Farmer’s sweetly mystical portraits of her boys and their animals [10 pictures]

January 15, 2014 | By Abraham | 1 comment

Elena Shumilova and her family live on a farm. While she manages the property, her boys play with their dogs, rabbits, cats, and ducks. Shumilova is also a photographer. So in addition to her duties on the farm, she often captures remarkably heartwarming and otherworldly pictures of her boys with their animal friends…

Boys and Their Animals01

Boys and Their Animals03

Boys and Their Animals04

Boys and Their Animals05

Boys and Their Animals06

Boys and Their Animals07

Boys and Their Animals08

Boys and Their Animals09

Boys and Their Animals10

Boys and Their Animals02

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  1. Strippedgears says:

    It’s obvious from these pictures of their St. Bernard that he is loving and patient to these small boys. From instinct he knows they need a chaperon and guidance which he is willing to provide. God bless him and look after the boys until they are able to look after him.

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