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Dog owners wearing clothes made with the fur of their dogs

Jan 11, 2013 By Abraham

From a series called “Dogwool” by photographer Erwan Fichou

(via Lost at E Minor)


    1. Gillian says:

      The fibre is cleaned before spinning and knitting, so it’s not going to smell bad when it gets wet, any more than a wool sweater does :)

  1. john says:

    many of those picture were leonburgers which are an offshoot from great pyres which have been used for centuries for just that purpose. The hair is nice and long, hollow, traps heat and provides insulation and is wonderful stuff.

  2. Sandra 'Beth' Nelson says:

    As a spinner and a knitter, I can tell you:
    Dog hair is warm and comfortable, soft and light to wear, wonderful to spin and a joy to knit.
    Even washed, wet dog hair still smells like wet dog, just like wet wool still smells like wet sheep.
    I would wear my cat’s spun hair if it wasn’t so fine that I can’t spin it (not good enough at it, and the hair is as fine as thistle down).
    @qwerty – the style of the clothing is the choice of the knitter or the wearer, though if you are going to spin and knit with your pet’s fur, you want to make something that will be warm, to wear on nice but cold days.
    @Tristan – why does this ‘creep you out’? The garments are made from fur the owners are wearing already, anyway, just living with the animal (because they shed / must be brushed)! In fact, that was the reason one woman gave me for knitting her Newfoundlander’s fur. She was wearing it anyway, might as well be stylish!

  3. Alana says:

    And we’ve been doing it with rabbits for years. You’ve probably heard of “angora” wool… that’s not a breed of sheep. That’s a rabbit. They look like this:
    And they spin like this:

    People who own angoras MUST help them shed their ENTIRE coats several times a year. It’s necessary for their health. So a lot of them just take that fur and spin it.

    Angora wool is a very high end, expensive material. And it’s produced as seen in that video. Presumably these dog owners did the exact same thing.

    So. Uncommon? Yes. Weird/unusual/gross/creepy? No. People pay several hundred dollars to wear clothing made exactly the same way from rabbit fur. Come to think of it, the only difference for regular wool is that sheep don’t shed the way dogs and rabbits do, so their wool needs to be cut off.

    And have you noticed that almost all breeds of sheepdog are really wooly and fluffy?

    They were bred that way so that they could go through the chute with their sheep, be shorn right alongside them, and their fur could just be carded and spun right along with the sheep’s wool.

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