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Danish sperm bank transports samples by sperm-shaped bike.

Apr 20, 2011 By Abraham

If you’re in Copenhagen, keep your eye out for this curiosity

After explaining that this bike is for environmental friendliness, Peter Bower, CEO of Nordisk Cryobank, admits “We’re always looking for new donors so it’s a fine bonus that the Sperm Cell Bike gets peoples attention.”

I would say so.


  1. crystal says:

    I’m a nurse for kids with cancer.. and we do sperm banking in case the chemo causes some damage to their ability to father children later on. The company hands out pens shaped like sperm at our yearly conference. It took me awhile to figure out what it was.. I thought it was a whale!

    1. Jeg Har Altid Ret says:

      Quite impressive that you managed to become a registered nurse,
      working with kids with cancer, when you thought cartoony sperm was a whale.

      Please, don´t work with kids, kthxbye

    2. Awake says:

      “Crystal”… a “nurse” who pumps poison through children instead of advocating for cannabis, the undisputed cure. The depopulation agenda is supported by the brainwashed minions like her.

  2. tiggy says:

    Deliveries unsuccessful. Reason: has to stop too often cause people want to stroke the bike. xD It looks so fluffy and cute..

    1. Joey says:

      Well, if you are in Denmark, and you get enough people who agree, then go ahead and ban the bike in Denmark that is getting people to donate their sperm to a location that may help people. If you are not in Denmark, well then aren’t you glad you don’t have to see it other than in pictures?

    1. Badsequence says:

      That is so funny. I was showing the pictures to my brother and we were both like this reminds us of the Futurama episode where they all go in Fry’s body and Zoidberg rides a sperm. Wonderful comment made me laugh thank you.

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