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Fast and phenomenal finger-painting

Jan 10, 2012 By Abraham

Chilean artist Fabian Gaete Maureira is a street performer whose skill is speed finger painting. And what a skill it is…

(via Boing Boing)


  1. Cherith says:

    When on a missions trip to Chile in 2004 and the missionaries gave us some of his paintings as a ‘thank-you’. He came to the church and painted them for us. It was ridiculous to watch.

      1. Carr says:

        Or you could remove the “and” shortly afterward and the “when” would not only be grammatically correct but would score* you some structure points on your next 22 Words writing assignment.

        *This post is not made by a representative of 22 Words, nor should it be construed as such. Any such construing shall be meritless and just plainly ridiculous. No writing assignment shall be given unless, of course, the management of 22 Words choose to do so; in which case, disregard that notice of no notice of an assignment as you shall surely be flogged** if you do not complete such an assignment and cite this notation as a proper excuse.

        **To my knowledge flogging is not permitted in the United States, and if it were, I’m certain a website would have a hard time doing so; therefore, do disregard the consequences of disregarding the unlikely writing assignment given by*** 22 Words.

        ***Note that I said “by” and not “of” should the assignment be assigned, as this is quite a distinction when engaging in an assignment of writing when the object of the preposition could be construed as a prerequisite of the accomplishment of that task rather than the source of such an endeavor. Again, construing anything in this post is indeed a dangerous activity.

        (Administrators, feel free**** to delete this hogwash, as I’m tired of working on payroll and other tax-related information already, and it’s only January 10, so I’m simply enjoying talking to myself… and this wonderful post. Yay, finger painting!)

        ****Of course, you’re free to do whatever you please. Who am I to administer rights to the administrators? I’m sure you are amazing with such internal control matters, right? Pshaw, you guys will do just fine without me “permitting” you to do so.

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