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Famous brands updated with honest taglines [21 pictures]

Oct 17, 2013 By Abraham

Selections from Honest Slogans

Honest Slogans - 09

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 01

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 02

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 03

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 04

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 06

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 07

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 08

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 11

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 12

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 13

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 14

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 15

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 16

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 17

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 18

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 19

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 20

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 21

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 22

*          *          *

Honest Slogans - 23

*          *          *

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(via Tastefully Offensive)


  1. S.Stern says:

    the capri sun one! That should go on the actual packaging. Would have saved me some stress as a youngster!

    1. Morwalk says:

      Target is the lesser of two evils. Admittedly, I shopped at Walmart, out of necessity, when we were going through a really rough time. I didn’t feel good about it. They treat their employees like crap.

        1. Theodore says:

          You can get a very good Mac for like $1400 now. Still more expensive than PC, but they don’t break as much, you don’t have to reinstall Windows every two years, you don’t lose your credit card numbers and passwords to trojans, etc. I use my computers primarily for work, so I can not afford to use an inherently insecure system. On the reliability end, I still have an ancient iMac from like 8 or 10 years ago and it works just fine. My PC (Asus, $800) has been plagued with startup issues as of a year or two after I bought it. My previous PC (Dell – a lot more expensive) still works fine, but it got infected twice (even with Norton and regular usage) and had to have Windows reinstalled. The PC before that was from a major local computer company and had chronic electrical / heat problems from the time I got it. The warranty guys were in like 8 times and replaced most of the hardware and it still didn’t work when my 2-year warranty ran out. So you can see why I might be willing to pay more for Mac. Time is money and PC’s waste both time and money.

          1. Tom says:

            oh be quiet fanboy – your sample size of one is pretty insignificant and you’re shilling the same ignorant stuff apple told you to say a decade ago…

            My wife has more problems with her Macs than I’ve ever had with my PCs, and both have more probs than my gentoo install ever had… But my sample doesn’t mean squat either.

            Get past it, and simply use what you prefer…

          2. David Edmondson says:

            You do know, you get what you pay for. Either you like crap (PC), or you can’t afford a good computer ( MACBOOK PRO )

          3. AJ says:

            I use a 2006 Mac Pro and it works great.

            My mom was using a 2001 Power Mac until last winter. It still works fine, she just wanted to be able to run Intel Mac software.

            Most PC users I know buy a new PC every year or two, and they have stupid problems like screens coming loose and volume buttons that are incompatible with the loaded operating system.

            I would say this is a fair argument for getting what you pay for.

          4. Joe says:

            Except for one thing mac’s don’t do very well: play games. Most of my PC’s last about 10 years. I will occasionally upgrade a part here or there just to stay up to date, but as a gamer, macs are unthinkable. If PC users are getting their computers infected or having hardware/software issues, then they must be computer illiterate, because it is fairly easy to guard against most PC issues. PC’s are far more versatile, allowing for greater functionality. Apple is a pop culture company that creates products for simple people. If all you use a computer for is work, then of course you’ll love the simple functionality of a mac. Otherwise, it’s a fairly limiting and overpriced product.

          5. DK says:

            What Tom said. Anecdotal evidence means nothing. I’ve had an HP for five years. No problems. Still works fine. Half the price of a similar Mac.
            Apple makes all Macs, where as PCs are made by many companies. There are bound to be some crap ones out there. It doesn’t mean they all suck. I didn’t think 1000 more dollars was worth it for some slightly longer battery life, but that’s just me.

  2. Carver says:

    Someone is obviously not aware that any company that uses adobe products (design, advertising, publishing) use Macs.

    1. Rahr says:

      Somebody is obviously not aware that adobe products are available for PC and that Macs ceased being superior for publishing when they went all Bill Gates with their products (broken OS releases, reduced ability to customize hardware, forced obsolescence)… Macs were king for publishing in the 90s and early 00s, unless you are doing animation or hardcore photo work they are not necessary anymore.

      1. Clint says:

        They still aren’t necessary. Macs are running on the Intel architecture now, so that means they have no performance benefit, except in the spread of the OS. Even that, is the fault of the end user IMO.

    2. OhYeah says:

      MacBoi is obviously NOT aware that not many companies that use Adobe products (design, advertising, publishing) only use Macs instead of PCs when a Mac preferring employee designer is given the option to choose.

    3. Quinn says:

      I publish on PC regularly using Adobe products and, after using both platforms for the better part of the last decade, can tell you that I can no longer distinguish a difference between their capabilities. In fact the only difference I CAN tell you about is the fact I have had to replace two iMac’s during that time whereas I can simply upgrade my PC components for a fraction of that cost every couple of years. Mac is no longer the ruling platform for digital imaging. You either are a fanboy or ill informed of industry trends.

    4. J R Clark says:

      Someone is obviously not aware that our Graphic Design Firm builds custom machines with more power for a fraction of the cost of anything Apple churns out. Also; we can install any other custom piece of software on the computer without having to rely on Apple telling us it’s Okay.

      Bad on you for supporting your Orwellian Monopoly.

