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Epic revenge on office food stealers

Nov 2, 2011 By Abraham

(via Daily Dawdle)


    1. Juanny says:

      Yeah, it probably wasn’t wise to put up that note. This person should’ve just sat back and silently enjoyed watching people get walked out of the office. Now, if only I could find some bud…

      1. Vixxx says:

        Yeah that note was not a good idea.. So I’m calling BS on this… I don’t think they actually did it or put the note…

        1. Sigma says:

          Eh, I value comedy enough to a point where i probably would do this if i could ever get ahold of enough Pot to Dope my co-workers…..and enough peace of mind to resist smoking ALL of it…

        1. D-R4881T says:

          The note says nothing about what gender this person is. It could very well be a married gay man with an adopted daughter… the real point is… Who cares? Either you think its funny or you don’t, let’s not have a legal debate over it haha. Your powers of assumption may lead others to believe you’re a bigot anyways. :)

          1. dafyd says:

            it’s a women and she also put her name on the brownie tin and I’d imagine everyone knows who she is as many people would in a work place. It’s neither funny or not, just STOOPID.

    2. redjujube says:

      She didn’t put her name on the note so if she was careful to not leave fingerprints on it there is nothing to tie her to the note.

      If there wasn’t enough weed in the brownies to produce a buzz then it wouldn’t be detected in a drug screen.

      Being caught in the drug screen doesn’t prove quilt of stealing the brownies because the person might smoke weed but not steal brownies.

      1. youreanidiot says:

        They aren’t trying to prove that the person was stealing brownies idiot…they want them to get busted for drugs to get revenge.

        1. noYOUREanidiot says:

          What redjujube is saying, you idiot, is that by inciting a drug test, the brownie doper will likely get many people fired, none of whom were the ones stealing the brownies, due to the extremely low pot content.

          I say again, idiot. You…are an idiot.

        2. Wowyouredumb says:

          I’m betting the brownies weren’t laced with anything and the note was a joke to scare the brownie thief into confessing. Duh?

          1. CaptainObvious says:

            Yea. I don’t think any smart person would actually lace their brownies with pot and bring them in to work. Especially if they were made by their daughter. It’s just to scare them. And wow is everyone overthinking and making themselves look like huge idiots.

      2. liton says:

        even if her name wasn’t on the note, it would be pretty obvious who it is anyway since they specifically point out having their name marked on the tub, so yea that would probably tie her to the note

      3. mermaldad says:

        Nothing to tie her to the note? Really? She has a husband and a 9 yo daughter. She left previous notes. I bet she complained to some of her co-workers about people stealing her brownies. There may be witnesses to her bringing the brownies in or placing the notes. The wording of the note provides lots of clue to her writing style. Oh, there’s plenty to tie her to a note, and ever since I got fired, I’ve had plenty of time to follow every lead…

        1. Tim says:

          If all of these comments and contradictions that are being made on this page were all in the head of one person, that person would be one bad ass lawyer. He/she would always be able to find a loophole…nah mean?

          1. Brooke says:

            Maybe you are onto something-a legal team instead of just one lawyer. More people analyzing it could make a better case.

        1. mmmbrownies says:

          Well there is a cut off limit for marijuana and I believe it is 50 micrograms there are about 300mcgs in a joint so if was less than that you theoretically would still pass the drug test even with a small amount of marijuana in your system. It’s not illegal to be around marijuana smoke. Also poppy seeds no longer cause a positive test for opiates since they spiked the limit for those too because of all the false positives.

          1. dudelearnaboutweed says:

            Wow I can’t believe someone would think sprinkling marijuana on a brownie would show up on a test. You know why it’s smoked or baked? You have to activate the chemicals for the THC to bond to your fat. So, assuming someone did sprinkle weed on brownies, it would have to be vape poo or otherwise already heated pot or it’s not gonna show up.

    3. Why... says:

      So if her coworkers were drug screened and found to have had pot in their system, wouldn’t they be fired? Meaning that this note she wrote is completely pointless because they’re gone already.

      1. umm... says:

        the note says “random drug screen YESTERDAY”… I have never heard of any type of drug test having results for the entire office within 24 hours, just saying. It sometimes takes a few days, even a week to get results back let alone firing any person that would fail (if that is the course of action the company would take).

