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Follow-up from the dad who shot his daughter’s computer

Feb 10, 2012 By Abraham

Yesterday, along with the rest of the internet, I posted a video of a frustrated dad punishing his daughter for a very rude Facebook post by emptying his pistol into her laptop. This generated a lot of talk here on this site, and even more on larger sites that linked to it and on the Facebook page of the dad who did it.

In response to the flood of reactions, he has posted several follow-ups. Here’s a selection from one of them

…Yes, I shot it full of holes. Would I have received the same viral attention if I’d used it as a dog toy, hit it with a hammer, drove over it with the truck, or simply thrown it away? I’m not sure. But the point is that her parents told her “If it happens again, I’ll put a bullet through it.”

So, rather than let her push that particular boundary any further, I did absolutely no more and no less than I promised I’d do. Do I regret doing it? No. Do I regret keeping it on Facebook long enough to cause this stir? Yes. However at this time I feel that if I took the post or the video down, I’d just make it appear that we’re running in shame from it, and we’re not.

Truthfully though the social attention has helped her and I both deal with it. We had our discussion about it after she returned home from school. We set the ground rules for her punishment, and then I let her read some of the comments on Facebook with me at my computer. At first it was upsetting. Then as we read it became less so, eventually funny to both of us.

At the end, she was amazed that other people had such amazingly strong reactions. Some said she’d grow up to be a stripper. Others that she’d get pregnant and become drug addicted because of the emotional damage. She actually asked me to go on Facebook and ask if there was anything else the victim of a laptop-homicide could do besides stripping because all the posts seem to mention that particular job and she wasn’t so keen on that one.

And in another update

While the whole point of this story isn’t funny, what is funny to me is how weak some people out there think kids are. Our kids are as strong as we help them to be. My daughter took a horrible day in her life, had her crying fit, then got over it, accepted her punishment, and hasn’t let it (or people’s comments) destroy her strength. I don’t get any credit for that. She’s strong and able to overcome almost anything life throws at her.

All-in-all, despite the drastic nature of the punishment and the fact that a million outsiders have seen it, this seems like a normal, loving family dealing — imperfectly, of course — with the same problems everyone has, and not doing so bad at it, either.


      1. Penny Gonzalez says:

        you need to really write, rather than all of you short cuts. U=you. Really? In what legitimate language, Latin, Greek, Swaheli?

        1. Vickie says:

          @Penny Seriously, you’re going to pick at grammar. CBD55 has a point. Beepage did NOT get the point of any of this and only seems intrigued by doing something stupidly violent with a gun just because it seems “cool”. In short, regardless of grammar I completely agree with CBD55.

  1. Love2Live says:

    Glad it all turned out well for them! He makes a good point, though. Most kids aren’t as emotionally fragile and/or impressionable as the tv would lead you to believe.

  2. Robin says:

    What a great explanation. And the daughter’s response “Is there anything besides stripping?” was hilarious. I think this family will be just fine, daughter included. Seems like the dad learned his own lesson about the internet… My dad never shot up my computer, but he did some pretty heinous punishments, (at least, it seemed so to me!) and I turned out just fine. And no, I’m not a stripper ;)

  3. Babz Stauffer says:

    I still see it as very wasteful. I know it is his property and he can afford to wreck it if he wants but to me, it’s kind of like throwing good food away in front of a hungry person. I believe it would have been just better to donate the computer to a worthy person or cause.

    1. Elana says:

      The alternative (donation) is a very good idea. Especially if he had her hand it over to the cause/person. But as a parent I can honestly say that I do the best I possibly can and sometimes (more often than I care) I make mistakes. I am going to remember your comment and if I need to I will apply your suggestion! (I hope)

      1. emily says:

        donating it wouldnt have had the same effect as ruining it. yeah its wasteful but he said he would do it and he did. Empty threats only go so far. I believe what he did was just, and im pretty sure his daughter will be just fine. its the parents shooting the kids themselves that we need to worry about. a laptop can be easily replaced

        1. Jean says:

          He bought it and he is financially invested in that laptop. Ruining it also showed his daughter that HE is invested in her doing the right things. He took a loss that day, too, but he knew the lesson he taught her (because he knows his kid and we don’t) would be far more valuable.

          It really WAS just a material object after all.

          1. derpin says:

            also: he got the lulz of blowin holes in a laptop

            i dont think many people can say they havent wanted to just destroy the shit out of something complex or expensive, theres a certain glee in it

      1. Elana says:

        Hey, I don’t disagree with you Travis. He can do whatever the hell he wants with it. And I could do whatever the hell I want with mine too. So if I want to teach my child an extra bonus that people are worse of than her/him I will thank you very little. I personally applaud his parenting and his follow through.

