

      (I agree, she’s a spoiled brat. Not defending her at all.)

  19. Jenni says:

    As a mother of 4 boys, 3 that are 21, 18 & 15 and 1 that is 8 I think this is great. Yes, he’s mad, but not abusive.
    I think this will make a statement to this girl. I cannot imagine if my sons had posted something like this to Facebook.
    She has a very bad attitude and an attitude of entitlement that is prevalent in teenagers. Her dad bought that computer and
    Her dad can destroy it too. Hope she’s learns to appreciate what she’s been given and to work hard. God help her parents!

  20. Sarah says:

    Git er’ done, Dad!! I don’t think that I would ever do this to my kids, however, my Dad would have done this to me and it would have taught me the lesson that I needed. He wouldn’t have used a gun, but he might have dropped my laptop off the balcony or something. I don’t know this teenage gal, but it is nice to see that her Dad is concerned about her. My husband would like this :)

  21. Nick says:

    I think he did just right. Take it to a thrift shop and she’d have just bought it back. Then moaned more about what daddy had done. Spoilt brat has far too much freedom
    Until you’re responsible enough to be a right bastard. You’ve no business having kids. Over use of the softly softly approach produces one thing. Piss taking kids that run rampant. That grow into spoilt unbearable adults.

  22. Becky says:

    She should consider herself lucky. When I was a kid and wasn’t taking care of the things I had or my responsibilities around the house (which I would gladly trade now considering I am the Mom and get stuck with alot more)my Dad would come in with a garbage bag and “clean out” my room. When he got done, I would have my bed and dresser left. Everything else got pitched. And I mean some good stuff. All my Elvis 45s are the thing that sticks out most in my mind.
    Good for him. Sounded to me that his daughter was an ungrateful brat who needed to be taught a lesson. Kudos to him!

  23. Roski says:

    I personally don’t exactly know what the big deal about this is. A patio is a laptop and nothing more. If it were my kid, I’m 19 for the record, I would have broke it over my knee after asking for it, stepped on it, and told her to pick it up. I would have take her phone, thrown it into the wall, then punched the wall, ant told her to fix it. I would have take. Away everything electronic from her and ruined all of it. Then after my fit of rage, I would have smoothed out my shirt, taken a few deep breaths and started talking. The talk would include how she no longer gets to use any electronics, unless at school, how she now has double chores, and how she has to apply everywhere she sees that will hire a 16 year old. She gets none of the money so she can pay for all the electronics that I broke.

    I’m not trying to sound like an abuser. These things she has, I never got. Sure, I had laptop, but for homework. The way she disrespected her parents, her father and family, she deserves to loose everything and pay all of it back. Kids in the 10-15 age have become snobby and disgusting. The freshman at the school I graduated from disrespect me, the children 10 and under call there parents terrible things. What happened to children? What happened to being a wonderful person because it’s not only the right thing to do, but it also makes you feel good? Children have it easy…too easy. If you think he was over reacting or shooting her laptop was a waste GROW UP. You have to show who is in charge and that you won’t take any crap.

    1. AaronLS says:

      Could have just sold it and given the money to charity to teach her to appreciate what she has, both in terms of her family and her possesions. Instead he reacts destructively. Shows that like his daughter, he also doesn’t have an appreciation for anything. She probably learned this attitude from her father. Children won’t listen to their parents if their parents are hypocrites.

  24. Rob says:

    Im still trying to decide what I would have done. But I guess if he wants to shoot the labtop he payed for..well he payed for it. Kids at a point will test there parents. What can we do? Back in the day theyed get the belt and sent out to finish there chores. This kid clearley has alot of disrespect for her parents.

  25. Suzanne says:

    I’m on the side of the father all the way. Clearly he was boiling mad, and I can see why. His teenage girl will probably turn out fine in the end — we hope — but at the moment she comes across as a spoiled, ungrateful, self-centered, vulgar-mouthed brat. Also, she’s triple-foolish. Of course teens get frustrated with their parents, but she spilled that out on FB for the world and, as it happens, her parents to see. There’s something so thoughtless and empty-headed about that. But you know what — all in all she’s she’s got a cool dad. Tough, real tough, and far from perfect, but he’s passionate. She’s better off than many kids who’s dads have deserted the family, or simply don’t care at all, or — at the other extreme — are physically abusive. I do hope, though, this family will come together and be close again in the long run.

  26. Caleb says:

    The fact that she was grounded for THREE MONTHS for a similar deed on Facebook, leads me to believe that this was a completely justifiable punishment. His house, his rules: I’m just surprised that he didn’t offer to help her move out. I didn’t think I had a bad life in Highschool, every once in a while (especially when I was 13) I thought my parents were unfair, but now that I’m in College, if anything I think my parents were a little too lenient on me. I had a really good childhood: shelter, food, clothing, Christmas presents, and books all free of charge!

  27. Robert P. says:

    I think he should have sold it to someone for $150.

    But, it is good that his daughter knows that the solution to tough problems is a .45 pistol.

      1. Robert P. says:

        It doesn’t matter what message he thought he was sending, it only matters what message was received. I am sure that dad’s who beat their kids think they are delivering a message about dirty laundry, leaving their bike in the driveway, etc. But, they are not and neither did this guy deliver a message about responsibility and appropriateness. He punished his daughter for inappropriate actions on facebook by posting a 9 minute rant on facebook and then shot up her computer. Real responsible.

        Sorry folks, the more I think about it the more I call bullshit. Sell the computer. Give it away. Make her pay for her meals, clothes, gas money to be dropped off and picked up from sports. Let her see what having a job is really about.

        What about when she takes the car out cruising for boys and dad says no. RPG?

  28. jls says:

    I am in full support of this Dad’s reaction to his spoiled-brat daughter’s rant on Facebook. Sometimes children have to be disciplined sternly in order for the message of love to come through. I don’t doubt for a minute he loves his daughter. I also believed he gave some thought to what he did before he did it. Her punishment did fit the crime, Dad was absolutely justified in what he did, and I say horray for him.

    Roski had a lot of good ideas. I guess I’m a bit disappointed “Bratty” didn’t get to personally witness her dad’s actions. She should have been forced to stand there and watch everything he did. Then he should take ALL of her electronics away from her. Let her live like we did when we were 15.

    For the Mom of the 3 and one almost 15, you time is coming. ALL kids will try their hands at disrespect. This girl was warned and she didn’t believe it. Good for Dad for making it stick. In your case, if your child never gives you a moment’s trouble, good for you, but you’re living in a glass house if you think all 15 year olds are like yours. Good luck! Protect your house.

  29. Poly Math says:

    If the guy would take a few minutes to get off his power trip, he might understand that his daughter was doing what is known as “venting”, and yes, inappropriately. But his tirade and his violence are so out of keeping with her offense that it’s not hard to understand why the girl is angry and rebellious. With a jerk for a dad like that, who wouldn’t be?

  30. Phil M. says:

    From this video, I don’t have a problem declaring the guy a total a-hole. I don’t care what the daughter did, it doesn’t call for this sort of public humiliation. If this is the way the father acts routinely, the girl is probably right. She won’t be there to take care of him when he’s old

    1. shane says:

      Yes I’m sure this is the way he acts routinely. It’s not like he was publicly humiliated and unfairly disrespected and lied about on a laptop that he bought for his ungrateful daughter. I’m sure he has no reason to be more upset than usual. Definitely not an a-hole. This society worships children. Got to be their best friend. Doesn’t work that way. Just the result of standing on the shoulders of our previous generations who had actual hard lives. We feel so entitled to other people’s accomplishments and wealth and grow up lazy and bored and disrespectful.

      1. Phil M. says:

        Oh please…

        A teenage girl complaining about her parents isn’t publicly humiliating them. It’s being a teenage girl. The fact that this guy feels the need to “defend himself” in this manner shows what a little man he is.

        I’m not saying she shouldn’t be punished. But this punishment has more to do with making the guy feel better than it does with actually bringing any sort of restoration and redemption to the situation.

        1. TSB says:

          A teenage girl complaining about her parents isn’t publicly humiliating them. (???)
          Uh…do you know what Facebook is? Come to think of it, do you know what complaining is? Because I would not classify that post of hers as complaining. That was more of a hateful, spiteful rant meant to satisfy her nasty, overblown ego at her parents expense.

    2. Michael says:

      You’re like everyone else. Dense and uneducated. “It doesn’t call for this sort of public humiliation”? Her reputation will recover, most of her friends will write it off as a terrible father (like you). SHE PUBLICLY HUMILIATED HIM FIRST! His repuation will have a MUCH harder time recovering. Every single facebook friend of her’s that read her post would think hes a deadbeat lazy father. Not only does this affect his pride, but this could easily harm his business!

      I don’t think he cares if she’s there when she’s old. Especially when she starts demanding he fix her computer because she can’t afford the techinician.

      1. Phil M. says:

        And tit for tat with your kid is good parenting? Sheesh!

        Man, oh, man… The responses here make me all the more thankful for my parents.

        1. Michael says:

          Its not even your kid! He didn’t do anything illegal and he can run his house however he sees fit. If she doesn’t like it, she can move out.

          The world we live in is a “tit for tat” world. Bet she learned her lesson!

          1. Phil M. says:

            I think the only lesson she will have learned after all of this is that her dad is an ass and now that fact is on the internet for all to see.

            I shudder to think that some of you people commenting apparently have children. Certainly kids will be angry at parents sometimes, and they’re irrational. But in the end, I would hope that the adults would act like adults and not just grown children.

    3. D says:

      So her posting to on facebook about how awful and terrible her parents are isn’t public information for people to read? Once you post something on facebook it becomes public for people to read.

  31. janet long says:

    The computer was his to do with what he wanted. He was a lil harsh, but hopefully got his point across to the spoiled brat. I didn’t have a computer untill I got old enough to buy one. Thumbs up Daddy. Tame her down now.

  32. Karen says:

    Personally, I think it was a little too harsh.. Me, as a parent, would have asked a few questions to myself first such as: Is my daughter getting good grades? Is she responsible? How much harm did that post REALLY do? Was it her just venting during the wrong time of the month? Is she respectful otherwise? Perhaps it was just a way for her to vent..we all need that once in a while..

    Every teenager is going to go through moments of rebellion. We, as adults did too when we were teens. We have to ask ourselves if the rebellion is harming anybody, and not just harming our pride or our egos. Teenagers are young adults and want to be heard too.

    Shooting up the computer is just more of a power trip..(look at me, I have a gun) I am not so sure that those actions are going to strengthen a relationship with her or her with her parents.

    I just think it was a bit harsh..We teach by leading from example and that just showed me that its ok to harm somebody else’s property. So when he cuts me off on the freeway, its ok for me to shoot his tires out? hell, why not? maybe he will learn his lesson..

    1. Wyeth says:

      If the girl has no job that means the dad bought the laptop. It wasn’t her property; it was his property. He can do what he wants to do with his own property.

  33. mb_grown says:

    Today’s youth has it so easy, the majority of them don’t realize how spoiled they are. When I was a kid, I was thrilled to have a cardboard box to make something out of. I would go outside and play, get cuts, bruises, play with worms… Now every kid has a cell phone, a laptop, a tablet or iPad. They don’t realize the worth of anything, they don’t have to work for anything, they just expect their parents to provide immense amounts of “STUFF” for them. So sad. I’m with Dad on this one, if you can’t appreciate how fortunate you are, you need a good lesson.

  34. KT says:

    I’m sorry but this guy is nuts. It’s called freedom of speech. If his daughter chooses to be a little brat take the computer away for good, give it to her little bro don’t shoot it! I get that teenagers like to exaggerate in lots of situations, but if this girl is actually so tired at 15 that she’s gotta go to bed at 10pm maybe something’s wrong with her. And if she’s complaining about the things she has to do then tell her she’s gotta pay rent if she’s gonna act like its a hotel.

