Extreme birdhouses are more like bird mansions [15 pictures]

By Abraham Piper


After a car accident left him unable to continue as a builder, John Looser turned his skill toward projects of a smaller scale than he had worked on before. And while his new projects are smaller than what he used to build, they’re larger than any other similar buildings…because they’re birdhouses.

Over time, he has built dozens of his “extreme birdhouses” with the largest being over 9 feet wide and 8 feet tall. Another one weighs over 500 pounds and has 32 dormers, 14 different roofs, and 103 separate rooms for the birds.

When a new house is put up, he says birds waste little time in moving in…

For the extremest of the extreme, a tractor is required to place the house…

Order your own birdhouse, buy plans, or check out a lot more pics at Looser’s site.

(via Zimbio)