        I think the main problem with all of these comments is the majority of those commenting don’t take the time to read and comprehend everything that is being said. Whether it’s a fake or someone really did that, it’s funny… that’s it, just funny. If i see a bank robber shoot himself in the foot while he is getting away with the money, i don’t criticize him for doing something illegal, i just point and laugh.

          1. Brooke says:

            There are, but my guess is they are too busy laughing and moving on to other funny posts to worry about commenting.

        1. duh says:

          Who said anything about getting the results back in a day? Way to contradict yourself, Mr. “they dont take time to read”. You fail.


          1. fail says:

            well actually,the person in which he was replying to had assumed the employees would have been fired before being able to read the note. The fact they said this, makes ‘umm’s point still valid.

            You sir, are the one who fails.


      1. also duh says:

        She never stated she made the brownies with her daughter. Only spiking them. Way to read, moron.


        (you fools make this too easy)

    4. joemama says:

      all im saying is if someone was smart enough they would have taken this note to whoever is in charge and they would openly have to dropout the results of the drugscreen and not charge anyone with the results because of the fact that the bored could get intruble for firering someone who could have be potentionaly druged, so by writing the not u are just completly wasting ur time and the time of others and why the hell would they not have a camera anyways lol. so truthfully noone got fired ecept posibly the person who wrote to no so checkmate on noone and everyone at the same time:P lol

      1. mmmbrownies says:

        no people stole the brownies made by the 9 year old so she made a *special* batch for her thieving coworkers.

    5. Clay says:

      Well…there isn’t exactly a name on the note, and there’s no way for the employees to say “Well we were stealing brownies from *blank*.” All the doper would need to do is say, “I have no idea what you are talking about, do you have proof I was bringing in marijuana? Im not the one with THC in my pee”

  1. Poop says:

    That’s illegal… I am pretty sure that is the same as the student that doped their teacher (principal maybe) a while back.

    1. derp says:

      well the students didn’t tell the teacher that the brownies had weed in them. so he ate them…

      but this person STOLE brownies. it’s like finding ecstasy on the ground and eating it thinking it’s candy. it would be my fault wouldn’t it?

        1. Court says:

          If they didn’t take them without asking and stopped stealing other peoples food .. they wouldn’t have been doped.

          1. constantjoy says:

            there has to be a hierarchy of sins here, while i will admit it is wrong to take someones food from the fridge, doping someone with the specific intent of getting them fired has to trump that.

  2. Jacob Haynes says:

    Three scenarios:

    1) He actually did said stunt and left the note – in which case he is probably in jail or at least as fired as the brownie thief.

    2) He actually did said stunt but just made the note for the interwebs.

    3) He didn’t actually do it but just left the note after an actual random drug test to freak out the person.

    My guess is #3.

    1. Cheshire says:

      I’m not sharing a damn thing with thieves. If they can’t so much as ask for a brownie, and instead resort to stealing from others they don’t deserve squat. And I’ll eat that whole tub of brownies, right in front of them, just to reinforce my point. The stomach ache would be well justified..

  3. mike says:

    You know, if this person had weed around the house, they probably smoked it before work, made pot brownies, ate some on the way to work, and in a fit of paranoia, forgot they had the munchies and blamed other co-workers. Ah potheads, we love you :) I’m positive this person was the only one that dropped dirty lol! With a confession letter to boot!

  4. SaNdMaN says:

    Epic FAIL! For putting the letter advising your co-workers on how you just did something illegal, not to mention the financial cost to the company, just so that you could get revenge for some brownies? I like the humor, but I were your boss, you would be in the unemployment line by now.

    Still like the humor in it. Cheers.

    1. redjujube says:

      The only epic FAIL here is you. There is nothing in the note to tie her to the brownies and if she was careful to not leave fingerprints then she’s scott free. Yah, yah, yah… her name was on the tub of brownies but nobody but the thief knows what was in the tub so again, no link to her. Finally, whatever traces of weed they find in her co-workers can’t be proven to come from her, they might have smoked a joint on their own.

