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Ellen interviews 3-year-old liar to see if he’s learned not to lie yet. He hasn’t…

Feb 14, 2013 By Abraham

A few days ago, adorable 3-year-old John’s obviously false claim to have not eaten any sprinkles went viral. His video was cute enough and popular enough to earn him a visit to Ellen. She interviewed him to see if he’s become more honest and then gave him a couple amusingly appropriate gifts…

(via Gawker)


    1. Irena M says:

      He is NOT a liar! He is the toddler! And believe me, no judge in the world would call a toddler to testify in the court.
      I’m glad Ellen had him on the show. You probably noticed that he answers the questions very quickly. He has no care in the world what the question is, and he answers as he pleases at the moment.
      He has no concept of “misleading”. You want to behave like him – fine, but you are probably a mature person. I guess.

    2. B says:

      Agreed. Gee, what a great influence for other kids…get caught lying, then the video goes viral, then everyone will think you’re cute, then you get famous – famous enough to be on Ellen! When I was little and got caught lying, I was taught that it’s wrong to lie. My mother didn’t post a video online and get 15-minute-famous off of it. This world is going to hell in a hand basket. Also, calm down Irena, no need to insult bark of wonder over it. You threw the first stone, so I wonder who’s mature and who’s not?

      1. Lauren says:

        Hate to break it to you, but the person who asks “Who’s mature and who’s not?” doesn’t usually get the answer they want.

  1. Joyce Hawkinson says:

    His default answer to a “yes or no” questions is “yeah.” Well, except when being asked if he ate the sprinkles! I love the breathless answer when asked if he thinks Ellen is the most beautiful woman in the world…and then he blew her a kiss!

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