      1. mayank says:

        People forget that the mac os is now just Ubuntu for Unix… Kinda like the old days when windows ran on top of DOS..

    5. Jane W says:

      Really? You guys can’t just laugh, it has to become a Mac vs PC debate? Yes, Macs have some advantages, yes, many people are just using them as Internet machines.

      1. Beth S says:

        Way to go, Jane W!! There are just too many boys out there that are way too serious about their “toys.”

    6. Grant says:

      On a slightly unrelated note, I’ve always found it interesting that Apple refused to support Adobe Flash on iOS, even though Macs are usually purchased because of Adobe products.

      Like others here, I don’t understand why people associate Adobe products with Apple computers. By now, design students are probably only required to get Macs because the professors were required to get Macs when they were students.

      P.S. At my workplace. the designers get new or recent iMacs/Power Macs, and the web developers get old Pentium 4 Gateway computers. We both get CS6.

      1. Kit says:

        Because it’s Macromedia Flash. The whole macromedia suite was imported into adobe’s world, not made by them, and honestly, it’s not the best software ever. I mean, dreamweaver is one of the better WYSIWYG webpage editors I’ve used, but at the end of the day I don’t actually need 90% of what it’s offering so it’s easier to use a lighter program that doesn’t have as much chrome around the edges.

        1. Michael says:

          Our personal fave is Sublime :P not a WYSIWYG, but you work with it long enough, and you become familiar with the results you’ll get. And having to work with the code directly, rather than it being hidden behind and manipulated by a WYSIWYG editor tends to result in far cleaner code.

    7. Kevin says:

      Someone is obviously not aware of what a joke is. It is not a statement of absolute fact, but a little bit of fact twisted and exaggerated to make it funny. The humor comes from the fact that many people buy Macs because they are / were (debate amongst yourselves) a trendy / powerful computer. Most people can do what they do with an entry level PC and save $1000. That makes it funny. Glad I could help.

    8. diensthunds says:

      Or you could just use a pc with Linux installed on it, save yourself about 5 grand and STILL get the same results whenit comes to photo editing, desktop publishing, document writing, music listening, running some of the top websites on the net, making movies, (Pixar), etc etc etc.

    9. Swetty says:

      So not true. I teach Adobe products and over half of the companies I instruct use PCs. Granted, macs are great for design programs, but PC’s do the trick just fine.

    10. mundotaku says:

      Carver, I have news for you. Adobe products are available for PC too. Also, a lot of companies choose PC’s over Macs.

    11. Brett says:

      I work for such company. Mac is overrated. As a professional designer, the primary benefit of any MAC is their displays. Their operating system and Adobe versions are not user friendly to the degree PC is. I find working with Illustrator/Photoshop quite annoying on a MAC. I have to even custom assign keyboard shortcuts that are native on PC versions and can’t simply scroll through a set of fonts. How annoying.

      I’ve offered my employer to make our next purchase a PC, saving them at least $1,000, which I will use and the new employee can take over my Mac.

      1. AJ says:

        Sounds like your main problem is just that you’re too used to using PCs and not very familiar with how Macs work.

        I bet you think Macs can’t right click, too.

        If all your company is doing is Photoshop and Illustrator, and they like Macs, they should buy a Mac Mini.
        The $599 base model is fine for that stuff.

    12. DK says:

      Well I guess I work at the one advertising company that uses Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects on PCs. Doofus. Macs are nicer in that you know you will get a good computer out of the box. You can get that with a PC too, you just have to do a little research to make sure you aren’t buying a junker. I don’t know about you, but i’ll spend 2 hours researching to save 1000 dollars. I don’t make 500 bucks an hour though, so that’s worth it to me.

  3. johnashe says:

    great examples of culture jamming: detournement

    ie, ‘turning around’ or “rerouting images to reverse or subvert their meaning, thus reclaiming them”
    — Adbusters’ Kalle Lasn http://www.adbusters.org
    (a.k.a the people behind the image of a ballerina dancing on the Wall Street bull)

  4. cal says:

    “Is Pepsi okay?” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have never ordered Pepsi in a restaurant, but I have gotten it from time to time.

  5. Matt says:

    I practically live on Nature Valley Granola Bars, and my wife is constantly on my case about the crumbs. Very funny!

  6. Erik says:

    This is sooooo good! The Hotpockets joke and the Campbell’s joke really got me. Also… Linkedin is kind of a joke too (but I admittedly keep up with it just in case).

  7. Mike in SWFL says:

    The Best Buy one is no longer true. Best Buy will price match Amazon so long as it comes from Amazon’s actual inventory.

    1. Bob says:

      Thank you! I was going to say the same thing! Also why wait for Amazon shipping when you can leave the store with your product, be able to return the product to the store, and get Geek Squad Protection…

  8. ThatCowboyGuy says:

    The Hot Pockets one really made me laugh. One bite is just right and then the next can burn your mouth off. The “Is Pepsi okay?” is something I get all the time too as a Coke drinker.

  9. IGoPlaces says:

    Love the Best Buy one! It is so true! I tend to test the electronics in Best Buy then find them cheaper on Amazon :-)…(or ebay)

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