Did Prince Harry Flash the Devil's Sign When Meeting Melania Trump? | 22 Words

Did Prince Harry Flash the Devil’s Sign When Meeting Melania Trump?

By Abi Travis

In 2014, Prince Harry launched the Invictus Games — an international, paralympic-style multi-sport event where wounded armed services personnel and veterans compete in sports like wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, and wheelchair rugby.

This year, the games were hosted by Toronto. Many American politicians have attended the games in the past, including George W. Bush, and both Barack and Michelle Obama. This year, there's a new president in the White House. While Donald Trump did not attend the games, first lady Melania Trump did. In fact, it was at this year's Invictus Games that Melania and Prince Harry first met.

Everything went pretty normally, but people are starting to wonder whether Prince Harry was trying to share a secret message in the photos that were taken that afternoon...