    I agree with shaun in that she probably learned from her father how to act and from Charles that if her father I arguing with her over Facebook posts he is as much of a child as she is. Let’s focus on the fact that she posted a non abusive rant on facebook, she didn’t say he beat her just that she didn’t want to do so many chores. I can tell you, I did a lot of work to help my mom out but I’d never do all the things u make her do after school.

    How dirty is your floor that you think broom and mopping takes 3 min, and same with your counters if you think it takes a minute to clean them. While I don’t think you are asking too much of her, if it’s true you make her serve you that’s insane. If I ask if you want a drink or I am in the kitchen and my dad wants something I will get it for him. On many occasions he’s like rub my feet get me a drink make me dinner, I tell him to hell no too. It’s not disrespect if they treat their kids like tools.

    I say as long as she’s not drinking doing drugs pregnant or failing out of school you have done a pretty damn good job. Three month grounding for a childish thing on Facebook and shooting her laptop cuz she posts her feelings on Facebook, you need help sir, not her.

    1. Eric C. says:

      Ummm… Freedom of speech… If you mean to refer to the first amendment to the Constitution, you are mistaken. First of all, the first amendment States no LAWS shall be passed or enforced by the government that infringes on a person right to free speech. It does not mean that you can say anything you want without facing any consequences for your actions (I.e. yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater). Additional, the first amendment cannot be used as a legal shelter for liable or slander against another. Finally, Facebook itself has its own Terms of Use that is routinely uses to ban or remove accounts. Your “Freedom of speech” argument does not hold up.

      Next, she is a juvenile minor living in the custody of her parents. As such, their responsibilities are to provide shelter, clothing, and appropriate environment to promote her education. NOTHING MORE. To ask a child to contribute to the household that is provided to her is NOT too much to ask. In fact, having chores can be seen as promoting her education in personal responsibility.

      Finally, his reaction to her post, whether made publicly or filtered, was completely disrespectful to her parents and unwarranted. He stated that he has a business of his own – personal attacks like that could potentially cause both harm to his company and his standing in the community. Was his reaction considered “extreme”? No doubt. But that does not mean they were not appropriate. She has a history of this kind of behavior, and apparently did not learn from the consequences before.

      Kudos, sir. You have my respect. I can only hope that if my son, now 2, grows up to cause that sort of chaos, that I will have the fortitude to be able to administor punishment as “extreme” (assuming the government doesn’t legislate the raising of our children before that time).

  35. Wyeth says:

    As a dad, I feel this dad was totally justified. I think he also controlled himself extremely well. Now, I wouldn’t have videotaped myself (after all, we wouldn’t be watching this and offering our uninformed opinions about the man if he hadn’t videotaped himself), but I know I would’ve flipped out had my child written such a letter. This man sounds like a hardworking dad who cares about a daughter who, evidently, doesn’t give a hoot about him in return. I have 2 sons–almost 19 & 16 years old–and, thankfully, have NEVER had to deal with this kind of drama from them, but I have taught in a public high school, so I’ve had LOTS of experience with teenaged girls. Teaching teenaged girls made me appreciate that my wife & I had boys!

  36. Jena O'Harra says:

    I just kept thinking … He’s so hurt. – That’s why he reacted like this. – It would kill me if my kids ever said anything like that to me.

  37. D says:

    I love it!! A lot of people are missing the point of why he did what he did. The girl was disrespectful and doesn’t understand her parents disappointment. Parents are the major providers of their kids up even into college and they still support their kids after college. She is too young to realize that they have done everything they can to provide for her and she treats them like they don’t do anything for her. She has growing up to do.

    And I don’t think he overreacted, I think it was perfect because it doesn’t just reach out to her. I am 25, I fortunately have parents who would have done the same thing to me or something similar that he did to her. So good for him. I don’t think shooting the laptop was an overreaction it was his property to begin with. What’s the difference from her posting to everyone about her parents and saying terrible things and him posting to those same people about her and her actions and consequences? I think it would have been even better if she was there in the video to see how hurt her parents were. He wasn’t over the line, what he did was justifiable. He isn’t a jerk , he is a Dad that only wants the best for his daughter just like all parents want.

  38. Roski says:

    You’re kidding right? People really think that he wasn’t in the right? I hate how the American public has become so close minded to the disrespect that he got. THE MAN WAS STUTTERING! I bet that he wanted to put a bullet through his foot to see if he was awake and if he could still feel pain. Why do you all try to say that he did something wrong? Sure I’m not a 16 year old girl, and sure, I didn’t do those things. I could never even think about getting away with something like that. If you are mad or upset, write it down on a sheet of paper and burn it! This was just stupid and foolish on her part. If you think I’m going to sympathize with a bratty disgusting and putrid back stabbing moron like his daughter, you’re wrong. Tell me, seriously, tell me why I should even care about the daughter’s feelings? Women in general have a Sheet of thin ice for trust as it is, and men are like a glacier when it comes to trust. If you break the trust of a man…you did some serious damage. I hate how you all think that he’s in the wrong.

    1. Indee says:

      If I had a dad like him I bed I would have had a better life. At least he gave a darn enough to be hurt with her words, enough to get her a laptop by age 15 and upgrade it and put money into it even with having problems in the past with her. I hear a lot of garbage here – judging a situation after 8.+ minutes of information – good grief we are in trouble if those that can form such solid opinions with all that information are ever on a jury. I may or may not agree with his tactics, at least he is a present father in her life who obviously cares and that is awesome.

  39. Jared says:

    That was a nice handgun!

    I just turned seventeen, have my own small business, bought my own laptop, and live in a 3 bedroom one bathroom house. I think the fathers punishment was just in that he did buy the laptop, She dishonored BOTH her parents, and she was warned prior. I do think the computer definitely could have gone to someone who needed it, but I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing. The only thing the father did wrong is let her immature daughter on the internet.

    And yes, when my parents feel that I have been irresponsible with MY $450 laptop that I earned with MY MONEY, I still grounded from it and think that is fair.

  40. Paperchaser says:

    Woohooo! Shoot it up real good!

    Totally agree with all posters who have pointed out that he could have given the computer away to someone in need. Of course everyone has the RIGHT to do what they like with their own property, but that doesn’t make it good. That’s us these days though, and that’s the dozens of you here writing about what a great message he was sending by destroying an expensive machine instead of donating it – saying it’s his *right*, it’s justifiable, because he paid for it . . . life with that sort of attitude is all about what we have the right to do, not what’s right to do.

    The freedom to choose means having the freedom to be a jerk, and this man exercised that freedom. What horrible modelling for a daughter who’s obviously already suffering from a severe case of overentitlement.

  41. Gabby says:

    Since Dad made it clear he worked in IT for years, is it possible the laptop he put the bullets through was a cast off? It would still have the impact he was going for but save him the money he did spend on it in the long run.

    Teenagers, and all of us were one or will be one, generally exaggerate the “atrocities” our parents make us perform. However, teenagers today are living in an era were posting everything online for others to see and comment on is the norm. What happened to griping about your life to your friends and not airing your dirty laundry for the world to see? (Her Facebook post). At the same time, perhaps Dad should have thought about the reactions, or in most cases, the over-reactions the viewers of his video are going to have. Why do I imagine some overly protective parent calling someone and reporting the father for his over-reaction involving a gun?

    I work with teenagers daily and it never ceases to amaze what they say and do. However, I do not always blame them for their actions because I have met some of their parents and realize there is no way that teenager knows right from wrong, because their parent hasn’t figured it out yet.

  42. Ville says:

    I hope nobody seriously believes this hick moved out, held down a job, went to college and was a volunteer firefighter at his daughters age of -15-. Either he’s lying through his teeth trying to make her look bad, or this is all just one lame joke..

    1. Trixie says:

      So just because he has a southern accent,he is a hick that can’t hold down a job? For your info,you CAN attend college courses while in high school,and volunteer at the local fire station. I’ve known people that’s done both.

  43. Shadow says:

    Reality break: By now she has probably used a friend’s phone to delete the video off of her Facebook(Yes, it’s gone viral anyway.), her friends are probably coddling her and saying her Dad is such a jerk and she sounds like she’s the type to call Social Services and build a story much bigger than it is to get to what she perceives..as a better place to live, where she isn’t Cinderella. Let her hit the foster care trail and see just how rough those kids have it, the restrictions and all the more chores she’ll have. She’s less than 3 years away from being an adult. As an adult, she has to accept that life has responsibilities. As for Dad and parents similar..yeah, he may have overstepped things a bit..a bit..as we don’t know if this is just a standard in farming type country, as opposed to temporary insanity in the city. Either way…parents…NEVER punish a child when you are pissed: calm down, get some sense in your head before deciding the proper punishment. Honestly, by the way the video started, I think he thought he was calm enough, but rereading that letter re-riled him up. Remember parents, it’s not a personal thing…it’s a discipline for the benefit of your child so they can become healthy, independent adults.
    Personally, I have stripped a room to a bed and dresser only, grounded, had my kids write(Increments going up each time of repeated offense)repetitive sentences, spanked(When calm and they were not teens.), grounded, taken away privileges, assigned extra chores and when it came to something like dishes where it was a consistent laziness that could affect the families healt…cleared all the dishes out of cabinets and had them all washed(That only happens a couple times and the point is CLEARLY made. Each kid is different and what works with one may not work with the other, just remember patience, while still guiding your child through discipline and love. Have a good day all. Outta here…….

  44. Becky says:

    What a waste of a perfectly good computer. If it’d been me, i would’ve walked that sucker down to the nearest pawn shop & gotten a few bucks for it. If he really wanted her to get a job to buy her own crap, maybe he should stop buying all these expensive things for her & make her earn these things on her own.

  45. V says:

    It’s his money to waste and it’s his laptop to shoot (since she is a minor). As far as punishment goes I thought it was very creative and fit the crime. He will never see that 130 dollars though.

  46. SL says:

    You cannot teach a disrespectful child respect by treating them disrespectfully. Coming from a disrespectful child.

  47. Megan says:

    I absolutly love this! granted he could have donated it or made the daughter donate it. But the point is clear don’t F with your daddy. Its amazing how disrespectful kids are. Dont get me wrong I wasnt perfect at 15 either, but I wouldnt have even dreamt to say things like that!!! GO DAD!!!!

  48. Chad says:

    Man is this guy going to feel foolish when he finds out his daughter’s Facebook account got hacked and she wasn’t the one who posted the letter.

  49. Alexis says:

    no it’s not stupid, it’s appropriate for the message to be heard clearly. hopefully, the 15 year old girl will see this so she knows what she did wrong. :)) frankly, i’m glad he did it, it’s justice.

  50. Margie says:

    Well, I say he did the right thing…yeah he could of donated it but he paid for it….I applaud this dad….maybe she will learn a little more respect….she is lucky she isn’t sleeping on mattress on the floor like Mr. Huxable did to his son on The Crosby show. She has it way easy….she should be thankful! She has a dad that cares enough to teach her a lesson.

    1. Wilco says:

      Very funny that someone who uses the monike ‘hateteenagers’ publicly applauds this guy. At least you’re honest about what you think of teenagers.

  51. daniela says:

    this was abhorrent! if i was this girl i’d run away from home. she is only 15 and pissed off that she has to clean up after her father and step mother. who wants to come home from school after being up from 5am and start housework!! give the girl a break. i agree. get off your a$$ and do it yourself. if you created the mess. clean it up!

    for God’s sake all you people who are agreeing with the father. words fail me.

    and what a great example to your daughter, oh physco father. take a gun and kill the laptop! yeah. great role modelling. thank God not every parent stoops this low to prove a point so violently.

    i think the last laugh is on your daughter. you have just exposed yourself to the world and shown us exactly what she has been putting up with. quite funny.