    2. Aurora says:

      He followed through with what he said he would do. It might be
      “wasteful” but I think the lesson learned was worth the price of a laptop. Life is more than the stuff we accumulate.

    3. Corban says:

      From an IT perspective it can take a lot of time and effort to remove personal data from a computer (which one would certainly want to do before giving it away), while retaining the OS and other software.

      It doesn’t make sense that a parent would go so far out of his / her way in order to NOT follow through with the punishment they had threatened.

    4. Carr says:

      It’s nothing like throwing away good food in front of a hungry person.

      1) Food is a necessity. Computers are not.

      2) A computer-starved person is incapable of watching this video, so it can never be in front of him.

      Also, I would wager every person on this comment board “wastes” many things in our normal lives that could have been donated instead.

      Do I need an XBox, or would I have been better off donating the money? Sure, that can be an easy one since some would say that charity is definitely above any self-gratification. I could even concede that.

      But this runs the gambit all the way to much grayer areas too. Do I need anything other than lowest-dollar foods? After all, I can survive on all sorts of things that aren’t that healthy or that pricey. That money could go another direction too.

      The point is that sometimes money is spent on things that we personally desire or believe is important. To this man, he believes that holding true to his threat is important. When dealing with children (or most people), it actually is really important to back up what you say or your words hold less merit. In addition, the bullets through the computer are a great image of what his daughter did with her words on that computer.

      Would you also say that using his time to make a video at all or explaining his problem with the situation or even printing the post out on paper is wasteful? He could have donated his time of doing all this to a charity… now I’m ranting though.

      Second-guessing fatherhood is easy when you sit from the comfort of your computer chair and can blandly speak about waste and charity. Careful how quickly you posit to know other people’s situations and the ethics of how they deal with them.

      TL;DR I know.

    5. Penny Gonzalez says:

      I trully agree with this Fathers reaction to a very childish posting on his daughters part. I really hope that she conitnues to pay attention & turns out to be a respectful, contributing adult in her future. To anyone who thinks this is wrong, hurtful or stupid because if is “wasteful” I bet you are the kind of person that hasn’t got the backbone to be a real & true parent. Just keep on giving & giving & giving & soon your children will be living with you because they are unable to do otherwise. Go get her Dad, Well done. Little girl your Daddy really loves you, enough to make you stop & think about what you do. Why don’t you go give your parents (all 3 of them)a hug.

    6. E Bartley says:

      i do agree it was wasteful, and if he can just shoot a computer and not care than thats great for him right? but if you think of it another way, what if he cant just go out and buy a computer, what if he had to save the money to buy it than upgrade it how she wants. that might make more of a point to the kid.

      and there is nothing wrong with donations to people who need them but someone who is trin to deal with kids sometimes need to prove a point.

    7. brooke says:

      Honestly, really, how many people NEED a computer? I think the “wastefulness” argument all over is just proof how addicted we are to those little toys. He can do what he likes with it.

    8. ann says:

      I FULLY AGREE WITH YOU. Someone could have used the computer. He could have erased the hard drive and donated it to a school or someone that needed a computer and could not afforded one.

    9. LuAnn says:

      Maybe he considered his daughter more valuable than the computer? Maybe, just maybe, he had the right insight and fortitude to stick to his word and carry through with his warning… after all, his update clearly speaks to that effect…

    10. Zod says:

      Wasteful, yes. I can’t argue that point at all and is quite accurate, however you need to take this into the context in which it was explained. He need to follow through and be a man of his word. He said he would do it, and did it. While I understand saying things out of emotional charge that should not be followed through, this is a situation where he’s justified in his actions.

  4. Dynomoose says:

    I still think that it was a terrible waste of a perfectly good computer. Hecould have donated that thing, gotten a nice tax write-off and helped someone to boot.

    1. Wynonna says:

      Hey, the dad bought and paid for the laptop…HIS to do what HE pleases with it…be it donate or destroy….that is the problem anymore….way TOO many people worried about what everyone else is doing while oblivious to their own problems at home….

      1. ann says:

        why do you think we are made to recycle our trash? Big Brother is watching us. He just added to the landfill because now the computer is not useable to anyone, not even for parts.

        1. Michell says:

          I am pretty sure since he said he is an I.T. person, that he removed all the parts that made that computer go. But, even if he didn’t, it was HIS.
          Everybody needs to stop thinking of themselves and the waste. Also, those talking about donating, getting your personal info. off a computer is a huge waste of time, if you ask me; he did the absolute right thing! He showed his Daughter that he and his wife are to be respected, and that he is not to be trifled with!

