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Dismal ads morbidly mock Facebook in a plea for volunteer help [3 pictures]

Jun 24, 2013 By Abraham

Earlier this year, we saw UNICEF make the point (that we all know, but that it’s good to be reminded of) that Likes on Facebook don’t do anything to solve real problems in the world.

Now, in the same vein but even more uncomfortably and guilt-inducingly, Crisis Relief Singapore has an ad campaign encouraging viewers to “Be a volunteer. Change a Life” rather than just hanging out online clicking buttons. The images feature crowds of not only ineffective but utterly incongruous thumbs-ups Photoshopped into actual press photos of terrible pain…

Liking Isn't Helping - 01

Liking Isn't Helping - 02

Liking Isn't Helping - 03

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  1. bridgecross says:

    Yes, powerful, but the text (Liking isn’t helping) should be clearer. The images aren’t subtle, why should the words be all artsy? Somebody glancing at this ad won’t get it.

    1. Paula says:

      Most people on the internet would after a while, although some might wonder why all those people approve of the misery going on!

    1. Peter says:

      It is not criticizing free information distribution. It criticizes people who feel good with themselves by liking that sort of photos instead of helping with donations, volunteering and so on. Liking is a bit like praying in that respect. Shows people care, but doesn’t really do much for producing tangible results. Except, of course, when people’s attention is caught by others sharing such stories and who then help out. But liking without helping is useless.

      1. Beat Attitude says:

        It’s “a bit like praying”, unless you’re praying to a God who exists and is willing and able to answer your prayers.

        It IS a bit like praying to God to take care of something for you which he has already given you the power and the means to deal with yourself.

        But suffering and trauma are not things which we can deal with, even if we volunteer. We can help, but we cannot fix the root issue.

        Sometimes a “like” is simply an acknowledgement that this should not be. If it does not result in action or change in us, though, then we are cold indeed. The “like” isn’t the problem, the inaction is.

        1. Paula says:

          Yes. What am I supposed to do, go to Africa with food and medicine? I have no job so I can’t donate money.

          1. Joey E says:

            Or volunteer locally. Apparently you have some free time. An hour a week (especially if working with at-risk youth) will have a HUGE impact.

      2. John says:

        I think I understand. The ads aren’t criticizing “liking”; they are in effect saying “now that you’ve raised awareness, what are you going to do to ?” However, raising awareness isn’t nothing.

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