    1. Chris says:

      If this girl was my daughter, she would have been shipped of to the strictest military school I could find. I feel she got off easy. It’s people like you that enable children to be disrespectful, spoiled and lazy. All parents do is get their kids ready for life. In a job, she will be expected to clean up after people or get fired. If I had an employee who disrespected me like this, I would fire her right there on the spot. This father is showing her what a job would feel like. Emptying a dishwasher, sweeping a couple of floors, wiping a counter top, doing her own laundry, and making her own bed is not much to ask.

      1. daniela says:

        hahahah..my son is 15. he has worked since he was 13. he works. goes to school. is also attending a senior college apart from school. he is like this because i RAISED him by example and TALKING with him and LISTENING to him. he is not spoiled, disrespectful, lazy. far from it. so stop with your inane generalisations and ignorant comments.

        she’s a HORMONAL teenager with FEELINGS. rebellion is a normal part of growing up. at least she wasn’t wasted on drugs or being hostile.

        all this girl did was have a bitch fest about how she feels she is being treated. of course..you have NEVER whinged about anything in your life..eh??

        1. Trixie says:

          I noticed that you seem to think that just because he owns a gun,that he is violent. That is a really dumb stereo type. I’m in the Army. I have guns,and I punish my kids as well. It doesn’t make me a violent person. It makes me a parent. Not everyone that owns or shoots a gun wishes to turn it on someone simply because they shoot an inanimate object,which,he paid for,so it wasn’t really hers was it? and if you don’t think she was being hostile in her little rant,I would love to know what you consider hostile to be…

    2. Mother of now grown children says:

      Too bad he didn’t remember to tell his daughter that one of those bullets was for Linda (the “Cleaning Lady” as haughty Miss Hanna refers to her)

    3. Beth says:

      Obviously you didn’t watch the full video. She has to sweep, wipe down the counters if they’re dirty, empty the dishwasher if it’s clean, and do her OWN laundry and make her OWN bed. That is not much at all. She is part of the family, therefore she needs to help keep the household running.

  52. Miranda Hadix says:

    I know exactly how that girl probably feels right now. My dad is the EXACT same way.. except he would also shoot all my electronics, take my room apart, most likly knock my teeth out, then tell me to clean the all the little pieces of my laptop, phone, radios, ipod, and my teeth off the ground and then tell me to make him dinner that he would then throw on the ground after i make it, tell me its shit, and then tell me to make something eles.. then it repeats over again.

  53. Mike says:

    I agree that this guy seems to have some serious anger issues. I wonder where she learned to act out? She will be on a pole in about 2 years just to prove him right.

  54. Mary says:

    Just watched this and read through some of the post. I cannot believe the importance that people have placed on this laptop…IT is a THING !! The POINT is not about whether he gave it away or destroyed it.. THE POINT is about an ungrateful, rebellious, inconsiderate young woman. She didn’t over exaggerate her “chores” she flat out lied… let’s call it what it is. Why? To vent her anger at her parents and to fit into what is the “norm” today. Do you ever watch the Teen or Tween TV shows? Look at how they behave. They want something, and will go to any lengths to get what they want, when the want it no matter if it’s right or wrong. Look at their peers. They see some teens their own age that are spoiled beyond belief and think … That should be me! That kid doesn’t have to clean his/her room, why should I, that kid gets to go out and stay late, why can’t I? Ever sit in a room with a bunch of teens and just … Listen?? I have, I’ve listened to them make a mockery of their home life, their parents, their friends… nothing is beyond a bashing if it makes them “fit in”. And the worst part of all ?? The Teens that are being raised on mutual love and respect are the worst. They look at all that kindness and understanding as a weakness and stupitidy they can exploit and don’t think for one nano second that they DON’T. In this case, after being TOLD not to make post like this, what did she do, made herself look like the victim and her parents like slave drivers. We all did it at their age, but ….. there’s always a “but”… some parents make their children aware from the get go that there are consequences for unacceptable behavior, AND they follow up on it, Some parents… make threats but in the final showdown, they believe that it’s more important to be your child’s “friend” rather than do the hard work and be a PARENT. Your Children have tons of friends, they don’t need anymore they need a PARENT to teach them right from wrong, truth from lies, rewards for getting it right and consequences for getting it wrong.Personally I don’t think he took it far enough, I would have taken her cell phone, Ipod, telephone privileges, and her social life? would be OVER. She would have to EARN it back and maybe JUST maybe she comprehend just how much she’s hurt her family. I can’t even imagine how she’s going to earn her Dad’s trust and respect … she’s got a long row to hoe here. But… she asked for it.

    1. Trixie says:

      I’m glad someone else sees the point of what the video was about! You sound like my mom..which is a good thing. If I had ever pulled that crap,my name would have been mud faster than I could spit. Kids today have no discipline,and the ones on here throwing the fits,if you’ve noticed,are kids themselves or religious yuppies. (I’m religious too,but I don’t try to stick it in where it wasn’t and isn’t warranted )

    2. Paperchaser says:

      Sounds like your nerves have been touched. Nonetheless, when you calm down, maybe you can acknowledge that the sort of man who’d shoot up a computer instead of disposing of it in a useful way isn’t the sort of parent who’s going to show his daugher appropriate ways to “vent her anger”. How would she have been any less punished if her father had managed to act like an adult and simply given the computer away?

      Teaching a bratty little teenager how NOT to be spoiled is probably not best done with actions like this. In a country where so many people need a machine like that and can’t afford it, a grown man threw a hissy fit and shot it up, just because he could. He might as well be a three year old.

      You see, the computer’s NOT just a thing – not once that idiot shot it up, anyways. What he did was a gesture and a choice. He taught his daughter that the right gesture to make when you’ve been wronged is to wreck things, instead choosing to do something useful.

      The thing is, parenting isn’t just about what you say – or what you shoot. It’s about what you do. People like you think the problem with society these days is parents wanting to be kids’ friends. I say it’s parents who don’t understand that you don’t just raise a kid by punishing or persuading her; you raise her by example. Acknowledging that is a lot more “hard work” than taking away her “cell phone, Ipod, telephone privileges, and her social life”. But whether you acknowledge it or not, it’s true.

      And all this bonehead just taught his daughter is that when somebody does you wrong, you wreck stuff. Just because you can.

    3. brooke says:

      I agree. I’m astounded at everyone’s shock that a “precious laptop has been destroyed”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In our house, I don’t care HOW valuable it is. You’ve lost it if you behave this way. I don’t necessarily agree with exactly how he did it.

      I also can’t believe how many people just called this childish and stupid of her and that the punishment didn’t fit the crime. The more our society tolerates in poor behavior, the worse it gets. That little snot letter definitely deserved strict punishment.

      Do we know what their relationship is like? No. We can’t speak to it. Do we know if either one of them is speaking the truth? No. We can’t speak to it. Do we know if they are very good friends and he has been a very good dad and she will feel tons of remorse? No. We can’t speak to it. Do we know that he is a horrible, abusive dad who is bent on revenge and has always treated her thus? No. We can’t speak to it.

      I’m so tired of people assuming things they don’t know.

      One more thing: Would someone please learn how to spell “Kool-Aid”? :)

  55. Meredith says:

    I can say that this would have SO been my situation had I EVER disrespected my parents like that on a public forum when I was her age! He is not violent. He has a right to bear arms just like any one else. Well for now…
    ALSO! God did punish people WAY more violently than this…. Remember Sodom and Gomorra?
    I agree with the MAN WHOLE HEARTEDLY! I say that IF parents don’t start standing up to kids then society is only gonna get worse! Yes, I am a parent.

    1. Miranda H says:

      In my opinion, I wouldnt say anything about God. (yes i believe in him) but you dont know what other believe, and it could start a HUGE fight over religion on here that is not needed.

      1. Anon says:

        i would like to watch and action movie with you, just so i can see how scared you get when the bullets fly. :D

  56. CC Fitz says:

    Okay such a waste for one She is possible telling the truth about how much work she has to do with school and chores, one if there is a woman who comes and cleans the house from time to time she is a maid period, How often does she come? Does he really know what the kid is told she has to do? where is the other parent during this time the kid comes home from school? Does she not do anything or does she work full time? I worked to part time jobs about 65-70 hours a week married with a 2 yr old I still cleaned hhouse and cooked and did all the stuff AND went to my moms to help her from time to time no life for myself yet I was raised that way to help, She probally heard from her friends that they get money for doing stuff at home and she gets a phone and use of the laptop which is fair but if she is doing as much as she says every day she should get paid a little like deposit it in a saving account to put towards college or a car, you could have donated that laptop to a needed place like a homeless shelter that it is used for people to find work.or to a school for the class room better than putting a bullet in it.I think dad needs to look back at what he did and figure maybe his daughter wrote like she did because she had so much anger and thayt is how she hears her father talk time for some heart to heart and growing up to do.

  57. daniela says:

    seriously..i think all you God fearing people who are leaving pro father comments are #@$**% !!! no wonder america has the issues it has. why do people think a gun and making children FEAR a parent..and that’s all it will ever be..they will FEAR a parent ..not respect them if they have raised their children in this manner. can’t you read between her lines. she’s had ENOUGH. of course she’s rebelling. she has no VOICE at home. that’s why kids rebel!!

    1. Mary says:

      Are you kidding me????? SHE’S had enough???? You cannot be serious. They have a lady that comes to clean as a trade off. She is NOT that spoiled teens servant!! It’s the typical attitude of entitlement. He WORKS for a living to put a roof over HER head, He pays, the electric, the phone, cable, her cell phone, clothes, food, spends gas money to take her wherever she needs to go… and SHE’S had enough? What is he asking her to do, he’s asking her to be a responsible member of the household… Make Her bed, that SHE’S messed up, Sweep the floor, clean the counters, empty the dishwasher. HE bought the laptop, HE upgraded it.. what has she done??? NOTHING Oh excuse me, he asks her to bring him a cup of coffee or two… OH Call protective services that’s abuse …. please…. Do you know what the really sad part is… when this teen finally goes to work… at the rate she is going, she probably won’t be able to HOLD a job because she is selfish and LAZY. LET SOMEBODY ELSE DO IT… and do not think or even say she doesn’t have a voice.. She voiced her opinion TWICE on Facebook. Heaven only knows what she’s posted or said in messages that he HASN’T seen. It AMAZES me how teens look ONLY at what THEY do, or are asked to do and turn a blind eye to what their parents do for them. Oh it’s just SO unfair.

  58. daniela says:

    it reminds me of the story of the young girl who videoed her father abusing her in her bedroom. he happened to be a judge in a county in america. many years later when she was older she played the video on you tube. REVENGE! i hope this girl has the sense to do something similar..

    1. Anon says:

      it also reminds me when a father tried to stop his teenage boy being gangd who didnt listen to what his father said and overlooked the outcome resulting in death to the father, if the son respected his parents, he would still have 2

  59. Ellen Supnick says:

    Yay to the papa! I wish I would have done that! She will think twice next time she thinks about disrepecting her parents. screw the computer, he should have shot at it more. I love this guy… He made my day…

  60. Rachel says:

    Good for him. Ever wonder why the schools in America suck? The parents who coddle their kids and won’t do stuff like this.

