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Facebook and you: If you’re not paying, you’re not a customer

Sep 22, 2011 By Abraham

(via PBH3, original comic from Geek & Poke)


  1. Adam says:

    Well if thats how facebook feels about their users I’d like to see their business model hold up if no one was using it.

  2. adjams says:

    “Well if thats how facebook feels about their users Iā€™d like to see their business model hold up if no one was using it.”

    I’d like to see any business model that holds up with nobody using it!

  3. Jessica says:

    Possibly there are some things that money can’t buy, politics can’t win, and corporations can’t control.

    Maybe there is a world beyond a business environment that thinks of people as a commodity.

    As adjams said – “I’d like to see any business model that holds up with nobody using it!”

    What if people were no longer thought of as commodities but instead as assets. That’s the way it was taught to me in Biz 101. Seems to be the only way it really sustains a society as well, unless its a ‘red light district’ kinda place.

    Lesson – Businesses are created by people, maintained by people (employees), to serve people (customers). There’s nothing wrong with what facebook is doing it’s the individuals responsibility, business and otherwise, to remember that people aren’t commodities, just like any other privelege we have in a democratic society.

    1. Ingo says:

      > Maybe there is a world beyond a business environment that thinks of people as a commodity.

      There is. But its not facebook.

    2. Alex says:

      yeah, pretty naive to think of the business model as anything but a way to get eyes onto ads… luckily, this is a bit of an extremist image, as we aren’t being slaughtered, just advertised to, and we’re being provided a service to keep us with our eyes on the ads. It could as well be titled “youtube and you” or “google and you” or “the entire internet and you”

  4. SmarterThanYou says:

    The user is the content.

    Content is king.

    If anything FB should pay users for keeping them afloat.

    The day the better FB comes out and people leave the party is the day it is all over….

        1. Matt says:

          At least Google allows their users to earn some of the ad revenue they get from their advertisers with advertisements on the users own posted content.

  5. Neil says:

    Replace Facebook with Google and it’d be about right.
    There’s no way on earth I’m getting on Google+. I don’t need to give them yet another way to track me.

    1. Alex says:

      just like youtube, and myspace, and google, and this website, and every other website you’ve been to without paying for anything today, or ever…

  6. Bill V says:

    I’d like to know why Facebook gets singled out for this, when there are literally thousands of other organizations making money the exact same way.

    Nothing is free. Nothing. If you receive any *product or service*, you’re paying for it in some way, be it directly, indirectly, or even figuratively. No exceptions.

    1. B says:

      Facebook gets singled out for this because it’s basically a bait and switch of sorts. It started out as a cool college tool for meeting people and seeing what your friends are up to, then it turned into a tracking system in which users are fooled into thinking the site exists to facilitate their social interactions. In reality, Facebook is just using its users to get demographic information and preference data (I.e. what you ‘like’ while using the site) that it can turn around and sell to any company that would find such consumer data useful. It’s disgusting. Get off Facebook!

  7. Katybeth says:

    Solution is easy. If you don’t like Facebook or any other social media site exercise your free will and don’t use it. When you click on this web site those clicks are sold to advertisers (more or less) is that a bad thing? If you think it is don’t click.

  8. Ferit Tuzer says:

    this also goes for web browsers, TV, news sites, comedy central shows, NPR and more, if facebook is evil they’re all evil.

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