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Dad Pre-writes Over 800 Daily Notes for His Daughter Because He’s Not Going to Make It

By Abraham Piper

Garth Callaghan has been diagnosed with cancer three times in the last two years, prostate cancer once and kidney cancer twice. When his doctor understatedly told him he was “high risk,” Garth asked what that meant exactly. His doctor was straightforward with him — “You are going to die of this.”

Statistically speaking, Garth has about an 8% chance of surviving another five years. This means the odds of him seeing his daughter Emma graduate from high school are very low.

Napkin Notes - 08

But he’s not going to let that keep him from being with her through those years…

Since Emma was in second grade, Garth has been writing her little notes for her lunchbox. Whether it’s an encouraging comment or an inspiring quote, Emma always opens her lunch to find her napkin contains a special thought from dad.

And now, since he almost certainly won’t be able continue this tradition with Emma for as long as he’d hoped, Garth has pre-written enough Napkin Notes to get his little girl through high school…

Napkin Notes - 02

Napkin Notes - 01

Napkin Notes - 03

Napkin Notes - 04

Napkin Notes - 05

Napkin Notes - 06

Napkin Notes - 07

See more on Garth’s website and his Facebook page.

We wish Garth the best and we know, whatever happens, his daughter will always know she has an incredible dad who loves her very much.

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