      1. Seriously says:

        Seriously? All you’d have to do is get two or three people to testify that “Yes, we saw a tupperware of brownies with X’s name on it. Yes, it was the same name every week.”

        1. Linette says:

          Well she could say that her husband made them as a joke and its not her fault that other people ate them, she could have just put them there at work so they weren’t in her cubicle while at work. Plus, again, its not her fault someone ate them, its their own.

      2. nice try says:

        redjujube, you keep saying this to everyone but it’s actually not true. The note actually does have personal information on it and it would be beyond easy to trace it back to her. In addition to saying there was a tub of brownies with her name on it, she also admits to being married with a 9 year old daughter. That’s not going to fit everyone’s description in a typical office. Maybe there’s a couple women in the office who are married with a daughter, but how many would have a labeled tub of brownies in the fridge at the same time?

  5. Amanda says:


    Why is it a he? … the husband and daughter made the brownies…

    Anyway. It was funny and probably fake but got a chuckle out of me.

  6. The Massiah says:

    If that were true then everyone who failed a drugs test could now sue your ass off, all have their jobs reinstated (even if they were not responsible for stealing brownies and serious drug users) and you (the writer of note) would probably face criminal charges…so nice quirky note, but you would have to be seriously retarded to think this would be a clever idea.

    1. the jews says:

      you could crush up your prescribed xanax and put them in brownies if that’s the way you want to eat your pills but giving them to someone and not telling them IS illegal.

      the person shouldn’t have been eating the brownies in the first place.

    2. redjujube says:

      You’ve got to be seriously retarded to believe there is any way to prove who printed the note. There probably isn’t fingerprints on it so it could have come from anyone. Lawsuit?…. ya can’t sue someone if you don’t have a name. Any drugs they find in any co-worker can’t be linked to her either because those people could have smoked it on their own.

      1. constantjoy says:

        except the note says that the person who’s brownies were being stolen had them in a container clearly marked with their name. so if it is indeed true then everyone would know who wrote the note and drugged the brownies. It makes no sense to do that, which is why this is probably faked.

        1. laroskpad says:

          Maybe she didn’t write the note. What evidence is there that someone didn’t write this PRETENDING to be her?????

    1. zachl says:

      seriously, if i have brownies more than likely no one knows it except my wife (who made them) and me. if they even make it that far from the oven to the door.

  7. jason says:

    the person leaving the note didn’t “make” the thief take the brownies therefore the maker of said brownies no matter how tainted or not didn’t make anyone eat said brownies either (no crime there). Getting someone fired over baked goods has to be up there in the top ten badassiest moments of life.

    Dont steal other peoples food.

  8. alyssa johnson says:

    You can’t be sued for drugging your co-workers when they steal your food. That’s like a homeless person suing a restaurant because they had an allergic reaction to the food they stole.

    1. Robert says:

      You know… I’ve seen a case where a man was trying to rob someone’s house, was prowling on their roof-top, fell through a window on the roof, landed on a bunch of kitchen knives, and sued the people that owned the house he tried to rob….

      And he won….

          1. kurt says:

            Whether or not it happened it is trying to point out that when you are on someones property whether or not you are trespassing or committing a crime, they are responsible for their welfare. because if it could injure a criminal it can injure someone else.

          2. charley says:

            this suit wasn’t settled, but in atlanta the family of a drug informant killed by police sued the city for LOSS OF WAGES FROM INFO MONEY! truth

          3. Interesting says:

            The lawsuit Robert is talking about was taken out of context. THe original lawsuit was the case of Bodine v. Enterprise High School. During Bodines robbery of a floodlight off the roof of the schools gymnasium he fell through the painted over skylight. Because of the injuries he sustained he became a spastic quadriplegic. Sued for $8 Mill. got $260,000 plus 1200 a month for the rest of his life. In other words, a burglar fell through a skylight, and blamed the skylight’s owners for his injuries; because the law permits such suits, and because the law does not compensate defendants for successful defenses, Bodine had the ability to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayers for injuries suffered in the course of his own criminal behavior.