  61. Trixie says:

    I love this. Maybe it will be her wake up call to start acting right. When I was 16,I had already graduated high school,I only had a phone because I had a job to pay for it. I didn’t have a laptop until I was in college and bought one myself.I wish I had alot of the nice things she already has. And I’m not one of those crazy old people with their ‘back in my day’ stories. This was 10 years ago. I wish my only chores had consisted of making my bed,and sweeping,and unloading the dishwasher… that would have been heaven. If the dad didn’t love and care about her,he wouldnt have taken the time to do this message. He is upset,and we all lash out in our own way. It will definitely leave a last impression on her.

  62. Hailey says:

    In my opinion, she deserved this. I am a teenager myself and would never disrespect my parents in such a way; especially on Facebook. It seems to me that her parents have tried to raise her right, but she tried to be rebellious and they took action. If I EVER did something like this, my parents would take away every right I ever had. However, I am not as irresponsible as this girl and would never even think of doing something like this.

    1. Hailey says:

      Also, I am in my first year in college and have a job, bought my own laptop, pay for my car, pay for my gas, and everything else need. She had it easy; I would not have complained. I’m glad her parents decided to do this. Make her think about what she did.

  63. Rebecca says:

    This father, OR THINKS HE IS is totally CRAZY! Destroying the laptop was an IGNORANT thing to do. Sounds to me that Child Protective Services needs to VISIT this home and see if the daughter is alright. Dad sounds like he is off his rocker.

    She is at the age now that HIS DEMANDS ON HER are too much, she is only 16 once and she has plenty of time to learn how to keep a house, mainly when that house is hers! What does he do? What does her mother do? Even to speak on the Video he had to sit down and smoke a cigarette (He was repulsive!)

    Yep if he keeps this up she will runaway, AND if she NEEDS a job the worse thing you can do for your child is to try and get it for them, IF they are ready to work they will do it themselves, working in HR for many years it is a BIG NO NO to have your parent find you a job and you should always go to complete an application BY YOURSELF, it shows that you can be responsible. THE FATHER AND MOTHER NEED A MAID!

    1. E says:

      Getting coffee, making beds, doing the dishes (they have a dishwasher!) and cleaning the counter is TOO MUCH demand on her? Srsly? Srsly??

    2. Anon says:

      Yeah umm he didnt touch her so stop over exaggerating.

      That is right, she is only 16, she shouldnt have the authority to speak to her parents like that, all her mother and father want are the chores to be done. He was smoking a cigarette because hes a smoker? and it most likely calms him down, go walk into a city i bet youl find alot of “repulsive” people around.

      Now i somewhat agree with you here, but atleast they done the effort to go get her the application

    3. Tammy says:

      Granted she is only sixteen but why so you think she should not do house work. When do you think she should learn when it is time for her to move out the house. It is call help out in the house. You are not working, not bringing money in the house. That is what is wrong with kids now they think that parent are the bank, the maid and their driver. The only reason my daughter does not lot around the house is because she is in school for 7:30 to 5 p.m. so school is her job. but if I do tell her to do something she does it with no problem. It does not matter what her parents do she need to do what is expected of her. If she does not like it then she can leave. Then lets see how you house will look if you were not taught how to clean. It will look like crap. She was wrong!!!!! And if he wants to destroy the computer then he can do it. Hell she did not buy it. She is not paying her cell phone bill, I am sure she is not paying for the internet, she is not paying for her clothes, she is not paying rent, she is not paying for food. I am sure id she wants to do something with her friends she gets money from her parents. SO are you tell me that she is to good to do house work? My child will and better do what I tell her, I go out to work everyday to keep a roof over her head, clothe in her back, food in the house, bills paid. These are the type of children that grow up to think that everything should be given to them and will get pissed off because when they can not get what they want. You start off teaching children responsibility when they are are young and you continue as the grow up. She is a spoiled young lady. There are young adults and some adults that would love to have what she has and would have not problem doing the small thing she does around the house. You have to work to get what you want. As a parent we are responsible to feed. clothe and keep a roof over their head. Anything else I do is extra that can be taken away at anytime of you can nor do what I say are what is expected of you. I got my first job at 16. Why? Because I wanted to make my own money I hate having to go to my parent when I needed money. They would have given me anything I wanted. When I got paid I gave my parent some money. It was only 20.00 a piece, Yes I know that it was not a lot but I felt good doing it.

      1. Rebecca says:

        Well Good For You! Yes, I am a parent of 2 now Adult Parents and when my Children were home, yes they did have chores, but most of those chores were NOT DEMANDED OF THEM, they were ASKED to do them, that is the point I am trying to make. SHE IS THEIR MAID and for that she should REBEL. RESPECT from all of them Father, Mother and Daughter should be ADVISED not DEMANDED by ALL parties, it is not what HE says to her but the WAY he says it. I’m sorry that he doesn’t (1) Understand his daughter, (2) Doesn’t talk to her like she is a human being, I speak to my precious dogs better and (3) Sitting on his REAR in a lawn chair discussing his problems doesn’t show well concerning his parenting skills…..they reflect lameness.

    4. brooke says:

      I can’t believe you would insult him because he was so upset about how his daughter ungratefully treated him. If you don’t know that family members contribute to each other, gratefully love and help each other,… then I’m really sorry your family didn’t teach you how valuable that is.

  64. terri says:

    I agree he could have donated the laptop to help the less fortunate and I haven’t read ALL the comments but what everyone seems to be missing is he is an IT tech. I would think he would have had the foresight to remove all the guts from the laptop.

    I was probably just the shell.

    Dramatic but I bet it got his point across and without any abuse.

  65. Cubanarama says:

    I am so sorry your child posted the things she did. I know there are a ton of kids who wish they had a Dad like you.

    I hope one day your girl can look back at this experience, love and thank you for this lesson.

    You are a great Father. My best to the moms.

  66. Kristen says:

    Go Dad! I know as a teenager I’ve wanted to rant like that, but never publicly and as vulgar as that. And once I calm down I know that I was overreacting

  67. Punishment fit the crime says:

    I’ve been dealing with idiots all day long, and Wilco, Karen, Ville and now Daniela, you sure top the list of idiots!
    Wilco – “if we all got what we deserved we would be in trouble??” What values are YOU teaching your kids, and how spoiled and deserving are they?? So by saying that comment, obviously you don’t treat others with any respect because if you did you wouldn’t feel like you’d be in a lot of trouble! As for us not being around your children, perhaps we do need to be because like you I’m sure they will grow up to be self righteous, meanwhile feeling they deserve while not doing a darn thing to work for anything. Just the type of people everyone loathes.
    Ville – well you’re just ignorant, and just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s valuable or has any merit or validity behind it. Calling some guy a hick is ignorant – the man OWNS an IT business, but perhaps we need to outfit you with a dictionary first before anything else. I have NO doubt he did ALL those things while going through school, back even 10 years ago people worked hard and understood the value of a dollar. You (I suspect are a child) and will end up raising children (heaven forbid you have some) who are racist, ignorant and all the things society is trying to evolve out of!
    Daniela – Getting your parents a drink if they ask is called respect, would you get your friend a drink if they asked or are you just a selfish girl who does nothing for anyone? As for her getting up at 5am and going to bed at 10pm, SHE’S 15, she SHOULD be going to bed at 10pm!!!!!!!! Please, DO encourage her to run away…I’d like to see how she’d survive at 15, going to school AND working to pay for a place to live and food to eat AND doing chores around her OWN house. So yes she SHOULD be doing chores if someone else is providing for her. Sure it’s the responsibility of parents to feed/clothe their kids, but NOT their responsibility to give them laptops, ipads or $200 jeans because it’s in style! Have you worked a day in your life and even understand what ‘recession’ and ‘depression’ mean? Parents provide for their kids so that they can focus on their education and become a citizen that can give back, provide for themselves and do better for themselves..so you have to make your bed, sweep the floor and a few other tasks, it’s called learning responsibility. Know what happens to kids who learn none of that..they don’t fare so well as an adult!!

    C’mon people who are so completely and utterly IGNORANT here..
    Every kid makes mistakes as do parents. Who are WE to judge and KNOW what exactly goes on in their household? All this is speculative…look at kids now compared to prior. I feared my parents by them simply giving me a look, and kids now get away with murder! What makes a 15 child DESERVING of a laptop? The chores she does is WHY she got a laptop, you don’t just get stuff cause you feel you deserve it. Exactly those who agree with the child and think this is too harsh a punishment..well you’re exactly those who feel you ‘deserve’ things for doing nothing at all…
    NO WONDER the world still has racism, ignorance and stupidity…these people exude it and are exactly why these things will forever continue in our society.

    1. Anon says:

      F***EN Nice one man, i feel the same way too, but i dont have the time to type an essay about it. “) big UPS!

    2. Trixie says:

      You said everything I would have said myself.. I especially like the girl that said that child services should be called…sure,and when they’re wasting their time out there,someone could be beating their kid to death in the interim. I applaud you! ;)

    3. daniela says:

      Punishment fit the crime..seriously you make me laugh. what an ignorant a$$ you are. i really don’t want to waste my breath on replying to you except to say i am almost 60. not a selfish ‘girl’ by any stretch. and yes. i do work. and i would NEVER. i repeat NEVER react to something as crazy as this father. or be an exhibitionist and POST it. shooting a laptop!!! and you don’t think that is EXTREME! this girl didn’t make a video shaming her father. she was just having a WHINGE. i repeat a WHINGE. teenagers have a hard enough time dealing with this crazy world we live in as it is. not made any better by narrow minded ignorant nutters like yourself. i have a teenage son. and yes. he annoys me sometimes. i annoy him. but we have open communication. if he’s unhappy about something. he tells me. we sought it out. hug and make up. do you do this with your children?? possibly not with an attitude like yours. you sound bitter. like the rest of the people on here supporting the crazy father. it reminds me of the dark ages. you remind me of rednecks..

      1. Anon says:

        … so you think that the Father is crazy? u do know that the Mother, i repeat the Mother also said to put in a bullet after the comment that was written about her, so does that make her crazy aswell? She isnt having a hard time, shes just a spoilt brat that doesnt RESPECT, i repeat RESPECT her parents

        btw, ITS A F***ING LAPTOP, the only reason why U MAD? (bahahaha) is because u think hes crazy by shooting a F***king laptop which he also gave his time of day to help her by fixing it. Would u be so different if he threw it off a building or lit it on fire? through your arrogance you would most likely say yes, but its 2012 now old lady, get that through your head, most people have guns these days. And by the accent of the father, it sounds as if theyve grown up around armd weapons, thats what you dont get. go watch some F***ken FPSRUSSIA on youtube B***H i bet youl be terrified from that.

        LOL FPSRUSSIA adversting GG

        1. daniela says:

          what a tosser..old lady..hahaha.. moron..and yes..the mother is crazy too..read through and find the INTELLIGENT responses to this mad man AND mother. but then. i wouldn’t expect you’d understand..

          1. daniela says:

            and. i don’t care if it was a can of beans. he SHOT at something. to make a pathetic immature point. OTT!!

          2. just a dad says:

            MAD MAN he should get an award, he was tired of her sh>> and she was told already before, apparently he loves his daughter very much or you would not be posting here. What he did was great you saw a gun and he blew up her computer out in the middle of nowhere. I will bet she will not make a post like that again and when she grows up she will look back and say she was wrong.

          3. Anon says:

            lol really? i fully understand and so does everyone commenting on this video, either you are fail at trolling, Or you like to waste 4 hrs replying to everybodys opinions.

            And btw this was a message to his daughter that he aint F**king around with her s*** but most importantly it was of remorse, considering shes a useless ungrateful child that has the nerve to say the things she just said, and its obvious by what hes said that she has done something like this before.

            oh yeah just so u wanna know how i understand? I grew up with the only thing my parents could afford me, i never wore shoes because i didnt have any, i grew up doing chores everyday after school, i went to bed at 3am so i could see my father which is the only time i could, i am now 19 years old, i have a daughter, i have a house, i have a job, and i am also majoring from a bachelor course. the nonsense she thinks its hard to cope with all the work? thats BS she doesnt know what work is. and how are u almost 60 and u have a teen son, aint you a bit on the fetish side eahy?

