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What if your favorite iconic bands were Lego minifigures [20 pictures]

As both a music and Lego junkie, Adly Syairi Ramly created a photo series that perfectly blends these two passions — classic bands imagined as minifigs.

His attention to detail is so great that many of the bands portrayed by these Lego creations would be immediately recognizable to even a passive music fan without the band’s name accompanying it…

Lego Bands 20

Lego Bands 19

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Lego Bands 18b

Lego Bands 02

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Lego Bands 15b

Lego Bands 14

Lego Bands 11b

Lego Bands 08

Lego Bands 07b

Lego Bands 06

Lego Bands 04

Lego Bands 03b

Lego Bands 16

Lego Bands 09

Lego Bands 05

Lego Bands 12

Lego Bands 17

Lego Bands 13

Lego Bands 01

Lego Bands 10

(via Visual News)

Check out Adly’s Instagram account, where you’ll find more Lego creations as well as comical “behind the scenes” photos from these Lego shoots…

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