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Elaborately costumed cosplayers out of context, in their own homes [20 pictures]

Nov 6, 2013 By Abraham

We’ve all seen pictures online of folks dressed up as characters from their favorite book or movie. Often these photos are snapped at conventions where everyone can hang out with other fans of the same comic books, science fiction, or fantasy.

But what you don’t usually see (if ever) is one of these cosplay enthusiasts, in the context of where the person behind the costume actually lives. But that is where photographer Klaus Pichler brings us in his series “Just the Two of Us.”

Cosplayers at Home - 18

Cosplayers at Home - 01

Cosplayers at Home - 02

Cosplayers at Home - 03

Cosplayers at Home - 04

Cosplayers at Home - 05

Cosplayers at Home - 06

Cosplayers at Home - 07

Cosplayers at Home - 08

Cosplayers at Home - 09

Cosplayers at Home - 10

Cosplayers at Home - 11

Cosplayers at Home - 12

Cosplayers at Home - 13

Cosplayers at Home - 14

Cosplayers at Home - 15

Cosplayers at Home - 16

Cosplayers at Home - 17

Cosplayers at Home - 19

Cosplayers at Home - 20

(via Colossal)


    1. Lauren says:

      Indeed. It makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. The cost of professional-looking cosplay is…not for the faint of heart.

        1. viv says:

          duh!!!!..it says right at the top that the photographer set it up in the homes of these people on purpose…so ya moron….your just stating the obvious

    1. mr rudeforth says:

      well of course they are staged unless the other person in the room tripped and accidentally took a photograph as they stumbled to the floor

  1. other dude says:

    No dude, he means the “their own homes” part is staged
    No one’s home looks like that, it’s bull

      1. female dude says:

        As a photographer, I’d say of course he cleaned up their environments!

        When I go to offices to take corporate shots of big bosses at their desks, I don’t just leave their crap all over the place. They get to keep some carefully placed stationary or papers in faux disarray to be like, “look at all the work I’m doing”, but I’d never just shoot the room as it is.

        So having said that, I have no doubt these are the subject’s homes, but they’ve been dressed up for the camera, just like the people have themselves.


    1. Gonzo says:

      Most of us are not. Some of the ones I’ve seen probably would be if they didn’t spend all their money on costumes, though. The one sewing looks like it’s either legitimately her own home, or someone was very careful to add details to make it look authentic. The Jaken from Inuyasha sitting in the empty child’s room with pristine furniture and walls, though, makes it clear that staging occurred, and several of the others are very clearly set up to showroom standards rather than living standards. It is possible that three or four are legitimate, but it is more likely that they’re all staged, and someone just took extra care with the sewing scene to lend an air of credibility to the set.

      1. McMurphy & Son says:

        Yeah, the Knight and the sewing scene are the only ones that feel authentic. The rest are too pristine, too posh, too white washed to feel authentic. Of course we’re talking about people dressed up as angels, demons, and Hentai characters, so maybe authenticity isn’t the best measure of this shoot. Cool idea regardless.

  2. Richard Dalby says:

    “For this photo series I visited owners of elaborate costumes in their own homes”

    So erm… That answers that question.

    1. Gonzo says:

      Considering the ironing one is taken in part of the photographer’s own studio, shown in other pictures in his gallery…yeah, moving on. Also, don’t click on his Idylis image set at work.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I’ve never understood the “it’s staged so I can’t appreciate attitude”.

    What art isn’t “staged”? What beautiful building unplanned? What sculpture the accident of a hammer?

    Get over yourselves.

  4. Gavin says:

    Why shouldn’t they have nice houses? What you’re really saying is, “they have nicer homes than i do, so i’m gonna say it’s faked”. Sounds like jealousy to me. Who says that cosplayers have to be basement living teenagers? Cosplayers span all age ranges and all walks of life. Also, a couple of them look more like historical re-enactors rather than cosplayers, authentic historical clothing costs a lot of money. Here in the UK for example, a properly made suit of armour, made-to-measure for the wearer, by a good armourer, is gonna cost anywhere from £6000-£9000. That’s a serious investment.

  5. ron angel says:

    Would be fun to see what happened if they answered the door dressed like that to the mail man or pizza delivery guy, or religious group caller. Who would probably still try to convert them, or be first member of group to do four minute mile. (grin)

  6. miat says:

    They all seem so lonely. There is the sense that no matter how much fame or fortune, does it really matter if there is no one close to share with? There is the one shot with the animal which adds an extra level of companionship (a bunny and a dog trying to figure out how to have a conversation), and the bear looking into the mirror smiling as if to say, “hey, a friend!”. There is the photo of the group of four sitting together wanting connection perhaps but with no eyes and no mouth and without touching, it can not happen. Ultimately, this reminds me to cherish my friendships and to remember that there is no true joy without love and connection, and balance. Thank you for this.

  7. Ellen says:

    I honestly don’t see why people don’t believe these are their own houses. European people have houses like that; when I was in the Netherlands a LOT of people had houses like the ones portrayed on the pictures. They’re not uncommon if those cosplayers are from Europe.

  8. Patch says:

    Staging the scene is a given – cleaning up – possibly relocating furniture, etc. But ever consider that some of these cos-players still live at home with their parents who might be well off? Consider perhaps that green rug might show up because mom and child are both into cosplay? Way to make ignorant blanket statements!

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