  68. Tina says:

    Ya know, in the OT she would’ve been stoned for her little rant…. Just reminding people how God feels about disrespecting parents. Parents were never stoned though for provoking their children. This is so rampant in our culture that we’ve become almost used to it. Sad.

  69. Elizabeth says:

    Well, this is an opinion from one of those “rebellious teenagers” The girl the video is about is only about a year younger than me. While many people in my generation test boundaries, I think the main problem is the relationship between the parent and the child. I think to often Parents are either always the disciplinary figure, or the friend. My parents were both. I feel free to talk with them about everything, I have not “tested boundaries” because 1- I am a christian and I know my God would not like it, and I don’t want to sin against Him. and 2- I love my parents and I trust them.

  70. Thomas Robb says:

    Public schools are the reason our kids are in such a mess. Home school kids are better adjusted and have better social skills. Your children are the most important thing you have. Don’t let the public school system near our kids.

    1. Anon says:

      I dont think schools are the issues, teens do “try” to be “cool” infront of ther friends or to join a group of friends by rebellion ther parents, this may not be the issue but just saying, it happens alot to teens, ther friends persuade them to do sh*t and well you wouldnt want to let your friends down so you would usually react at that age.

    1. Jean says:

      I agree. He spent $130 dollars and hours of his time just prior to her dumb, public rant on Facebook. He has a right to be mad. And it sounds like the girl’s mother was mad, too, and backed the dad on the shooting of it.

      And if he bought the laptop for her and she is a minor then it does belong to him.

    2. just a dad says:

      Too Violent??? there out in the boonies no one was harmed. If he was in the city Im sure it would of gone a little different.

      I think maybe the garden and run over it a few times with the rototiller

      1. daniela says:

        are u serious..you don’t think pulling a gun on an object that belongs to one of his family isn’t a display of violence. and for her to see. and everyone else. wow. if that was me in her shoes and i saw this i’d feel ill. why a GUN! why not just say he is confiscating it for a period of time. i’m sure that would have been enough humiliation for her to deal with. seeing him post her consequences on fb. man. you people are unbelievable. is this how desensitised some americans have become. that you think this display of behaviour is acceptable!!

  71. Mark says:

    What a moron. Pure and simple. Big man with a gun. At least he didn’t shoot the kid. Anywhere else in the world where handguns are hard to find, the proper cooling off period would have happened and this would not have ended so stupidly.

    1. heather says:

      OH give me a break! what would you do? SIT HER IN A CORNER AND SAY NO NO…. people who think like you have spoiled rotten ass kids…

      1. James says:

        No, you sit her down and discuss the issues with her. Compromise is necessary, though it sounds like there is a blatant lack of respect both ways in this relationship. The daughter is the young, naive one in the world — it’s the parents’ responsibility to TEACH them respect, by EXAMPLE.

    2. just a dad says:

      Mark, I want you to copy this post and keep it and when you become a parent of a teenage child I want you to pull this up on your computer if its not shot up and read what you wrote, Believe me you will have changed your mind.

  72. Jean says:

    Maybe the dad took the hard drive out before he shot it? He didn’t have the power cord with it. Maybe it was his old laptop (he works in the computer field); maybe he got a deal on it.

    He knows his own kid. I bet she doesn’t pull that stunt again.

  73. Phillip says:

    Ok, I agree with those of you who say this dad shouldn’t have put this on the internet. But to say he was wrong with his response and is abusing his child is just plain ignorant–we don’t know how he truly handled the daughter–I’m hopeful that it was in love to express to her that she made the decision to receive this punishment–she and everyone has choices choosing actions that have consequences, she made the wrong choice and must pay the consequences. He’s definately teaching her that, which is a great lesson that many adults still need to learn!

    1. just a dad says:


      PERFECT, very well said. except the part about posting this, I think it is great I bet she doesnt do it again.

  74. Detatched Highschooler says:

    One side telling the other they obviously weren’t taught the proper way to respect children/each other…then proceed to insult the other side for because of the perceived notion that their opinion is greater than the other. Awesome display of respect as well as IRONY.

  75. Craig says:

    A disgusting display of parental immaturity! No wonder he is no longer in his first marriage, and his daughter disrespects him.

    This is not a healthy response to the problems in this man’s family.

    This is not about the condition of our schools or the state of teenagers in our society today. It is about a family that cannot face their problems in an adult and responsible manner.

    1. craig says:

      A am a white male, still married to my first wife, and the father of two adult children. I have lived in the city, in big cities, and in the country. I have worked many years with teenagers and parents of teenagers. I am also a church pastor.

  76. just a dad says:

    Craig, wake up man, get off the chair and go outside and take a deep breath.
    you must live in the city, there were no goodwills, no place to take her computer,they are out in the boonies, and what he did was just plain brilliant. I bet she well be pissed off when she see’s this but when she turns 25+ she will look back and say boy i was a bad teenager i cannot believe i said those things about my parents.

  77. daniela says:

    the sad things is..if i met you people in the street. at a function. at church. wherever.. (as you all sound like such NICE christian’s) cough..i’d probably think you were really nice people. until i found out what you did to your children if they acted out out of frustration. scratch the surface and what do you get..shame on you

  78. daniela says:

    oh yeah..and just a reminder..don’t forget y’all to pick up some more bullets and reload your guns so that when johnny or sue..say or do something wrong.. you’re ready to shoot the object of your frustration. yeah. you go and show ’em what respect is all about. big tough parents.

    1. Jay says:

      First, great job dad. Some people post some really odd comments on here. For a while it was about religion, seriously, who cares about your religion. Nobody is talking about religion in the video… Then there are people saying it is so wasteful… Well, he bought the laptop… To me, that means he can do whatever his heart desires with it. Donate, destroy, throw away, give away, it is pretty much up to him. Then there are comments about using a firearm. Well, I think it will show he is serious, it was in a safe environment to fire it, and it wasn’t harming anyone. Then there are posts about posting it on the Internet, that was a great idea, and he explained why in his video. All her friends saw it, parents and other people are on Facebook. It is a true wake up call to kids to be respectful, to parents to think twice before they think there child is some kind of angel, and to parents to see the realization of another way children can show much disrespect to their family and friends. This kid was punished by simple grounding and technology take away the first time as he explained. It didn’t work. Today parents can’t really discipline their children much ways compared to years ago. He found a creative and effective punishment. I see a lot of criticism without any alternative suggestions. again, great work on a punishment dad. The rest of the people who didn’t like it, do your own thing then, it really isn’t your choice.

      1. Jordan says:

        Agree with all of those ideas! I think the father handled it very well. Not to mention he puts a roof over her head, food in her mouth, and cloths on her back. If she wants to complain throw her out on a farm and let her do the work we do everyday. She would respect her parents a lot better. Kids these days are going down hill fast, and it is about time that ways like this or worse for punishment start occurring!

  79. Tammy says:

    I do not think that children like this are a product of the public system. My daughter attended public schools before I was able to put her in a private school. I think this is more to do with the relationship the child and parents have. My daughter is 16 and I have never ( so far so good) had a problem with her. I have always been a strict parent. I have taught her to be respectful of others and respect herself. No one owes you anything. She understands that she has to work hard in order to play hard. I always tell her the room she has is my room and I an just letting her us it. I am teaching her so she will be able to not only take care of herself and not expect other do so it and do not think people owe you anything. If you want it go work for it. No handouts. She is blessed she has a computer, a cell phone and a flat screen television. But she has been a A student since she started school, she loves helping others and will think of helping other before she thinks of herself.

  80. Cubanarama says:

    I am amazed at how many people want to focus on Dad shooting the Laptop vs donating it. I respect the father’s decision to do with the laptop whatever he saw fit. His daughter having the laptop was the real waste and if shooting it gave Dad an outlet to his anger more power to him. leave the guy alone people….. The reason why kids are the way they are today often is because society does not respect parent’s right to parent.

  81. daniela says:

    have wasted enough time on here. i seriously question the mentality of some of the people on here. you people talk as if teenagers don’t have feelings and frustrations. feel sorry for you.

  82. spelvin2002 says:

    Poor little girl has to make her own bed and pour her own cornflakes. Worse yet, she must rummage through the pantry to find the raisins and cranberries, and wash her hands afterward. How too sad for her. I weep profusely.

  83. Reddawg says:

    WOW…I have honestly never seen such an accumulation of BS like the combination of above posts in my entire life!

    Every family is different. Some families have children that are perfectly obedient. Some, who parent ‘the same way’ have children that are terrible. Others, have a child that acts perfectly & another that is terrible. No method is perfect for everyone.

    One thing is clear, Children need responsibility & accountability. Something that a lot of these posters think is unimportant because “these are children” for God’s sake!

    In my home we had chores to do. They weren’t for money. They were a condition of living there. We never suffered for anything we needed and had most of what we wanted. But we had to maintain our normal regime of household duties. It was just part of pulling your load in the household & it was never a big deal. …& everyone loved living there!

    Looking back I realize that my Mom & Dad could have (& would have) done these tasks themselves. But it had nothing to do with that. It was about teaching a child how to become an adult…which is what our parents are supposed to do.

    Sometimes, that means doing something drastic when the circumstances surrounding your child deem so. There is no way I would condemn this man for the action he took to make his point. We have NO IDEA what has lead up til now. And furthermore, why is everyone worried about it? I myself don’t know, but ‘it seems’ that he is at his wits end with his typical American teenager & he needed to get a message across.

    To all the folks that are freaking out over the fact that he ‘wasted’ a laptop when someone less fortunate could have benefited from it…I understand your point to some degree. But I wonder if any of you have ever had a child, family member or friend that needed a DRASTIC event to prompt a change in their behavior? I mean seriously??? We have a guy who is obviously struggling to keep his teenage daughter on the straight and narrow. He got to a point where he felt the need to make a gigantic point that she would ‘get’. One computer is not going to save the world. I think it is an absolute waste of time to bitch about the fact that he ‘sacrificed’ this poor computer. If it were my Child…I would use whatever metaphoical sacrifice I needed(within the law), in order to make sure my child learned the lesson they needed to.

    As for me…I fully intend to do everything I can for those less fortunate & try to never to waste anything that might go to good use elsewhere. However, if I think that by shooting a hole in my teenage daughters laptop will make the point I feel like I have to make, to help keep her on the right path, I will not hesitate to pull the trigger. Everyone else can go to HELL. Now, in the event that my demonstration works & things end up Great & wonderful, I have no problem buying and donating a computer to a child that doesn’t have one. I’m sure this guy would make the same deal too. But otherwise, if I think anything I OWN can help me keep my flesh and blood on the right path, I will use it whatever way I want too.

    Come on America!

  84. Jay says:

    First, great job dad. Some people post some really odd comments on here. For a while it was about religion, seriously, who cares about your religion. Nobody is talking about religion in the video… Then there are people saying it is so wasteful… Well, he bought the laptop… To me, that means he can do whatever his heart desires with it. Donate, destroy, throw away, give away, it is pretty much up to him. Then there are comments about using a firearm. Well, I think it will show he is serious, it was in a safe environment to fire it, and it wasn’t harming anyone. Then there are posts about posting it on the Internet, that was a great idea, and he explained why in his video. All her friends saw it, parents and other people are on Facebook. It is a true wake up call to kids to be respectful, to parents to think twice before they think there child is some kind of angel, and to parents to see the realization of another way children can show much disrespect to their family and friends. This kid was punished by simple grounding and technology take away the first time as he explained. It didn’t work. Today parents can’t really discipline their children much ways compared to years ago. He found a creative and effective punishment. I see a lot of criticism without any alternative suggestions. again, great work on a punishment dad. The rest of the people who didn’t like it, do your own thing then, it really isn’t your choice.

