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Dancers out and about [25 pictures]

Nov 9, 2012 By Abraham

Photographer Jordan Matter created his series “Dancers Among Us” as a reminder to “relish moments large and small, recognize the beauty around you, and be alive!”

Here are a bunch of the pics, but there are even more at his website and in his book.


  1. bbweis says:

    Wow… I really love the surfer “dude” and the gal in the library…and the shoe store pic. And the mom pushing a stroller…and the first one… :O so amazing and beautiful….

    1. Hannah-lyz says:

      They are all fantastic! Though I can’t help but notice the kid on the train getting his own photo! I hope he couldn’t see too much… =p

    2. Allison says:

      It isn’t obvious to everyone that these are all photoshopped? Look at the drink spilling…do you really think the man getting the drink spilled on him wouldn’t react at all?

  2. Michael Andrews says:

    This is something that I, and every other dancer, do for fun…just hoping that a camera is watching! Stretch it out…! (•‿•)

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  4. sunda says:

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  5. Ejaz Khan says:

    Wow, Beautiful Photos and really nice and fantastic dance moment,
    i am very happy having seen this shots, thanks photographers and for share like these photos.

  6. negarin says:

    wonderful…perfect..nice thing is standing all kind of people( color، nationality..)in pics…i love the sense…a role and item of life must be…good job

  7. Pam in Oregon says:

    cool pics – except for the one in front of the oncoming train… that’s just a very stupid thing to do…

  8. Monica says:

    totally enjoyed every photo. so full of joy and brilliance. made me want to get up and try a pose out. <3
    peace. love. dance.

  9. GeenaS says:

    As a dancer I know exactly how hard most of these poses are to do. It’s amazing how Jordan Matter got these people to hold those poses. How she knew to take the picture at the exact moment to make them so beautiful. It captures the exact feeling that she was going for too. I love the natural beauty of the dancers, mixed with the mundane feeling of human life. I wish that I could do half the things that these people are doing, and to have the guts to do this in the middle of everything. How do you think she managed to do this?

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