Fat, bald cat is bizarre but much-loved [15 pictures]

By Abraham Piper


I came upon a picture of this cat online and couldn’t help doing a bit of sleuthing. His name is Jobie and he is the beloved pet of Mrs Creep Show. These are just a few of the many crazy, cute-in-his-own-way pics she’s posted…

Oh, and if you’re concerned by his ostensible obesity, his owner would like you to know

1. For his age and body stature, Jobie’s vet deems him ok.
2. He has a lot of loose, wrinkly skin making him appear heavier than he really is.
3. He is not unhealthy, and while he may beg for anything I am eating/drinking, he is on a strict kitty food only meal plan.

Good to know. Now we can enjoy — if that’s the word I’m looking for — the rest of these pics guilt-free…