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Feminist’s argument for better armor doesn’t go as planned

Aug 6, 2012 By Abraham

From Dorkly

(via Irene’s Internet)


    1. PhilA says:

      that should read: “I’m an idiot who jumps to conclusions without actually READING THE PAGE”… well, it’s the sub-text of what you wrote…

  1. Haley says:

    Chainmail Bikini Squad on Mondo did this over a year ago. And I don’t see why she’s a feminist because she wanted better armor. 22 words, I liked you, but you just lost me for good.

    1. Zigz says:

      I’ll never understand this anti feminism. You know feminism is what fought for women’s sufferage, and it’s what fought to overturn the thumb-width law (a man can legally beat his wife with any object as long as it isn’t wider than his thumb for any reason, or no reason), and it’s feminism that saved the United States economy when all the men went to war and there were no more factory workers, and feminism is what fought for your right to wander the street and not be raped on sight (and be called guilty for it). Now being a feminist is a little inconvenient because of the extremists, and you abandon the movement like an illegitimate child…

      1. ajax says:

        Is this anti-feminist? I think most folks would side with the woman in this comic. Rather, I see the joke as making light against the establishment, not the woman. She is justifiably pissed because she’s been getting stabbed and shot, but the establishment would rather give inefficient armor to everyone instead of giving good armor to women.

    2. Tink says:

      She’s described as a feminist because she’s asking for equal armour to her male counterpart. And in the dictionary, feminism is defined as the doctrine or movement supporting equal rights for women compared to men. Ergo she was making a feminist argument, regardless of whether the author of the comic was supporting or satirising said view.

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