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Disturbing images from inside cars destroyed in accidents [20 pictures]

May 4, 2013 By Abraham

There is an unfortunately fitting lifeless silence to the imagery in Nicolai Howalt’s series “Car Crash Studies,”

(via It’s Nice That)


  1. Melissa Slater says:

    These aren’t crap. The inside of the car my son lived through was 10 times worse than any of these.

    1. Charles Watson says:

      Melissa, you are fortunate enough to have your son alive after the accident. Although his car might have been in rougher shape, I’m going to go out on a limb and say his body was potentially in much better shape than some of these drivers.

    2. Sue T. says:

      Was your son wearing his seat belt? I see a lot of windshields that look like someone’s head smacked into them.

    3. B says:

      I don’t think that anyone was trying to make a competition out of this. I’m not sure why you almost sound offended. Just be grateful your son survived, yes?

    4. Metropony says:

      I think what Melissa meant to say was, “Wow, these situations are horrific. My son was fortunate enough to survive an accident that with even more substantial damage to his car.”

  2. willow_kidd says:

    The 10th picture down, is that hair hanging off the windshield? Someone was not wearing a seat-belt. What amazed me from all of these was the lack of blood.

  3. doc says:

    Most car crashes cause blunt injury and insane blood loss onto dashboards is not common…but I too was surprised by lack of gore…photoshopped out?

  4. jop says:

    cars are so dangerous. people are too complacent with them. i wonder if being more open with images like these can help.

    1. B says:

      Unfortunately I think that’s rather doubtful. When cigarette companies started putting pictures on the packaging that show the effects of smoking, it seemed to do little to deter people. If anything, people just got offended that it was “too graphic” instead of heeding the warning. I suspect it would be much the same with car wreck photos.

      1. Bob says:

        Jim… Because we all know *every* car and road in Europe uses right hand drive.

        I always wonder why people open their mouth when they don’t know what their talking about. The good majority of Europe is left hand because let’s remember that Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom do not equal all of Europe. Those are the only four countries in Europe that continue to have right hand drive.

        Corban’s statement on the other hand is based on intelligent thinking and/or proper research; Europe indeed does have a high rate of manual transmissions compared to other developed countries with cars such as the ones pictured.

  5. Helenann says:

    I would venture to guess some photoshopping, as the second picture from the bottom has what I believe to be the engine where the driver would have been.
    Craziest thing about my worst accident was the airbag dust. I didn’t know they are packed in talc and when we hit, I opened my eyes to a bunch of (what looked like) sparkly fairy dust! I thought, “I must be dead…”

  6. Rakesh Verma says:

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    1. Lorenzo Poe says:

      FF, you would be surprised at how often people are knocked out of their shoes in a real hard crash.

  7. Lauren says:

    Are these pictures kind of old, or are the cars old? I was surprised how many didn’t have airbags coming out of the steering wheel/passenger dash.

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