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First preview of Spielberg’s “Lincoln” featuring Daniel Day-Lewis

Sep 14, 2012 By Abraham



  1. chinua000 says:

    well, i for one thank God we had white people to free us! where would us poor negroes be? you could even say they saved us from a horrible oppresor. oh wait, that’s right, no i remember now, they put those chains on us, raped our ancestors, and still didnt allow us to vote or walk on the same side of the street even after all those soaring speeches. wait, the heroes are the villians? thats just confusing.

    ah, what the hell, forget all that. look lets just forget it alright? its easy really, you can make this whole embarrasing problem go away. lets revise the story and make white people the heroes. no, one grand tall daring white man, hes the hero, and he represents the true noble american ideal. dont fight it, let it sink in. the villians are the heroes. lincon set the slaves free. its beautiful.

    as far as im concerned, white people said nice things and wrote smart modern laws and set us free, just like that! whew, the centuries dont feel so long after all, not with that music! woo hoo this new movie will be as good as that one feel-good-americans-love-colored-people movie, what was it called? oh yeah Amistad! Giv-ves uss ss freeeee!! lol, white people always listen when thier negroes yell like that. they see our pain and whip out their pens and just start abolishing stuff. oh but this movie will be better because, no africans!! thanks stephen!

    lincon, a true american hero looking out for the downtrodden. americas finest moment. i cant wait. jk this movie will suck, big time.

      1. chinua000 says:

        not really, it was a deleriois attempt to be funny posted way to late at night. looks kind of silly when i read it now. ah the things we do on the internet.

    1. James Finley says:

      We white folk may be able to take your passive-agressive tirade more seriously if you cared to check the spelling and grammar.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ooooooooh, I thought this was a trailer for the Abraham Lincoln movie that had silly vampires in it. Wow, this one actually looks awesome! And this is coming from someone who is not a big movie person.

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