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Flight attendant performs safety instructions like stand-up comedy, gets whole plane laughing

Apr 14, 2014 By Joey

Southwest Airlines is known for their relaxed approach to flying, with no seat assignments and staff who often go above and beyond to be as informal as they can be. This flight attendant fully embraced that spirit with her hilarious flight safety instructions on a flight to Salt Lake City…

(via Hypervocal)


  1. Irene George says:

    I travel for trade shows and have been on 2 flights with this amazing flight attendant. I am not a good flyer so her humor relaxes me and puts me at ease. Good for her! Keep up the great work, you are awesome!

  2. Lisa Faulkner says:

    BRAVO!!! Southwest has stumbled on a true jewel. Not only are the customers happy, but they’re more likely to retain the very important safety information contained in the message. No one wants to pay attention to those briefings, but how can you NOT when they suddenly and unexpectedly become really fun!!

    LOVED this, BRAVO Southwest, BRAVO!

  3. Misfit Mom says:

    I took one SW flight from Kansas City to St. Louis and they were JUST as funny! I’d never been on a SW flight before, and JUST because of the humor, I would pick them if I could for EVERY flight! Love them! Same funny stuff on that flight too! Love SW!!!!

  4. Dee says:

    @Christine, they’re not going to fire her. This is how SW Airlines works. They purposely make the safety instructions funny so people will pay attention. Also, this airline has been the most pleasant I’ve ever flown with.

  5. bgs says:

    Nothing wrong with a little humor on flights:) I think a lot of people are nervous when they get on flights and this could put a lot of people at ease. While it may not seem as professional to some people, it is nice to laugh and relieve some stress. I have been on flights with flight attendants that were funny but it was usually upon landing. This would be a nice treat on the front end.

  6. Ali C says:

    sorry, I could hardly understand a word she said. im sure it was funny just wish she had slowed down a touch.

  7. ALO says:

    She said that awfully fast. How long did it take her to rehearse it? Did the other attendants know beforehand she was going to do it?

  8. Equality says:

    She was great until she decided to make the sexist crack about men. So tired of women not giving the respect they ask for from others.

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