  9. tom harriss says:

    well no you can because the note obviously implies she drugged the brownies with the intent that they would be consumed by her co-workers. secondly she has admitted to possession of marijuana , which she has bought to work. Thirdly even if this were California and these were medicinal brownies or some lark my first point still stands that even if it were legal for her to consume and possess them it surely would be shakey ground for her to prepare them with a veiw to doping her peers.

    1. Penny Lane says:

      So, if my bike is stolen by someone breaking the lock does that mean I intended it to be stolen by the mere act of locking it up?

      People who steal food at work are lowly scumwads.

  10. aaron says:

    too everyone that said this illegal.. she could be living in a green state where it’s legal to purchase marijuana?

    1. Jaclyn says:

      There are about 13 (i think) states that allow the sale of pot for medical reasons only. There is no state where its legal for recreational use. And even in those states where it is legal, it is still illegal on the national level. So although the state cant arrest anyone for pot ownership in the legal states, the federal government can still have you arrested if they wanted to. And if you have a licence for medical marijuana, its illegal to give it to someone who doesnt have a licence for it.

      In the states where its illegal, possession is a crime. She could be getting herself in trouble for merely having the pot to put in brownies.

      Also, you can have enough pot in your system to show up in a drug test but not get you high. Its all about tolerance level. Saying that its impossible for it to show up and not be high is ignorant. Poppy seeds will make opium show up in a drug test. Do you get a buzz from that?

      She didnt give pot brownies to her co workers, they stole them for her. Theres nothing wrong with her informing them of what they were really eating. Plus, the note says the drug test was yesterday, meaning that there wasnt enough time for anyone to get fired yet. They couldve seen the note (maybe they wanted more brownies)

      Thats all assuming this note is real. Either way, pretty drastic move for stealing brownies.

  11. Londyn says:

    …Really? I’m all for not having people steal your brownies, but to put pot in them and get your co-workers FIRED? I hope this is a bluff, if not, it seems like a childish action for something small.

    1. zachl says:

      that does sound like a good idea…brownies in a tube. it would have to be a heated up in the microwave though, so that may not work…never mind.

  12. Alberta says:

    She should have just laced the brownies with chocolate-flavored Ex-lax.
    Culprit would have been found out fairly soon methinks.

    1. SchachTrooper says:

      I knew a nurse who did that with her brownies to bait a serial fridge raider. Culprit was a big fat guy too.

    2. Kendra says:

      haha, my friend put laxatives in a co-workers drink because the girl would steal her lunch, she then took all the toilet paper out of the bathroom.

  13. common sense says:

    even if she did sprinkle the brownies with weed, it would just be brownies with weed on it. the thc has to be actually baked into the brownie to release any kind of thc in the body

  14. Morgan says:

    There are a lot of assumptions here. How do you know that the brownies were spiked? More than likely the note was posted to scare people, as it should have. PS: It’s funny. It’s a joke. Get a sense of humor.

    1. Kamil says:

      I dont know why people are taking this to the next level. I laughed when i first read this, knowing that thats a good way to prevent people from stealing your brownies in the future.

      Also, why cant people read? we have idiots thinking that the weed was “sprinkled” instead of spiked.

  15. ben says:

    what about all the other coworkers who did not steal her brownies but do recreational drugs on their own time? they are all out of jobs as well thanks to this psycho lady

    1. Emiliano says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I know where I work I wouldn’t be the only one to lose my job if something like that happened (luckily there are no chances of that ever happening here). Also, more than one positive result and she will never know who it was (she will know they’ve been fired though).

      An interesting question for the people who say she can’t be charged: what would you say if she had instead poisoned the brownies? She wouldn’t be forcing anyone to steal them and eat them, but all the same it would count as murder, wouldn’t it? She devised a plan for it to happen, even if that plan included someone else’s crime.

      1. Jaclyn says:

        That would prob count as unintentional murder if she pleaded the poison was for herself. It would land her in jail, but not as long as actually murdering someone with intention.

    2. Bear says:

      Maybe those recreational users shouldn’t do something illegal that could get them fired? I can’t manage to feel bad for someone over that.

      1. Damaia says:

        I personally don’t use marijuana for recreational purposes anymore because I know if we have a random drug screen I can lose my job; however, I do firmly believe that what I do on my own time away from work is none of my bosses business as long as it doesn’t impact my work performance. For example, if I drink at home and don’t come into work intoxicated, they shouldn’t be able to fire me for drinking alcohol.

