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Embarrassingly Awesome Dad Is the Only One Dancing at a Music Festival

Aug 21, 2012 By Abraham

Clearly from the kid’s non-reaction, this isn’t strange. Dad’s happy as he wants to be and his son is cool with that. Good for them…


  1. Jenn says:

    I think i would have been more embarrassed by the black socks and fanny pack than the fact that my dad was dancing.

  2. Charnell says:

    This is exactly how my dad was when I went to Detroit Electronic Music Festival here in Detroit (duh! lol). We had such a blast together!

  3. Djura says:

    I’m guessing this is not a genuine “awkward dad” look, because he doesn’t look that old. Looks more like the outfit was meant ironically, not that there’s something wrong with that. Or maybe I’m wrong, it’s hard to see.

    1. Is this your homework Larry says:

      I agree, I think this is an ironic dad look. But he nailed it, because that’s what dads looked like in the 80s.

  4. John Vogel says:

    I guess I must be an awkward dad, cause I don’t see anything embarrassing or awkward about this… just a dad having a good time and getting his groove on. Hmmm… could be me (but it’s not).

  5. rachel says:

    The sad thing is someone thought it was ridiculous enough to post.. clearly they’re just having fun (one more than the other! lol).

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