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Extremely rare white zebra

May 21, 2012 By Abraham

This is Zoe, one of the only white Zebras in existence. She has blue eyes and gold stripes…

(Read more about Zoe. Photos by Bill Adams. Via Reddit)


  1. arron says:

    .. But everything and everyone is “one of the only ___’s in existence.” I’m one of the only violin teachers in existence, and one of the only humans in existence as well.

    Could you qualify that a little more?

    1. JaketheSnake says:

      ^ We in the biz call this “splitting hairs.” Let’s just enjoy something as beautiful and majestic as this animal! :)

    2. mark says:

      click to read “more about Zoe”. There you will read that there is only *one* other known zebra like her. So yeah, pretty darn rare.

      1. skd says:

        Zoe is a type of albino zebra and is not the only one around – alb. zebras are rare – but there are several others in the wild and many, unfortunately are also bred in captivity.

        1. Susan says:

          Except she is not albino – if she was she would have red eyes – lack of pigment. Her eyes are blue and she is white.

          1. Madison says:

            blue eyes also have a lack of melanin. And it is possible for an albino to have colored eyes.

  2. Lauren says:

    Wouldn’t this just be like horses, where they have another dilution of the cream gene which makes their color lighter? I’m pretty sure that’s all it is..

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