  16. Emily says:

    Holy crap you people are so boring! I am pretty sure its a freaking joke.

    Holy lame lamers lamey lamepants!!
    Holy lame lamers lamey lamepants!!
    Holy lame lamers lamey lamepants!!
    Holy lame lamers lamey lamepants!!
    Holy lame lamers lamey lamepants!!

  17. Mvnk says:

    Good job, office sleuth. Based on your actions, you’ve helped nab the food thief. Let’s hope you’re as successful when it comes to finding a new job.

  18. JimPaint says:

    Its meant to intimidate, but the brownies weren’t laced. If there wasnt enough to get a “buzz”, there’s definitely not enough to show up on a toxin screen.

  19. broke'n'dope says:

    uhhh definitely gonna make some bud brownies for my principal now and call in a random tip. that’ll teach him. :P

  20. Nate says:

    should of went with exlax then you wouldnt have to worry about people losing jobs and it would still be hilarious.

  21. sal says:

    If people had enough money they would not need to steal brownies.. this is why we need Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.

  22. Half Baked Potatoes says:

    If this is actually real it is a bit harsh on the 1/3 of the office which I assume already smokes weed without harming anyone or stealing anything. How people smoking weed on their own free time harms a business is beyond me.

    click my name for a funny site

  23. whitneyk says:

    I put exlax in a batch of peanut butter cookies fin my 7th grade Xmas choir program….and as a straight A student &never been in trouble, it got me kicked out of school for 2 wks but almost had to repeat 7th grade. Nobody has humor anymore hahaha

    1. NelltheNurse says:

      I’d like to actively discourage this ‘LOL, laxatives in the brownies, cookies’ and whatnot. Enough of it can dehydrate a person to the point of death by dehydration. In funnier terms, you POOP SO MUCH YOU DIE! I know pranks are funny, but seriously, don’t accidently kill a person. Now please go single file and look up ‘death by diarrhea’ on a search engine of your choice.

      Death. By. Diarrhea.

  24. rteyistoenr says:

    They would find out who made the ‘anonymous’ call to HR, as their name was on the tub of brownies…..FAIL!

  25. Sam says:

    She put her name on the tub of brownies, which I’m sure everyone saw. She would definitely get fired if this is real.

  26. Kelly says:

    1. As someone already mentioned, you can’t “spike” brownies with weed after they’ve already been baked. There is a process…

    2. What kind of person would bring brownies to work, leave them for a month (as stated in the note) and not share them with anyone? If you bring a whole batch of brownies to work and don’t intend to share them, you are a mean, fatty fat fat who doesn’t deserve the brownies in the first place.
    2.a. If your husband and daughter lovingly bake brownies for you, why would you leave them for a month without eating them? That is also mean.

    3. As several people have stated, the call to HR may have been anonymous, but at this point, the woman has been clearly linked to the call via the note and the name on the tub of brownies.
    3.a. Just because you call HR, it doesn’t mean they’ll instantly do a random drug test of the entire office. Even if they do (not likely), the amount of weed “spiked” into one brownie, especially for someone who rarely or never uses marijuana, is not enough to trigger a positive drug test.

    Conclusion: funny pic, but clearly not real.

      1. jhargrid says:

        Her daughter and husband made the brownies for her. This makes for three possibilities:

        (1) She “spiked” the brownies after they were baked.
        (2) Her daughter put marijuana in the brownies at the mother’s request.
        (3) Her daughter made one batch of brownies, the mother made a second “spiked” batch on her own.

        (1) is not possible, (2) is fairly unlikely.

        (3), though not described in the note, is a plausible enough account. Of course, you still have the issue of an employee (supposedly) bringing an illicit substance into the workplace and dosing her coworkers with it in order to get said coworkers fired – but then admitting it in a gloating note that will almost certainly assure that the coworkers will be exonerated and she will be fired instead.

