Fan yells advice to pro tennis player, player takes the suggestion

January 28, 2013 | By Abraham | 5 comments

(via Reddit)

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  1. KristenS says:

    This is why I love tennis. With a handful of exceptions, the athletes are just classy– you can’t say that about most other sports.

    1. bridgecross says:

      Because it’s an individual sport, their personalities are right out there all the time. When a player isn’t classy, it shows.

    2. Buck says:

      Just like the women’s World #1 who, just this past week, called a 10 minute injury timeout in the middle of the match in which she was floundering, after which she came back to win the match and the tournament. When asked after the match what the timeout was for, she said it was to “reset her mental focus” because she was “nervous.”


      1. Chris says:

        You do realize you haven’t necessarily proved Kristen wrong, right? She did say there were a “handful of exceptions.”

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