  85. tamara1978 says:

    With Division of Family Services (DFS) saying what we can do and what we can’t do to our children for punishments and the children knowing it, i think the dad made a very good choice of punshment.

    It is very hard to punish our children these days. kids know that DFS said us as parents can’t do certin punishments and the kids use it agaist us.

    So i feel this Dad did the right thing for the offence given.

  86. Josh S says:

    Rebellious teen? Sure. We’ve all been there. But what an overreaction — bullets through a laptop and posting it for the world to see?

    I think it’s unlikely her and her Dad will ever get along all that well. She might be a brat but he seems like an asshole. Too bad.

    1. Rachael brenchley says:

      She will love and respect him when she gets older, I think they will get along just fine and probably be realy good friends

      1. Marci says:

        No. My mom was like this to me, although never shot anything of mine. And now we can barely stand to be in the same room together. Respect breeds respect. She’s gonna hate him.

  87. Warwick says:

    People mustn’t ask why teenagers are so ‘screwed up’ these days. If he really cared about her (and not so much himself) he would’ve talked to her about it. What a coward.

    1. Rachael brenchley says:

      I bet he did talk to her when she got home from school. I don’t think he’s a coward at all I think he definately got his point across to her

  88. snowpea says:

    I wish the dad would have used a hammer! I think it would have driven the point home better than a gun would have, but hey who am I to say what works in his family? I’m not and neither are any of you. You can raise your child with certain morals, values and principles and it doesn’t matter now a days what you do teenagers are going to be disrespectful. Is anyone NOT paying attention to the huge amount of disrespect that the child displayed on FB?? Hello! It didn’t seem like it was the first time she did it either. Kids need to learn respect! He didn’t beat her, he grounded her for 3 months. After being grounded, she disrespected her entire family and a family friend AGAIN! This time he shot bullets into a laptop HE bought and upgraded for an ungrateful brat!
    My daughter did something that was extremely disrespectful and was followed by her disrespectful mouth about a year ago and it involved her cell phone. I took her cell phone away and smashed it with a hammer! She didn’t get a cell phone again for months! Not until she learned the value of what she had and worked to pay for a new one.
    I am glad the father did what he did, the mother, step mother and I am sure Linda the cleaning lady stood right behind him as well!

  89. Pam says:

    Love it ..kids today have no respect and think their owed something ….maybe she’ll think twice before doing something like this again …I know my child has been disrespectful and I have broke and thrown away a electronic items or 2 in my time I bought it so I can get rid of it to..its all about how you the CHILD acts……Bravo Dad

  90. Pixie says:

    I’m sorry. But I just can’t read anymore posts. I don’t see how this video has brought upon a dicussion about religion, politics, or sexual orientation. I don’t think what the father did was out of line. He was very calm during the whole video. I don’t see any anger issues. He was upset, yes. And rightfully so. Just because there is a gun involved, it doesn’t make it violent. Never did the father threaten the daughter with the gun. And I’m sure she was raised around guns her whole life. People who are raised with them generally are more inclined to be the safest with weapons. When you are around guns at an early age you learn to respect the weapon. And to these parents who think that their children are not out there doing anything wrong, let me tell you this: your children are doing SOMETHING that you don’t know about. If they are teenagers, that’s just the way it goes. It doesn’t make you a bad parent, it’s part of growing up.

  91. Rachael brenchley says:

    ROTFLMAO I LOVE this!!!!!!! It is about damn time that our children learn that there are consequences to their actions! I think that he should have made her help “the cleaning lady” do everything that she does every day at their house and at her own for about a month so she know exactly what its like to have to work and go to school.

  92. William B. Peel says:

    Bravo! As distasteful as a situation like this can be, this father acted correctly and appropriately. He documented the numerous offenses, addressed the rebellious attitude that fostered them, documented the previous warning and intended consequence…and then followed through. You may not agree with his method but the motivation was absolutely correct.

    1. Tough Mom says:

      I agree William, It’s our responsibility as parents to correct and discipline our children. I still believe and have instilled in my children who have children of their own now, that a good spanking on their bottom is good therapy for them. My children spank their children when they need it. They don’t abuse and BEAT them. They spank them and the grandchildren know their parents and grandparents mean business when they receive punishment. That’s the only way we can teach them respect and responsibility. I received several spankings when I was young and believe me it didn’t cause my to have an inferiority complex. I have raised 3 great children and helping to raise 6 beautiful grandchildren. YES I spank my grandchildren if they need it bad enough. “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. That’s what is wrong with our children today, Parents don’t spank, but let the child rule them instead. NO WAY IS A CHILD GONNA RULE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will tear their tails up before they do that to me or any other adult around me.

      1. bobby Joe says:

        This comment makes me incredibly sad. I was abused as a kid – spanked and beaten for “punishment”. Believe me, it’s left it’s mark on me – I have scars from belt beatings for failing tests or other things. Children can definitely bed taught respect and responsibility in many other ways than physical punishment! This father is right on, and what he did would have had more of an impact on me than a beating/spanking/physical punishment would have!

  93. Dorie says:

    People don’t realize that this could be a small cry for help. No one knows what this child is going through. All those chores on top of her school work even having to get a job. Who knows if he spanks her as well. The father doesn’t realize that his daughter might not be smart enough to go to college while in high school like he did. What fond memories as a child would she have?? Hardly any or none at all, just remembers how much house work she had to do. Let her be a child and not grow up too fast.

    1. getatornado says:

      Dorie! Seriously? Really? Seriously!! I can’t think of a better example than your post as to what is wrong with our kids these days. Your Post is the exact example to show everyone what is so wrong with allots of parents thinking nowadays! Please reread your post again out loud. Now, Don’t You feel stupid for posting that ridiculous statement. Welcome back over to our side. And Don’t ever say anything like that again or we will ban you from this country.

  94. jackie says:

    Chores: preparing children for the real world…where one must work to have the things they want…
    Laptops, cell phones, I pods , I pads, video games , etc…the things kids want… They do their “job” to earn these things… As well as is gives them the opportunity to learn how to make appropriate choices and decisions… She clearly had an opportunity to learn from her first fb post… Where she was punished and the laptop taken away.. she was well aware that there would be consequences if she continued to be rude, disrespectful, and ungrateful.. she made her decision and she was faced with the consequence… Dad clearly was upset and rightfully so..he did not respond in some stark raving mad manner… It’s seems they are trying to teach their daughter lessons in life..in life we make mistakes…we are given second chances…and that’s what her dad did…gave her a chance to prove she could be responsible… She was not and he took away that privilege…that’s how we learn.. if I drive drunk..I lose my privilege to drive…the consequence of my action…clearly the child is loved by her parents..or he wouldn’t have wasted his time and money upgrading her computer the day before…only to receive a big smack in the face from his daughter the next day…

  95. Love2Live says:

    Sometimes I wonder why people judge my generation so harshly- then I read stuff like this.

    And THEN I remember that the same thing has happened with every generation since the Creation of the World (Cain and Abel? Yeah).

  96. tommie says:

    this sounds like this generation of todays youth. i would not want to raise a family in this world any more. i think this man did good because this girl sounds like her generations of lazy i want kids who grow up and don’t want to work keep they’er houses clean or take care of their children. i see a lot of that in 20 year olds today.so i think the dad did the right thing. our children don’t need computers and cell phones unless they know how to use them in the right way.

  97. Aloysius says:

    I agree with everything this man said, and did. Those of you who are complaining that his actions are ‘too violent’ or ‘overboard’ clearly don’t have children. This man raised his child from an infant, did his best to provide for her and she repays him by publicly disrespecting him and her mother. He is justifiably angry and disappointed. It sounds like she had all of 20 minutes of chores to do per day. If she’s not able to handle 20 minutes of work in a familiar environment, how will she handle a real job? We’d all end up paying for her welfare. This man just saved all Americans thousands of dollars in welfare payments.

  98. selein says:

    Although dad appears mad (which he no doubt IS) I think he has been hurt deeply by his daughter’s facebook post. The only reason he would fix her computer, or BUY one for her in the first place, is because he loves her. Can’t imagine how bad he felt reading what she wrote. The twist of it is, the daughter never would have written that if she knew dad would see it. She’s just a typical kid that age – they/we have all said things about parents we didn’t really mean. She’d be better off to use a diary rather than a public web site to vent her frustrations…and then burn it. Chances are she’s feeling pretty bad about things tonight, too. To dad: apples don’t fall far from the tree – you seem nice & she will turn out that way too.

  99. Marcie says:

    The one things that’s equally true about both sides in this apparently interminable comment thread is the display of confident self-righteous indignation. You all seem to know exactly what’s right and wrong in this situation, what should and should not have been done, and that you, for one, would have done the right thing, damn straight.

    Come to think of it, I think I just summarized the internet.

  100. Dale L. says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Dad. You handled your little problem exactly as I would have and might still. I have guns and we, my kid included, always put many clip loads into old PCs and other electronics on their way to the e-waste bin. I call it therapy.
    I only looked at a couple of responses to the video mainly because of peoples attitudes and mindsets that I don’t concur with. Our children are 20, 30 and 32 years old who also have motivational issues.
    Lastly since you said you work in IT was the laptop you emptied the clip into really your daughters? Or another non-working example? Thanks

  101. Caleb says:

    Question that seems applicable in this thread: If a child “turns out wrong” is it because they had bad parents, or parents who were ignorant of better parenting practices? Or is there another explanation as to why people do bad things?

  102. Katy says:

    I’m the same age as his daughter, and I think the punishment fits the crime. Things like she posts are NOT Facebook appropriate. This girl will learn a valuable lesson.

  103. BeenThere says:

    Excellent! Wish more of today’s parents took a stand against their kid’s ridiculous disrespectful attitude toward their parents, step-parents, and other adults. This generation is a product of having it too easy and being treated like little adults instead of the children they are. Previous generations grew up with more respect for the world and others in it because their parents were strict and treated them as the learning children they were. They earned things and weren’t coddled. Our kid was the same way, did very little around the house, less than I did as a teenager. All we asked is that he had passing grades or he was grounded M-Thurs. And he whined were were too hard on him and he left to live with his no-rules mother, and went from grades in the 90’s and 100’s to half near failing. Hope he buys a clue before he ends up working at Walmart for a living, or on Welfare like so many of his new friend’s and their parents. Kids need rules and responsibilities, and to be taught to respect those providing for them. It was good enough for our us, our parents and grandparents it’s good enough for them. Sadly a generation with too many lazy losers is being raised by wimpy parents just wanting to be buddies instead of parents.

  104. tooshtron says:

    Guy said he worked at I.T . Probably had a shell of a laptop, also a shotgun would have yielded muchhh cooler effects , and I’m guessing this was a stunt made to go viral so its probably all made up

  105. James says:

    I have to say, I agree with Hannah on a lot of the issues. If she’s going to do all the chores in the house, she should at least have an allowance. And if she’s expected to have a job like her parents, then her parents should have to clean up after themselves. A kid should be having fun being a kid – the responsibilities of adulthood are inevitably awaiting and will be with you until retirement. She is also right about when her parents get old and invalid; if they expect her to take care of them then, then they should be taking care of her now. AND NO I’m not talking about feeding her, putting a roof over her head — that’s what you sign up for when you have a child, and you’re required to do those things by law, or you lose your child.

    On the flipside, she could be a bit kinder and political about how she goes about those negotiations. But… this sounds like a southern family, so… I expect they hold onto “traditional” ideals like obeying and respecting your parents even if they don’t show you respect or treat you as an equal human being.

