Hilarious First World Problem Pills Support Sarcasm But Also Charity

By Abby Heugel


Feeling discontent with your life? Tired of dealing with the hassles of everyday life like slow Wi-Fi connections or the inability to walk in heels?


Don’t worry! There’s a “First World Problems” pill for that!


This First World Problems Store based in Amsterdam offers a variety of hilarious “First World Problems” pills for all your daily dilemmas.


Okay, they’re 100 percent placebo (and actually mints), but they’re still hilarious and actually do more than provide a laugh — they provide HIV medication (the real stuff) to people who need it by donating 100-percent of the profits to Aids Fonds’ aim to provide HIV medication to people who can’t afford it.


That’s right. The Dutch AIDS Foundation will benefit from the fact that you’re proactively working to fight your insignificant issues by purchasing a “pill” to help you deal with those pesky problems that plague us all.


For example…