Donald Trump Thinks Climate Change Is a Myth Because It's Cold Outside Right Now | 22 Words

Donald Trump Thinks Climate Change Is a Myth Because It’s Cold Outside Right Now

By Robin Zlotnick

For the last year, at least, Donald Trump has solidified his position as America's least favorite racist, ignorant uncle. But his latest tweet about climate change seals the deal like nothing else before it.

On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump decided to comment on the cold temperatures that are currently hitting much of the United States. Cities on the East Coast and in the Midwest are experiencing single-digit or even negative-degree temperatures. They're being pounded with snow. It's all in all...not normal.

Trump used the freezing temperatures in an attempt to discredit global warming – or more accurately, global climate change — like a child. That's right, folks. He pulled out the old "If global warming exists, why is it so cold?" nonsense. Obviously, the Internet piled on immediately. They weren't going to let this buffoon, our president, get away with such ignorance.


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