Enthusiastic kid wins over the entire internet with a video celebrating his 1st “like” on YouTube

By Joey


Jackson was just a kid with a brand new YouTube channel when he posted his first video last week. In that initial video, he said,

“If we could get a like on this video, it’ll [let me] know that people are watching me! Even a subscriber would make me feel so happy, ’cause I know that there are a lot of YouTube channels out there that just blow. They, like, never made it.”

Jackson’s video finally managed to get 1 like, and yesterday he posted an endearing 4.5-minute video titled “what Da (Bleep) happend,” in which he bounced off the walls with contagious enthusiasm and dreams for where his brand new YouTube channel could go from there…

Jackson likely would have remained in internet obscurity without a redditor who posted the video this morning with a simple title:

Incredibly enthusiastic, weird kid makes a video celebrating getting 1 YouTube like. Would be funny to get him a few subs and see his reaction.

Sure enough, people quickly flocked to his YouTube channel. Jackson’s first video is at over 8,000 likes and 35,000 views, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. His second video expressing his surprise at getting that 1st like has over 470,000 views and 72,000 likes. His fledgling channel has quickly amassed over 32,000 subscribers and is growing by the minute, with excited fans lending their support…


Jackson continues to add more videos, has over 14,000 Twitter followers, and his own subreddit. Brace yourself for new memes featuring this irresistible kid.