    2. Carr says:

      “… gotten a nice tax write-off …”

      Only if his itemized deductions exceed his standard deductions and if his total charitable contributions did not exceed the limitation.

      Also, donating things so you can get a tax deduction is like giving me a dollar, so I can give you a quarter (usually more like 15 cents for most folks).

      1. Carr says:

        All of that was supposed to have a winky smiley face after it, so it didn’t come off all douche-like.


        There, now I feel better.

    3. Penny Gonzalez says:

      And the girl would learn what from that. Oh Yes. my Dad doesn’t keep his work. HUMMM. Now that you think about it, not really to good, HUH?

  5. Shell says:

    That video totally could have been me and my dad 8 years ago. We wouldn’t have even talked about it. And I love and respect him more than you’ll ever know. Harsh punishments do not “ruin” teenagers. It really shows the parents actually care about what you’re doing and love you enough to do whatever it takes to make you stop.

  6. Bgsmagee says:

    I agree with the father’s punishment. He told her that he would put a bullet in the laptop if she ever pulled a stunt like that again. So, instead of an empty threat, he went throught with it. Kudos. No one was physically hurt and she learned that yes, there are consequences for her actions.

    1. jorn says:

      Agreed. And therein is the point: His threat was pretty huge, and he probably figured it would be enough to deter her behavior. Well it wasn’t. Maybe she thought he didn’t mean what he said. Well, she does now. :)

      I think that’s a critical cornerstone to parenting. Follow through with what you say, and only say that with which you are prepared to follow through.

  7. Ryan Bayron says:

    Many people love having opinions, but hate putting thought into them. Sometimes, the best thing you can do with your input is keep it to yourself, especially when it pertains to one man’s way of raising his daughter.

    1. Shelly says:

      If he didn’t want anyone else comments, he shouldn’t have posted it on the web for everyone to see. When you post something on the web, you are opening yourself up for criticism.

  8. Sarah says:

    I went onto this guys’ facebook page, and he tactfully and kindly defended his daughter against some of the more rude posts, and I liked that. It seems as if this Dad was simply interested in punishing his daughter in an effective way … not in sitting around and discussing how much of a brat his teenaged daughter is. Most teenaged daughters have the odd bratty moment … this coming from a someone who was a teenager not that long ago :)

  9. Cale says:

    Im sorry this whole article just seems psychotic to me.
    First, if his daughter is thinking of becoming a stripper and then a drug addict, I question that household in general. What kind of teenage girl says she wants to become a stripper? I automatically think abuse in the household. Second I do NOT believe what he was saying about how they both got a good “laugh” about it. He’s just saying what the public wants to hear. Not buying it. Hes speaking on behalf of both of them an i want to hear the daughter say it, not him. And third, what kin of person goes outside and shoots his daughters laptop with a pistol. People for the love of god you do not see how incredibly messed up that is? He SHOT, WITH A GUN, his daughter laptop. He has bad anger problems, and thought it would be harious to put on the Internet? That’s psychotic I’m sorry. And he thinks his daughter is “messed” up? If he does tat kind of shit, I can see why. I think the proper thin to do would have been to get her Facebook password, go on her facebook, erase all her posts, lock it so she didn’t know the password, take te laptop away from her, and then thy should both go to therapy. I don’t think this is at all in anyway awesome, cool or good parenting. Dr. Phil would have an anurisum if he knew about this. Sorry I’m not liking this one. Crucify me all you want you know my points are valid.

    1. Les says:

      Your first point isn’t valid. The point is people’s comments said she’d grow up to be a stripper and she’s saying she DOESN’T want to be a stripper. He doesn’t think his daughter is messed up. Did you even READ this post? He just thinks she was pushing the boundaries. Dr. Phil is absurd. Who cares what he thinks?

    2. Laura says:

      Cale… nooooo, it was OTHER people who claimed that she would be so devastated by her father actually following through on a consequence that she would run out and become a stripper or a drug addict! Other people. Not the daughter. She said to her father, gee, not too keen on that idea, what else do they (the half million people commenting) recommend I do?

      I don’t have a gun, wouldn’t have shot a laptop (I’m too cheap) but she was indeed warned!