    But I’ve only watched 2 minutes in, so let’s see the rest…

  106. sawitrepostedonfacebook says:

    Oh Real good job “dad” terrorizing your kid and teaching her how to act like an immature and destructive idiot! This is NOT what our kids need. They need to learn how to earn things for themselves, the right way.

  107. Paul says:

    Let me ask you all this: Should he wait till after she’s knocked up, or teach her to listen NOW? Just wondering. Ha-ha, laughing AT you young lady! Better listen. And now the boys who will come sniffing around got the message loud and clear too!

  108. blueangel says:

    This father has just taught his daughter and all the kids that watched this that guns solve all problems. Who knows how many people he has indirectly murdered. That’s the way to settle disputes after all.

  109. Jason says:

    Run for office, brother, you’ve got my vote. Today’s youth don’t know how easy they really have it. We, as parents, aren’t perfect but we are doing the best we can. Our job is teach our children to be responsible adults and to make smart choices. We sometimes have to do this by rather strict methods such as this one because our children just don’t listen. Hopefully this young woman will begin to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around her.

  110. Guy Persons says:

    this is ridiculous. She is not going to learn anything. How can a girl learn to be more respectful when her parents are such bad role models? You’re showing her that when you have a problem with someone, you shoot up their stuff, and disrespect them. “If you disrespect me, Ima disrespect you.” Nice parenting Dad. Tell your kid all about revenge. What you should have done was grounded her, and had a nice long conversation with her about respect. Show her the error of your ways, show her how she can fix that, and reassure her that life is better to her when you have respect. Where do you think she got that disrespect?? You just shot up her property instead of actually teach her anything meaningful!! Instead of teaching her “When you are disrespectful, there will be consequences, and it will set you further down the good path that you NEED. . .” you decided to teach her “When you disrespect people, I get to shoot up your electronics. Nice job Dad. Hope your daughter sees the wrong in what you did and strays away from the path you’re setting for her. Wow. No frikkin way. I’m speechless otherwise.

  111. Madison says:

    Being a 15 year old girl I know that kids and teens rebel we like to see what we can get away with. I am not however saying that this is the right thing to for us to do. As we grow up we find things interesting to us and want to try them even when we are told not to. We try to find ways around it and excuses that keep us from getting in trouble. Truth is thought that this is a part of life and it is true that these days we are spoiled. I am in a way but certainly not as much as others I work for things that I want. I dont go out all the time, or go to parties all the time, I do not have a cell phone, and can not get my permit right now because I have a c in math so I am going to work as hard as I can so that I’m not completely left behind but if I do get left behind it will have been my own fault. My parents just want to see me succeed in life and it isn’t exactly easy for me to see that because like most teens when I get grounded or spanked (which I did when I was little but it rarely happens now) I think that its unfair and that they are picking on me. I have thought this more than once but while typing this message I have realized that I was wrong for thinking those things now does that mean that I won’t think it again of course not but that doesnt mean that I should do that cause watching this video has proved that with every action comes consequences. Don’t think because I posted this means I’m a wonderful kid because while I am a good girl I do act out and I don’t always stay on top of my grades. I think the father was right in punishing his daughter I don’t know if shooting the lap top was the best idea but he was right for taking action. Of course though the girl will not learn much from it till maybe a couple months go by because she will just think that it was an unfair thing of them to do, that they had no right, and that she didn’t deserve it. It was wrong of her to do that I bet her parents work hard for her and now she has lost a substantial amount of trust and it’s going to be hard to gain back so she should get ready cause life will get harder for her. I dont understand how god was brought into the argument from early because I don’t see how it relates but I think you should believe in what you want to and yes we as kids are raised with a certain religion but that’s inevitable and I don’t see how it could harm you because at any age a child or teen could just stop believing in what his/her parents believe in. Honestly no one has the right to tell this father that what he did was right or wrong unless it was irrational, illegal, or if he was abusing her because he is her father and has a right to raise her the way he wants to. Raise your kids the way you want to. I know my little sister and I are being raised by two wonderful parents who love us and who wants what’s best for us. Yes I am being raised as a christian but I could choose to believe it or not because they can’t change my opinions. Simply put his daughter did something she shouldnt have and she was punished good fo the father for taking charge. She will think twice before doing it again.

  112. Marla says:

    Hey Dad ou are a great parent! This is the first time I’ve seen a gun used for a great reason. Nothing like a visual reminder for your daughter to stare at. I hope you took her cellphone away,too.

    Final note: After reading some of these comments, I think some of you need your laptops taken away; some of you need grammar and spelling classes; and some of you need both.

  113. Marlie says:

    I think teens are gonna be teens, and they are gonna do things like that. But honestly I think she went a little bit too far? I mean i have seen teens before acting all cool and staying away from their parents. Some of you people out there might think this is okay? But this is sure not ok. To post a nasty comment on facebook, where almost the whole world can see is very very evil. She is what 15? She should get a job, she should buy her own stuff by getting a job, she should ashame of herself, i would be. Posting that to the whole world? And some kids are probably watching this and laughing their butts off but its so not funny, you should NOT treat your parents like this!Even though you clean and dust and sweep and wash, your parents will do anything in the world for you! Just because you do a couple chores dosent mean you should hate your parents! They do enough, they pay bills, they buy groceries, they buy clothes for you, they have a stable home for you, they pay for you to go to school. And just imagine in a couple years you’ll be in college, no cleaning no nothing. And no more parents. I know exactly how you feel Hannah Im on both of your sides. But just think before you post. :)

  114. Brigid says:

    There is a lot of anger and bitterness between these adults and the young woman. I wonder about the divorce. Obviously, dad is remarried and who knows how that happened but it probably wasn’t pleasant for this young woman. I feel sorry her and wish someone would help the family get some counseling. The divorce wound never heals but I don’t think this dad is even aware of it and so what he just did just opened up the wound again. I doubt she will recover on her own. She needs help. He needs compassion. They all need forgiveness.

  115. Floyd says:

    Wow. That $130 should have been spent on therapy.

    By the way, Dad, your parenting style is abuse, which does create trauma for your daughter, which is probably much of the reason why she is the way she is. She needs a real father, not someone to show how tough he is w/ his .45 Ask your wife, if she agrees with this post (if she’s not afraid to tell you the truth as well!).

    If you provided an opportunity for your daughter to share, where she could be honest with you, you wouldn’t have to read about it on Facebook.

    By the way, she will marry an abusive husband, just like her father, unless you can man up and start being a real dad for her.

    1. RE says:

      you know, i agree with this. if she’s spoiled, it’s his fault, he raised her. getting paid for chores teaches you that when you work, you get paid, instead of just giving her stuff, which doesn’t let her brain connect the work to the money to the stuff she wants.

      if my dad had a .45 and liked whipping it around and acting tough, i wouldn’t feel safe talking to him about my feelings, either. just this type of parenting makes her life pretty shitty and, as you said, is a bell weather for her future relationships.

  116. Trisha says:

    First, religion was NEVER mentioned in the video, so I don’t know how all that got started. I’m religious, but seriously, drop it already.

    Second, I stand by what that man did 100%. If I was a teenager and I got into serious trouble for a stunt like that, I would have thought twice. But to do it a SECOND time? It was bad enough when my dad quit talking to me when my dad discovered a nasty note I wrote about him when I was 17, but I would have NEVER written another one. His disappointment in my childish reason behind the note was enough. If she didn’t learn the first time and think about his disappointment before posting all of that stuff, then she deserved it. It’s not too much to ask that when she gets home from school she takes 10-20 minutes doing simple chores, such as unloading the dishwasher, sweeping the floor, making the bed, and cleaning the counters IF NEEDED. He bought her the laptop, made upgrades for her, and provided her with so many other things that she probably didn’t NEED but WANTED, and how does she repay him? I wish my dad would have punished me like that. I would have never done it again and probably would have turned out differently. I’m 28 and sometimes my parents still treat me like I’m 13, which I will admit sometimes I need it. Anyone who thinks he was wrong or a bad parent can have their opinion about it, but that man is my hero for what he did. If she’s going to be disrespectful to him for all he’s done for her, then he had every right to do what he did. What she did hurt him more than she could possibly have realized. And did she seriously complain about not being able to stay up past 10 because she was too tired from being his “slave” all day? If you have to wake up at 5 in the morning, you don’t need to stay up late. He was teaching her how to be responsible by giving her those chores to do. It’s not like he was asking her to clean the entire house, just clean up after herself and one or two very simple chores.

    Yes, every teenager goes on a rant like that, but seriously? To get in trouble a second time for something similar she’d done in the past? He was right to do that to a laptop that HE paid for. Laptops are not a right that every person has to have, they are a luxury that people would LIKE to have. The only thing I would have done differently is beat it with a sledge hammer.

  117. mary says:

    that was soooooooooooooooooooo funny i would have made her read it then shot it up wtg dad hope u stick buy ur word

  118. odjit says:

    holy overreaction, batman! seriously, she’s an angry teenager. he took the note way too personally. if my dad had reacted like that when i was a rebellious teenager i would have just left. cut to 5 years later- we have a great relationship because he wasn’t a jackass like this guy.

  119. Sarah says:

    I’m sorry but I do not believe the punishment fits the crime. I think that this father’s reaction was WAY overboard! Given that he gave this girl the computer he could have just taken it away from her and sold it to get his money back and just deleted her facebook. He did not need to humiliate her by posting a video on her facebook. Humiliating one’s troubled child is not the way to get them to straighten out their life. The best way to deal with a troubled child is through talking to them and listening to them. It is by being compassionate and loving but still allowing them to live in the real world and face reality by not spoiling them with too much free stuff. Anyways facebook is a way for young people to express themselves. It is really not okay for parents to hack into their kids facebooks. It would be like if my parents opened up my journal and read it (and I say that because when I was a kid we had no facebook… but I had a journal that I hid in my room… if my dad had ever found it and read it I would have been pissed!!!!!!) So basically the daughter in this case was just expressing herself and I highly doubt that she actually meant much of what she said in her post. Especially given the overreaction of the father. Most likely she learned the art of drama and overreaction from her father. Perhaps he should look at his own behavior as well and realize his daughter is 15 and that she is just acting like a 15 year old. Just because he had a job and went to college in HS does not me she has to too. She is just a kid and if he treats her as such perhaps she will want to be more responsible.

  120. Dirsh says:

    So ridiculously uncalled for, she was very explicit in her rant but sometimes parents just don’t see how much different times are and how much more stress is on us teens, I don’t know the last time my mother was able to help me with any type of homework. The things we learn now and at the rate we expect to learn is, I’m sure, a lot harder than the way they had it and with technological advances it’s a harder to stay focused I admit but most of us do it, and get no sleep; she sounds like she had a lot of responsibility for only being 15, I don’t believe she was right in ranting on Facebook, but if you feel like your parents don’t care about your feelings or disregard what you say because they have that “because I said so” mentality, who else are you supposed to vent to and express her feelings to? Point is, some parents are way too harsh just because they feel like they did so much “back in their time” but things are different now and I dare you to try to go back to high school and do whatever your child is doing at home and you’ll see how sleep deprived and just angry you are all the time. In her case, she chose sleep over schoolwork but I don’t I do it all and I feel her pain.

  121. Charles Rooke says:

    I have not read previous posts.
    I am a father of four children, 3 girls. None of them were house slaves, we were a family and each one of us ALL did what was necessary around the house because we/they wanted to do it. This guy cannot treat his children with respect, and therefore they cannot learn anything from him, least of all respect. His daughter needs understanding and love from him in the most difficult of her (teenage) years. She will never respect him now, and that is sad. The STUPID MORON seems to have proved his point, but by each bullet has killed everything that his daughter, and I, would wish for for her future happiness. I hope she gets to read this, so if you know her, please pass this on to her.
    As for the moron – LOSER. get used to it, you drive your own away when she needed you most. You didnt READ BETWEEN THE LINES, you idiot.