        In short – this is fake. Alas.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This person is an idiot…

    Admitting to drugging someone, with an illegal substance? Not only will the person you are trying to get fired keep their job, but this person will also get fired. It won’t stop there, because putting an illegal substance, in a food, in a public place, with the right lawyer will end that person in jail. For each person that ate one of the brownies. I hope this person enjoys seeing their husband and 9 year old daughter through a sheet of glass.

  28. JSage says:

    She just implicated herself as being in possession of a controlled substance. Even if she had a legal stash, bringing drugs into the work place is stupid. This has to be fake.

      1. Dan says:

        It’s even more more amazing that you people have nothing better to do than tell other people you don’t like what they’re talking about.

  29. Charlotte says:

    Why do we assume it was a woman who posted the note? It could have very easily been a man and his children baked him the brownies.

      1. Amarinth says:

        You assume that a man can’t call his significant other his husband. Way to assume it’s a woman.

        I bet you’re proud of yourself.

        I bet it’s a guy, because that sounds like a guy thing to do. “Oh hey man Imma get my buddy high without him knowing then get his work to piss test THE DAY AFTER! That’ll be funny man.”

        There is no gender descriptives to tell who this person is and as there are states which allow gay marriage… your point is invalid.


  30. Pamplemousse says:

    You guys are all dumb, they probably faked the identity in the note, it could have been a huge office, and was probably some angsty nerdy dude, who has nothing better to do than freaking FUME over brownies. It could also be someone high up in the company who wouldn’t get fired and found all the loopholes around this stunt. Anyway, this would definitely turn up at the next staff meeting, and brownies would become taboo. I think it’s very sweet revenge, and obviously the person would cover their tracks, and not get caught. Must’ve been damn good brownies, and at least the thiefs got a good weed brownie out of the deal before getting in trouble.

  31. Barry says:

    I’ve been using the internet for about 20 years, and I’ve noticed something. Well, actually it’s pretty glaring so it’s not hard to notice.

    Since the advent of blog toolkits, especially those with commenting features, there has been a steady decline in the civility of content online. Behind a mask of anonymity, people have been increasingly snarky or outright nasty in what they have to say to each other. To be sure, in the early days I saw that too, but it was generally limited to the more anti-social types.Now, it appears that practically everyone wants to insult the webmaster or each other.

    I use StumbleUpon, which is probably a failing in itself, and it appears that pages like this, with a mildly amusing graphic and a lengthy flamewar in the comments, are submitted primarily for the comments. For that reason, I usually don’t bother with the comments, since they typically sound like schoolyard arguments. (“no, _you’re_ an idiot!” ppfft) And why? I mean who really gives a damn whether this photo is real… it was sort of clever, and it gives a vicarious pleasure to people who have been in similar situations. Smile ( or laugh, depending on how easily amused you are) and move on to the next page. Or say to yourself “oh that was dumb” and move on. Whatever. There’s no reason to rip someone a new one just because you can.

      1. Amarinth says:

        They enjoy themselves by tearing another human being down just because they can’t see their face; that was the point he was trying to make.

  32. Caylee says:

    This person is stupid. Even if they made the note anonymous, they clearly said that they used to write their name on the tub of brownies. And she said that her husband and 9 year old daughter made the brownies- which is another way of narrowing it down because I’m sure not too many people in that office had 9 year old daughters. people are just dumb sometimes. It would have been funny if they had actually thought about what they were typing.

  33. Tongue-In-Cheek says:

    You guys are all absolutely ridiculous, not to mention you are all wrong in principle. Everyone and their mother knows that this is not real, congratulations for joining the rest of us with half a brain. But the fictional part isn’t whether someone actually left this note or not, we may never know if it was actually written. What we can be sure of, however, is that whoever did or didn’t write this note certainly did not get anyone high, nor was anyone fired. How can we be sure, you ask? All we have to do is look at the science involved with Cannabis and THC. Simply ingesting marijuana, without properly extracting the tetrahyrdocannabinol (usually using some type of heating agent), will not produce any sort of high, nor will the chemical be detected in a urine test, as it was never activated, therefore never present. Ingesting Marijuana is no more dangerous than eating other plants, any research will tell you that. This is pretty funny though, I just wish people would stop over-analyzing jokes. Laugh, have a good time! Life doesn’t have to be so dang serious.