    3. Alicia says:

      “First, if his daughter is thinking of becoming a stripper and then a drug addict,” That is not at all what the article said… “At the end, she was amazed that other people had such amazingly strong reactions. Some said she’d grow up to be a stripper. Others that she’d get pregnant and become drug addicted because of the emotional damage.” Meaning that the viewers think this is the road she will go down. The daughter even stated ” She actually asked me to go on Facebook and ask if there was anything else the victim of a laptop-homicide could do besides stripping because all the posts seem to mention that particular job and she wasn’t so keen on that one” meaning she was not planning on being a stripper. As for your other points, teenagers can be difficult to handle and although I wouldn’t have handled the problem like that I give the father respect because he did what he thought was right and I’m sure he got his point across. And therapy seems a bit extreme… these are just average family problems that can be fixed within the family. No need to bring in professionals just yet.

    4. jorn says:

      Cale, actually reading the article, in my estimation, would have required 8% of the effort you put into your ill-informed and slightly bizarre rant.

    5. Dan says:

      Cale, you must not have kids, if he didn’t shoot the laptop, the kid would not have learned a darn thing from this. And as for you saying he has anger issues, you are clueless. He didn’t beat the girl, he shot her computer. I am guessing that you didn’t like the gun, and are anti-gun at heart.

    6. Penny Gonzalez says:

      Please re-read the postings , The Dtr did NOT say she wanted to be a stripper or a drug addict. It’ easy to be a judge when you have lots of money like Dr Phil, When did he raise 4 educated kids on 1 salary?

    7. brooke says:

      My heavenly word. Anyone can say what they like, without even reading the article. I suppose that’s why I don’t think it’s a waste to have shot the computer. Because we don’t all need to sit around, letting everyone know our barely-informed opinions. And his daughter can’t comment. She’s grounded for her behavior.

    8. Ashley says:

      ….. changing the password and taking the computer away would have done nothing. you do realize how simple it is to create a new email to create a new facebook is right? plus password recovery? there are places called libraries where the child could access the internet. plus the whole thing where the girl did NOT say she wanted to be a stripper….. please re read the post. you obviously skimmed over the post… Not following through with punishment is why we have so many out of control teens running around. you give a kid what they want after throwing a tantrum and they will learn nothing. It is absolutely nessesary to follow through with punishment as long as it doesn’t include causing bodily harm to the child or severe emotional damage.

    9. Paul says:

      “To Cale”: The only one here that’s “psychotic” is you. Dr.Phil ? Why would anybody give a rats azz about anything that idiot spouts off about. He told “his Daughter”,note that “it’s not your Daughter”,what he was going to do. So,that’s exactly what he did.”Showing that he isn’t a liar”,which he would be,if he did anything else.Such as,”give it to charity”,so some other spoiled brat could do the same to their parents ? I know you’re a spoiled brat libtard,obvious by your demented stupid reaction.What difference does it make if he “shot with a gun”? I doubt you would shoot it with a water pistol,kinda misses the point.If he had told her he would run over it with his truck,and did that,it would be the same thing.No,your points are not valid,and you need to “get a real life,in the real world”. Also, you must have failed in school,because you can’t spell,showing your parents failed you,I’m really sorry for you.Also,you can’t read,because “His Daughter never once said she wanted to be a stripper”. That was what other “Dr.Phil wannabe’s” said. She said,”she had no intention of doing that”. That was never a part of this in the first place,so,please learn to read and write before making a fool of yourself by replying to something.All sane people hope Dr.(Phil)McGraw,a deceitful,Psychologist,using his so-called degrees to “fool the public” into “thinking whatever he says is right”,in order to “make lot’s of Money”. I believe a guy named “Hitler” did the same thing,claimed “his ideas were better than everyone else”. Fooled a whole lot of people,until he got what he deserved in the end.A whole group of”child Psychologists”? Who “never raised any Children”,Have promoted all kinds of really stupid laws,and ideas,to Gullible Parents,and “Government lawmakers”,over the years.That is why we have so many problems in Society today.

    10. vicki says:

      I have two daughters who are now 21, therefore I have some experience raising children. This girl is only 15 years old and venting! It’s what they do, and if that is the worst thing she does, Daddy is lucky!
      I do understand how Dad must have felt after reading this. In my opinion, the proper thing to do would have been a sit-down discussion to find out why she feels all this anger, and deal with it like a mature human being. We do not take out our guns to teach our kids lessons. Putting away the computer for a while, instead of wasting all that money that was already put into it, was just plain immature and silly! Teaching our kids to handle issues by shooting the computer to death is using violence, and is not the correct message to send our children on how to deal with misbehavior, or possibly a very unhappy child. I agree with Cale, and I too do not for one minute believe this daughter four anything funny! I do believed it added fuel to her unhappiness!!! I hope the they go directly to a psychologist together to work it out, because of the terrible lesson she was taught… Sorry Dad. I know you love her very much BUT…… PS I agree to carry through with a threat of punishment, but the threat does not have to be so violent to work. Again, just put the damn thing away for the proper amount of time, because not being able to use it for several months will also be remembered, and will teach your daughter how to handle these situations without acting crazy and immature…. maybe Dad needs some Anger Mgt…:)

  10. Lily says:

    I don’t think donating one laptop to someone needy is gonna change the world … get over it, people. He bought and paid for it and can destroy it if he wants to. He wanted to prove a point to his daughter by following through on what he said he was going to do and he did. Too many parents lack follow through with their empty threats to their kids which is why kids can be such brats – they know they can get away with it.

