Find out what your phone number spells

By Abraham Piper


A local liquor store advertises its phone number as 612-RAW-BEEF.

Of course, it just so happens to spell that, and they put it to use since it’s easier to remember than 729-2333.

I confirmed that it was a happy accident with the guy behind the counter. He said yes and observed that it’s just one digit off from RAW-BEER, which would’ve made a lot more sense…

I wondered, of course, what my number spelled. My internet instincts told me, “Surely, there’s a website that will do that figuring for you.”

And, yep, there is: Phone Spell

Mine doesn’t, unfortunately, but yours might…. I’d ask you to share, but then you’d have to give your number, which might make you uncomfortable.

I’ll let you make the call.