Dad tells kids they need 1,000 Facebook Likes to get a cat, they get 120K

November 15, 2012 | By Abraham | 8 comments

Dan Urbano understands a little bit more about the internet and its intense love for cats after a cute bet he placed with his kids about a week ago.

He told his two children that if they could get 1,000 Likes on their plea for a kitty, then they could go get one. With complete faith in Facebook’s unflagging admiration for all things feline, mom and kids came up with this picture

It currently has over 120,000 Likes, and dad has already followed through on his promise…

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  1. Possum says:

    For 120,000 likes, they should have gotten a Bengal Tiger. (Just kidding, don’t be hatin’ on me LOL) This sweet kitty story made me smile for reals.

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