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Fat, bald cat is bizarre but much-loved [15 pictures]

Aug 17, 2012 By Abraham

I came upon a picture of this cat online and couldn’t help doing a bit of sleuthing. His name is Jobie and he is the beloved pet of Mrs Creep Show. These are just a few of the many crazy, cute-in-his-own-way pics she’s posted…

Oh, and if you’re concerned by his ostensible obesity, his owner would like you to know

1. For his age and body stature, Jobie’s vet deems him ok.
2. He has a lot of loose, wrinkly skin making him appear heavier than he really is.
3. He is not unhealthy, and while he may beg for anything I am eating/drinking, he is on a strict kitty food only meal plan.

Good to know. Now we can enjoy — if that’s the word I’m looking for — the rest of these pics guilt-free…


    1. FoxyRoxy says:

      Lol,That face! Sphinxs are one of a kind. I happen to think that they are beautiful and their skin feels so soft like suede. I have 2 kitties already, but if or when one of my kitties passes away, I am going to buy a Sphinx.

  1. Kirt says:

    If pets look like their owners (or vice versa ie. humans look like their owners) this cats’ housesitter must be indescribable. Emphasis on the bable part intended.

  2. Corrie says:

    Ok, I admit it, I cringed. And I’m a crazy cat lady. I wouldn’t go out and buy one but if one showed at my door, I wouldn’t turn it away. Cool pics, though!

  3. Angie says:

    Anybody else notice Jobie’s SoftPaws claw covers? He looks like a grumpy cuss, but I bet he’s a sweetheart. A guy I used to date had a Sphinx, and she was super cuddly.

    1. Jady says:

      Oh, that’s what those wore? I totally thought his claws were painted like toenails, lol. I had no idea they had claw covers, I wish every cat I’ve been scratched by (especially my aunt’s cat Ozzie) had a couple of those, they seem like a good idea.

  4. Shak says:

    This owner should have her cat taken away from her! That is absolutely horrible to let your cat get that overweight. If the cat was a person it would be considered morbidly obese! You have a responsibility as an owner of a cat to keep it at its correct weight and look after it, not make it fat so it looks funny. Especially with hairless cats that already have a large amount of heath problems due to their breed

    1. Justin says:

      You’re the type of person who screams “ANIMAL CRUELTY!” on Youtube videos of people playing with their cats, aren’t you?

    2. Andrew says:

      Read words, comment person!

      Firstly, read the captions.

      Secondly, don’t you have better things to do than body shame cats?

  5. PS3Gamer says:

    To be honest: I like cats. I really do, but that thing looks like a giant rat with a mutated face. Sorry, the truth rarely doesn’t hurt.

  6. Margaret says:

    wonderful cat.Love it. Reminds me of someone !!??? Half of us humans would look like that if we took off our fur .oops ! -I mean clothes. BIG CUDDLE.

  7. Susan Hart says:

    OMG!!! He is so cute and beautiful. I would love to have a sphinx, but money prevents me from doing so. So glad he is healthy. Shak should read the captions on the photos before making conclusions. I hate people like that.

  8. eydie says:

    i love cats, but this cat would scare the daylights out of me. who knew fur makes such a difference? the tail especially looks rodent like and i have a phobia of rodents. i couldn’t be around him without running every time he came toward me. that’s sad, because i know this is what a cat looks like without fur, but i know i couldn’t do it.

  9. El Duderino says:

    Since the courts say I can’t tattoo the kids no more, I wonder if these things woul ink up well? Maybe a Mighty Mouse motif?

  10. Yuki says:

    He is adorable :D Shame on you people saying these guys are ugly. I only wonder how he is so fat..Sphynx’s are known to having high metabolisms, and therefore do have to consume more food just to keep up. As long as this sweet boy is healthy, it doesn’t matter :3

  11. Jen says:

    Ummmm …. I’ve had a couple of these cats. And, regardless of what her vet says, this cat is either obese or is suffering an illness common in this breed and several others, HCM. She should do some sleuthing of her own. This weight issue is one of the signs. MANY vets don’t have experience with exotic breeds, so he/she may not know about ths. It’s like a cardiopulmonary disease…with fluid buildup and eventual death. No cure, unfortunately, but if discovered early on there are meds to help extend their life. A sonogram should be performed on this cats heart to determine if he is in danger. Not trying to frighten, it’s just that I know what it’s like to loose a cat to this disease and not know until it was too late. By the way, all cats do NOT look like this under their fur. This is a very special breed. And, the breed standards are a lean, tucked appearance. Please….I do hope the owner reads my post.

  12. Jen says:

    El Duderino….although it is illegal to pierce or tattoo these animals, it’s a fun idea. As an alternative, it IS fun to mess around with water color markers! There IS a book titled (I believe), “People Tattoo Cats”. It features the sphinx cats bearing beautiful tats. But, digitally mastered. NOT real tats!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Please, the owner should have this guy scanned for a disease that is NOTORIOUS in the Sphinx, known as HCM. It’s a sonogram, pricey, but worth it to allow them a couple more years.

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