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Deadpan 15-year-old stand-up comedian

Mar 17, 2012 By Abraham

He’s also a magician, but it’s the commentary and delivery that makes it worth watching…


(via The Daily What)


  1. Laurie says:

    This 15-year-old shares a similar deadpan delivery of humor as a friend’s son, but when the friend’s son grew up, instead of being a stage performer, he became a social worker. He does social work in Chicago which often requires the same dry humor. It might help in his job if he could do magic tricks.

  2. Andrew Kember says:

    Oh yes, that exceeds the British Appreciation of American Comedy threshold by several points. It’s a cross between an awkward English essay and some kind of meta-self-critique. He takes the audience along for the ride with aplomb.

  3. Liz says:

    This is seriously exactly how Daniel Handler talks. I mean, yeah, it is a little reminiscent of the Sheldon character, but I saw Handler give a talk in Ann Arbor and this is… Listen to a Daniel Handler interview or something, he’s dead pan, it’s great. (Lemony Snicket is the more well known pen name of Daniel Handler.

  4. Harold says:

    This was one of the least funny acts I’ve ever seen.

    We get it. You’re awkwardly unmotivated.

    1. Rainey says:

      Dry humor is an art past down from our forefathers like Monty Python and Steven Wright. Some consider it pretty awesome.

  5. Dvdff says:

    Video or account removed due to copyrights blah blah. This happens everytime. I know its not 22words fault but its pretty annoying

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