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Ladies, You Think You’re Feminists, But You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong…

Nov 26, 2013 By Abraham

For your whole life have you been indefatigably standing up for your rights as a woman? Have you been unfailingly fighting for respect and equality?

Well, I’m sorry to say, you’ve been doing feminism all wrong… But don’t worry. The correct way to be a feminist is hidden in the archives of stock photo sites.

The folks over at NY Mag use a lot of stock photos in their business. They also have a lot to say about women’s rights. So naturally, from time to time, they use stock photos in pieces about empowering women.

Putting their experience to good use, they collected a variety of images that come up when you search terms such as “feminist,” “girl power,” or “career woman” on stock photography sites.

It turns out you can learn a lot about how to empower yourself as a woman from this exercise. Here are some of the key takeaways…

Wear Boxing Gloves with Business Attire…

Feminism in Stock Photography - 01

Stand on Cliffs in Business Attire…

Feminism in Stock Photography - 02

Stand on More Cliffs in Business Attire…

Feminism in Stock Photography - 03

Climb Literal Ladders in Business Attire…

Feminism in Stock Photography - 05


  1. mazi says:

    ha! this rules! as a web designer, I occasionally find myself looking at stock image websites, and am always stunned by what I see. try looking up valentine’s day… amazing how many images are of women in red lingerie or leather. halloween? same thing! skimpy and “sexy” costumes for women (and men dress up as beer kegs!).

  2. vanderleun says:

    “So the ultimate is…

    Woman crushing a tiny tiny man in the heel of her business suit she’s wearing while looking at X-rays she holds in her many many arms while she’s passed out on her MacBook while wandering around on the top of a cliff climbing a ladder measuring her waist painting a room smiling while eating a salad and a banana awkwardly holding power tools and file folders with boxing gloves while lifting weights looking through binoculars at the big big sky…..to fight the patriarchy.” — Robb DeWitt

  3. Bev Frost says:

    Ahahahahaha!….And i thought the whole world had lost it’s sense of humour! lmao (whilst wearing my business attire of course) Thank-You for cheering me up x

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