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New first-person video of Google’s glasses, the mini-computer for your face

Feb 20, 2013 By Abraham

Google Glass allows you to wear a computer on your nose which you see in the upper right-hand corner of your vision and operate with voice commands. It supposedly works like this…

Obviously, it’s not going to be that seamless in real life. Still, pretty cool.

We heard about this project throughout 2012, but now the glasses are actually going to be available…to a select few who submit an application, get accepted, pay $1,500, and then travel to New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles to pick them up.


  1. PhilA says:

    I wonder how long before Apple claim they invented it and make a patent that has “wear something on your face” as the description :-P

  2. Pradeep Ninan says:

    This is so incredibly DANGEROUS! There are already far too many accidents taking place because people are too distracted on their cell phones to concentrate on what they are doing. Imagine what would happen when people begin walking about with these glasses…

  3. Karen says:

    I had a hard time concentrating on what’s actually happening and then adding that separate screen screen just made it harder to focus.
    Also, you will look ridiculous hanging out with your kid with that thing on your face…

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