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Find out what your phone number spells

Jul 9, 2010 By Abraham

A local liquor store advertises its phone number as 612-RAW-BEEF.

Of course, it just so happens to spell that, and they put it to use since it’s easier to remember than 729-2333.

I confirmed that it was a happy accident with the guy behind the counter. He said yes and observed that it’s just one digit off from RAW-BEER, which would’ve made a lot more sense…

I wondered, of course, what my number spelled. My internet instincts told me, “Surely, there’s a website that will do that figuring for you.”

And, yep, there is: Phone Spell

Mine doesn’t, unfortunately, but yours might…. I’d ask you to share, but then you’d have to give your number, which might make you uncomfortable.

I’ll let you make the call.


  1. Adam says:

    For those with boring phone numbers, you can type words in (e.g., RAW BEEF or AIM HIGH), and they’ll give you the corresponding phone number. Add an area code, then help the masses of folks who have awesome phone numbers and don’t know it.

  2. justin says:

    This was a old number Ed-rock-us-71. If I only knew this years ago I would have been so popular.

  3. Laurie says:

    Thanks for letting me make that call.
    When we moved to town and got a land line, I requested the last 4 digets corresponding to “h-o-m-e”. Now we can “phone home”. OCD? Probably. But it works.
    Know what? My blind friend HATES when given LETTERS instead of numbers for a phone NUMBER! I can see why!

  4. Betsy says:

    I found out a few years ago that my number (minus area code) is 4-CRAFTS. This is great because I spend all my spare time sewing!

  5. Tabitha says:

    Haha — LOVE it. I actually just got a new Google Voice number and I specifically got it because the 7 digits (I won’t say the area code) spell: 2-CJEANS. My husband and I, when we were engaged, had a blog called “Carbonated Jeans” which is a whole other silly story.

    Anyway, the phonespell site says that my number (225-3267) spells stuff like:


  6. Phil Carlson says:

    my business number spells “246-RELY”. Works good for me being a carpenter.

    I haven’t actually advertised my number like this because it seems like most people (including me) have phones with a full keyboard, and the numbers don’t correspond to the letters like the used to.

  7. David J. says:

    Maybe its crude and immature, but in college I was delighted to find out that my number was:

    71 INCH NUTS

    That’s not my number anymore :(

  8. Tonja says:

    Some of my freelance work is proofreading, so I will definitely have to use this discovery: my work phone spells 605-typo

  9. AK says:

    No kidding, one of my numbers was UNDO-HELL.

    I’ll donate it to your dad if he’s interested. ;)

  10. Margaret says:

    Mine is 250-LUST. To push it a little bit further…maybe “AKzero-LUST” sounds better as in

    “act zero lust.”

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