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Determining the best word in the English language tournament-style

Jul 17, 2012 By Abraham

A few days ago, Ted McCagg of Questionable Skills began the Brobdingnagian and — of course — completely objective task of deciding the greatest word in our fine language. He’s doing it by letter and has made it through D…

*               *               *

*               *               *

*               *               *

I look forward to seeing how things play out through the rest of the alphabet and then watching the finals when I imagine we’ll see all the #1’s by letter pitted against each other. It’s going to be brutal.

What words are you rooting for?

Update: He posted E between the time I wrote this and posted it.

(via This Isn’t Happiness)


  1. CVS says:

    Discombobulate and cantankerous both should have at least made their finals. The judges are obviously smoking crack.

  2. cunning_stunt says:

    How did apophenia not make the A Bracket and bamboozled not make the B Bracket? Also diaphanous for the D Bracket.

  3. jmd says:

    I’m smirking to myself over the super-mega-authorative tone everyone’s adopting, whilst obviously the whole thing’s ridiculously subjective. :-D

    1. Jen says:

      And I’m smirking because you don’t recognize the smirk in everyone else’s comments. P.S. “cacophony” should be the winner in the C category and it’s *sniffle* not even LISTED.

      1. Winnie says:

        Jen, I was out at a birthday celebration in a restaurant/bar over the weekend and the noise level was deafening. I mentioned to my friends that evening how I thought cacophony was the best word in the english language. Score for you!

  4. Winnie says:

    How did single syllable “crotch” beat “cunnilingus”? Is it because without it cunnilingus wouldn’t exist? Is this a pattern that may possibly lead to the ultimate winner…

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