Body-Positive Brand 'Missguided' Hasn't Photoshopped Their Models at All in This Champaign | 22 Words

Body-Positive Brand ‘Missguided’ Hasn’t Photoshopped Their Models at All in This Champaign

By Robin Zlotnick

We're living in an age of radical body positivity, and it's becoming more and more common to see fierce, real women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities celebrated on the Internet. And thank goodness for that! Although the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is still full of the traditional skinny model-types, more brands are starting to use women of varied body types in their advertising campaigns. Brands are also using way less Photoshop to edit models into wildly unrealistically proportioned creatures that do not exist in nature. It's just so incredibly awesome to see real women represented by the brands that we (real women) buy. Missguided is a women's clothing brand whose latest ad campaign shows beautiful women of every size exactly how they are with zero retouching, and it's truly a force of positivity and love.


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