Elephant pushes a car off the road rather than allowing it to pass

October 18, 2011 | By Abraham | 64 comments

(via Reddit)

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        1. Hans says:

          We understand ( over here in Amsterdam cause) If you date american women or girls it can be hard to tell the difference

    1. Zanesville says:

      …This elephant is in his natural habitat, dumbass. He had every right to push the impatient car off the road. Central Ohio is a bit different–the cops had every right to shoot non-native animals endangering the public

          1. Josh says:

            Karinka…that wasnt the point. “He’s coming right towards us” was a quote from South Park. Why dont you live a little. It was just a joke that you obviously didnt understand. Therefore, no sense of humor seeing as how you thought he was serious

          2. Moop says:

            Let me explain without being an asshole. In the South Park episode the phrase is used as a form of satire poking fun at hunters.

  1. Hello Peter says:

    Hey cool, that’s the game reserve 5 minutes from my neighbourhood here in South Africa. I think. I can sorta tell by the mountain.

    1. jack says:

      No I think it’s actually just down the road from my local convenience store in New Zealand. I can tell by the bush in the second photo

          1. Hello Peter says:

            Lol, you guys are a hoot, except, I’m right, because those number plates belong to my province (county, state, whatever you guys call it).

    1. VWh8tr says:

      Clair do you drive a VW by any chance?
      Of course the Elephant has the right of way. He can crush and kill you like a bug.
      Easy rule to remember for dumbass VW owners. If it out weighs you, it has the right of way, and even if it doesn’t; you may die trying to be right.

  2. Me says:

    I wonder if the driver noticed this was a bull elephant in Must and should never have attempted to encroach upon him.

  3. VWh8tr says:

    For years I have noticed just how stupid and self involved Volkswagon owners are. They seem to appeal to a bunch of dumbasses: These pics are just more evidence.
    What kind of dumbass tries to pass an elephant?

  4. J. Anthony Carter says:

    Nah, you guys got it all wrong! This was taken here in Omaha, Nebraska. I can tell because when they shoot Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom” it has a certain panache. You DO know all those episodes were shot right here in the heart of America, don’t you? Rotfhmgilmfnao!!!

  5. Stephen says:

    Ive been here! South Africa in 2005. The car in front of us scared a bull elephant that was walking down the road and it turned and charged us instead of him. I got great pics of him charging us and stopping at 10 feet before he continued on his way.

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