    1. Joy says:

      actually I heard that him and his daughter were on good terms soon after this and that even she thought some of the outrage was funny (and no I’m not making that up, I really did). I don’t necessarily agree with what the dad did, but that doesn’t mean this one act has to ruin her life and their relationship.

  122. Elaine says:

    Creative discipline? More like this “dad” had a public temper tantrum and then is confused why his child had acted in a similar fashion.

  123. sabi says:

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  124. Jess says:

    Am I the only one who is sitting here thinking this father is a bit insane? He shot his daughter’s laptop (a laptop that she NEEDS for school) and for what? To prove a point? To ease his bruised pride? To hurt her as much as he seems hurt? None of that is a good reason, and an act of violence isn’t going to change her behavior. If this is his reaction to something as ridiculous and childish as a facebook post, can you imagine how he reacts to more serious things? And for all of you saying she was being a brat, I’m calling hypocrite. He never said she didn’t do as she was told, he just said she had no right to complain about it. We have ALL complained about our parents, anyone who says otherwise is lying. This girl just made the mistake of doing it online, as opposed to with her friends in the lunch yard. Teenagers are going to talk back and rebel, it’s a part of their chemical makeup at that age. And anyone who’s had to deal with them knows how infuriating it can be. Still, it seems as if he’s not the type to talk to his daughter, more like scream and demand. Teenagers, whether you lot want to admit to it or not, are human beings with thoughts and feelings of their own. She obviously feels under-appreciated for what she does, while at the same time she doesn’t understand how much her parents do for her. They need to talk, explain their positions. Then maybe they can make changes, like she understands that money doesn’t just magically appear and her doing her chores makes life easier for the whole family and they appreciate her for doing them. I agree she should be grounded for what she did, but I don’t agree with the rest of it. I think he should have locked her computer down for everything but school projects, and then made a real effort to make her understand how her behavior and attitude impacts the family and what he’d like to see change. My grandparents and parents both did this, and it always worked better than what I saw other families do.

    1. Becca says:

      I agree, Jess. The father’s reaction is a poor lesson to teach his daughter. The daughter will respond with the same resentment, anger and frustration as her father taught her here. What a missed opportunity for open discussion and family growth!

      1. Kimberly says:

        I disagree. I am 50, I raised a child (by myself) who would occasionally have fits of moral superiority and feelings of entitlement, just as this girl did. The main phrase being PERIODS OF….. I do not own a gun, or there are several things I may have chosen to shoot. I did, however, throw away a computer, a camera, a game console. The lesson? The same one this father is attempting to teach. Neither his daughter, nor my son, are (were) bad children, just children. And, from the follow ups, I would say he and his family did a bang up job of getting things settled and going back in the right direction.

  125. M says:

    I’m kind on her side here, actually. And I’m 30 and have been independent for a long time. The balance between full-time school and housework is a tricky one and if she is getting good grades then they should appreciate that. Her parents are adults and should have the ability to clean up after their own selves without having their children to do it for them. She should have to do some chores, and perhaps a job, but school comes first before both those things. The load probably -is- too much for her. Perhaps she went too far, but the apple probably doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I’m sorry she has such an insane, immature ass for a father. *Good* parenting would have involved a sit-down discussion about it, followed by some reasonable punishment. She’s too big to be spanked, but this is just ridiculous.

  126. Brad says:

    Public shaming, property destruction and the threatening use of guns is not “creative” in any sense. This is bad parenting that is unlikely to have any positive outcomes. Setting limits, making rules, establishing chores and behavioral standards can all be a part of good parenting as well as having consequences for misbehavior. This father’s macho tantrum will make his daughter fear him and learn to be more secretive but he has missed an opportunity to bring her into the process. I get angry with my daughter too and have taken away privileges for a reasonable amount of time. This father has painted himself into a corner because now his daughter has no possibility of regaining privileges and no incentive to work on her relationship with her father. This is just sad.

  127. Susana says:

    it’s too bad we don’t talk directly to each other. Not sure destruction of property is equitable with a few remarks from an upset teenager who is hormonally challenged and maybe not feeling any unconditional love only being called a lazy ass and what I did when I was your age (yeah, there were jobs then, jackass) Would you treat a neighbor who dogged you this way? Hell, no – so it is bullying and I bet he smokes in the house/car all their life, too. You can tell he comes first & always will. You have to be 16 to get work permit here and your grades have to be decent. Drop out rates are skyrocketing and maybe because some people are willing to drop out to get out of a living situation with men like this and men far worse than this. When we have to get guns out at the house, we are in trouble.

  128. Christa says:

    Honestly, this guy has it right. To all of those people on her complaining about how horrible he is as a father, can just keep their comments to themselves. Obviously you were to spoiled growing up as a kid to be responsible, and let me guess, you all hated your parent’s as well? Pathetic. This dad is awesome. I hope his daughter learned to be more appreciative Of the things she has, and of her hard working parent’s. It’s a shame how kid’s act these days.

  129. lorie says:

    u go dad. Im so proud of you. Yes more parents should. hope you don’t buy her another one. She can go to the library like us older people had too when we couldn’t afford a computer.

  130. Heather says:

    I hate this kind of exhibitionist parenting. Someone who is supposedly trying to dissuade his kid from posting inappropriate things online is inappropriately posting intimate family details online… right, I’m sure she’s learning her lesson. These kind of “parenting stunts” seem to reap personal glory for parents, and I doubt they have the intended affect on the kids. As long as he isn’t harming his kid, I don’t care what kind of punishments he comes up with, but I think its wrong for parents and kids alike to vomit their personal problems all over the internet. What if his kid came up with a “creative way” to display his personal flaws for everyone to see? Would we be applauding her? This kind of thing is disgusting and needs to stop.

  131. Nate says:

    This man comes across as nothing more than a dangerous psychopath. Ground your daughter again for longer, give away her laptop, but don’t shoot it with hollow point rounds…

    First of all I knew this man was bad news the moment I noticed he can’t even be on camera without have a damn cigarette- which btw, if you have kids, you SHOULDN’T SMOKE. It sets a horrible example, and you force your kids to inhale that crap.

    Second the use of violence to “punish” your daughter is not punishment, its intimidation, which is what cowards do. Congratulations, you have just made your daughter fear you, which is not the same as respect. It doesn’t teach her a lesson except that she thinks you’re a psycho.

    Third. WHY DO YOU HAVE HOLLOW POINT ROUNDS???? Hollow points are designed for only one thing: killing, not to mention, you had them in a handgun which we all know is not a “hunting” weapon, this proves that this father is even more of a psychopath. What he was really displaying was: “if you make me mad again, one of the bullets is for you”. People wonder why there are so many shootings in America, its because of crazy people like this who think its ok to use firearms irresponsibly and for “‘punishment”.

    Fourth. The only side of the story you hear from the daughter is that she is not able to keep up with her school work because she is doing too many chores. He said wipe down the counters everyday. What it should really be is WHOEVER MADE THE MESS ON THE COUNTERS WIPES THEM DOWN. Education is number 1, if you want the best for your kids, you make school as easy as possible for them, but now she has to go through school without a laptop, which as we all know in this day and age is near impossible. She will have to use computer labs every time she needs to do any project pretty much, meaning she can never do them at home.

    Anyone who thinks this guy is a good parent, you need severe evaluation of your parenting skills as well. Then only kids who rebel to horrible degree are the ones who weren’t parented well in the first place (i.e. smoking around your children). This girl should take this video as evidence to emancipate herself from her parents. This man should see jail time for 1 count of menacing.

    1. Le Dude says:

      Hear hear for Nate. It’s easy to make your kids fear you. You know, take of your belt. Make them respect you is a bit harder. This guy saw all Die Hard movies and decided that was a great education template.

      Here’s what he had to do: either make her work in the house for pay (for real chores, not dusting the floor, like she could be doing the “cleaning lady”‘s job) until she earned the laptop back, or simply tell her to get out and earn money to buy the laptop back.

      This guy seems bent on painting the (btw unjustified) image that so many have of Americans as gun-toting lunatics in technicolor. If I were his daughter, I would quit that house immediately. What an unimaginative macho numb-skull.

  132. What the heck was that?!?!?!?!?! says:

    OK, seriously, that someone can overreact like that, is just…. OMG
    and maybe hannah had a bad day, and a reason to write that post
    but shooting at a laptop instead of giving it to someone else, or so…. i call that waste of money!!!!!
    i was just shocked!!!!!
    Not well done, i bet she´s hates her dad for the next 20-30 years and will not be there when they need her…..
    again OMG

  133. Sanja says:

    this dad is amazing ! so much hard work, money…all that he invested, gone ! :) he shot the laptop just like that to prove his point ! he must have been really, really hurt and disappointed and mad at his daughter…which, again, is a teenager and puberty IS tough…of course i do agree that it would have been better that he donated the laptop but he wouldn’t have made his point just as good as he did it this way he he :) i’ve seen this video a while ago…am wondering what became of that girl, did she learn anything from it :) way to go, dad, bravo ! :)

  134. janet says:

    i love the way this dad handles this , i also took away my son’s internet priveliges for the second time . and he wont get back on it till he is 18 . will not say for what , but it was realy realy bad what he did and put on fb .
    i am so glad to see there are parrents still taking raising a kid serieusly . there are no refonds in parrenting , you can not allow mistakes to happen over and over again , with the simple hope that a little punishment is enough , that is the way most people raise there kids and i see those kids getting meaner and meaner every day they go further and further with having big mouths and terrible attitudes towards other people and no normal punishment will do , grounding dossent even help anymore , when its over they do it again the minut they are let loose on the world again so this is not an over reaction , this is making shure they get the message to behave normal and pollite . i will never hurt my child fisicaly , and if what this dad did is the only way to get through to them , it has to be this way , like this amazingly great dad did it . internet is fucking up kids all over the world and almost no parrent is seeing it as seriusly as this dad , and myself , and mabey a bunch of other parents with us . we are just trying to save our children from becoming mindless cruel little shits , wich they will be if they are not set straight .
    look at the news at what kids do these days to each other and even straingers , beating them for fun in the middle of a street just to belong to a group or be seen as awsome , or because they see it all the time on tv and internet . internet is like tv , just 1 thing missing , controled inviremend . this is what parrents now need to be , we need to be the controlers of our kids internet invirement . we do not need any more animal abuse ,child abuse , killing people , hate full comments , < could keep carrying on ) this is all wery bad controled on they internet . and only parrents and good willing people can stop it from happening , it starts at home what your child learns about write and wrong , in words and actions . we are the ones who need to teach them firts and foremost . mabey if more parrents did this kind of thing as punnishment , there would be a lot less voilence going around in the youth of these days . like a video i saw this week recorded three years ago of a chinees girl killing a healthy kitten by purpesly stepping on it with stilleto heels on , over and over , till it died . and gess what !!!!!!! ?????? she did it because the club she was hanging out with ,liked watching this kind off stuff on the internet , and thought it was cool to do it for real themselfs , they said it diddent seem wrong because there are enough cats in the wolrd and it diddent matter that a kopple would die . CHILDREN NEED THOSE BOUNDRIES !! or the world will become realy realy creul in the future , here in our town some children saw animal abuse on the internet and , went and did it themselfs too , now our animal farm has two horses without ears !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INTERNET IS BAD FOR CHILDREN IF NOT CONTROLED, BY PARRENTS AND POLICE AND GOVERMENT !!!!

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