    1. Tim says:

      You obviously have never made brownies before. Do us a favor, make some (recipes are online), eat some, go to work, and get your ridiculous ass fired.

      1. oOo says:

        nah, he’s right. the thc has to bind to fat molecules, so it needs to be steeped with butter or oil first and then added as an ingredient to the brownies. He worded it strange, but the basic idea that ingesting plain pot will not get you high? that’s correct.

  34. dafyd says:

    bit dim really – you’ve just opened a can of worms now – so you take drugs and are quite happy to admit that and ALSO bring them in to the work place! OOPS

  35. Drew says:

    Its fake… Consider the evidence: 1st she incriminates herself. 2nd her letter provides an excuse for her target once they piss hot. And finally: She says they starting stealing the brownies a month ago and she started drugging them 2 weeks ago which means in about 2 weeks she got pissed off enough to put up a series of notes warning them and then finally pissed off enough to drug her coworkers after somehow scoring pot. Im assuming she doesnt use it herself if she is recommending HR do drug tests… because nothing would stop them from doing it again a month later or so. In any event. that she would have had to of done in about 2-3 weeks according to her timeline

  36. fender says:

    So fake I feel stupid for joining in on the “this is fake and stupid” discussion. Plus, anybody that adds clout to the stupid idea that you should be fired for using pot can eat sh*t brownies.

  37. SoulBurn says:

    A man at my work used to steal my sandwich from the fridge every day when i first started my job. so one day i crushed up a half pill of Viagra and sprinkled it on my sandwich, the day we had meeting after lunch to see who kept stealing my lunch. Turns out it was Area Manager and he had to stand in frount of everyone in the weld shop with a HARD ON…Needless top say he quit soon after.

  38. Mr. Reasonable says:

    They potentially had possession of an illegal drug, then used that drug to potentially get people FIRED in this terrible economy for stealing your brownies. If this isn’t fake, then you need to realize the things that may actually matter in life. Jesus Christ you are a terrible person to get people fired over brownies.

  39. CEG says:

    What i want to know is how she knew there was going to be a RANDOM drug testing so she could put the weed in the brownies?

    1. CEG says:

      i ALSO want to say thanks to the people who commented because these comments were HILARIOUS i loved them wether they were serious or not. XD

  40. Chuck says:

    I have to say… Y’all have successfully KILLED the humor in this. It’s funny, move on with ur life. N have a nice day!

  41. Joys says:


  42. Kale R. says:

    heres an idea.
    imagine a back story, print a note, put it on the wall.. take a photo of the wall, put it on the internet. troll all you losers


  43. bob hill says:

    This note was put up by me. I had just failed the drug test and maintain it was the hash cookies not my joints that made me fail. So, I keep my job working for a crap firm who drug test their staff like animals.

  44. sherlock holmes says:

    I believe the mom(im guessing its a she) would get away with it concidering the fact that she did not offer the brownies to the co-workers and they stole them from her althought she did plan for them to eat it them she didnt force them to eat the brownies and also how can you prove that she made the note and it wasnt one of her co-workers that failed the drug test and created the note to make them them see like they are innocent and the co-workers that failed the drug test all tried to come up with an excuses to blame the lady that brings in brownies with her name on the tub

  45. little johnny says:

    This is legit, he couldn’t get in trouble for doping his workmates, because they were stealing his brownies. If u’r hash cookies get stolen, and eatin it aint your fault.

  46. Deb says:

    I call bullshlt. There is no way you can make pot brownies, and the “eater” would not be able to taste the pot.

  47. mrsleep says:

    I call shenaningans.
    Why the shit would you bring an entire batch of ‘special brownies made by my daughter’ into work, and not just bring in one a day or something?

    Also, admitting as much with that note would get her just as fired as the people who failed the drug test.

    Don’t believe everything you see on TV…or the internet.

  48. Ceasar says:

    Make a bowl of tuna salad to keep in the office fridge, but get a can of habanero peppers and finely puree in food processor. Add a generous helping to tuna salad!

  49. Aras Wrecked says:

    Or…he/she didn’t dope them at all and decided to mess with them. That would be awesome. Let them THINK they have been doped.

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