  11. Jane. says:

    Cale your barmy mate, kids need to know there are limits to what you will put up with, and this Dad showed his kid she,d gone too far. They discussed it and had a laugh[ at our expense] well done to both of them, lighten up. But i dont seewhere being a stripper comes intothis, surely all brats dont end up stripping for a living?

  12. mike says:

    I support it completely, all tho I would have donated it to a good cause, so some poor people would have benifited from it through its resale, but would have wiped anything that could cause issues. I see that too many people let their kids walk over them, they dont enforce rules, and then their kids end up strippers or on drugs. Kids need to learn when they are young about not doing these actions so when they get older and a job, they dont get fired for posting about their boss or coworkers, and really ruin their life, credablilty and jobs. I would ask you to recover your lead from the ground to be responsible to the environment from having the lead leach into the ground water. but beside that I applaude your parenting. no child should be allowed to act out in such a rude mannor and be spoiled so they look down on other people. Even if they are a house cleaner or just helping out. They should Honor everyone for the jobs they do. Or do them their selves to see what kind of job it is.

  13. BP72 says:

    Unloading a clip in the laptop is a bit much but i think he made his point. Regardless of how he handled the situation many will have strong opinions about his parenting skills. Those with the strongest opinions wont be parents or even step parents. I would of used a shotgun.

  14. MeganBernal (ARMY) says:

    I think he did the right thing and it was a very good explanation i would allow my future husband to do the same thing and truthfully its dumb that people would say stuff like that but there are people who are just that dumb!!!
    and dam that daddy is very good looking :)ha ha just saying he is FINE

  15. saundra says:

    Honestly I commend u for what u have done… A lesson taught is a lesson learned in my book… I have three small daughters if my own and albeit they are growing up to be quite honest and blunt about how they feel… If my children ever did the same thing I would probably shoot the problem too… Now I don’t like guns and rather not use them but if a parent says they r going to do something then they should, if u don’t ur children would consider u unreliable… I highly doubt ur daughter would end up being a stripper… I wish my parents were like u really… Both Lyu parents were much much worse… I was a pretty good kid, spent most my life in foster care and went through pretty horrific things, I was too affraid to voice my oppinion affraid of what might would happen to me… Although I didn’t get to spend my life in a reliable home I learned that I wouldn’t allow my children to go through what I had. I have seen what no discipline has done to our children. Without a strong disciplinary role model in the house it has corrupted our children, we no longer have the hard working honest children anymore… Our children have turned to pure lazy and self destructive beings… If more parents don’t stand up and raise their children differently I would hate to see our nation in thirty years.. so good for you… Set an example for the rest of the world show people you are not too affraid to be a parent… Take a stand… The day my child threatens me and tries to use the …. I will call child services… Tactic on me well let’s just say my child better be quick enough to reach a phone… I get so tired of kids being ripped from their homes because they were abused… Quite a few of these kids have no idea how easy they have it, they have no idea what real abuse is… I am not a strict parent yet, but my children thank goodness also aren’t taking weapons to school or hanging out with the wrong crowds… I am sure though preschool children aren’t in as much danger as thirds graders but i for now I am going to enjoy the time I have with the innocense of my children and prepare myself for the years to come…

  16. Sam says:

    I just want to say that this is a great post. To the mysterious person writing these this one stands out as being one of the best because it has been framed so well and perfect comments at the end wrap the whole thing up. couldn’t have said better myself.

  17. Laurie says:

    I wonder if the dad had seen the scene in The Straight Story where Alvin Straight (Richard Farnsworth) shoots his lawn mower. Different circumstance, but similar sentiment? A similar frustration that prompts a man get in his truck and run over his own answering machine…

  18. Brandi says:

    Thee were my comments when I posted the video on my FB page:

    “He and I live in some kind of f***ed up teenage parallel universe. I can’t do what he does at the end, but I CAN give myself a gift.
    ~[my daughter’s name], pay attention.”

    I’m glad something positive came out of it.

  19. pam says:

    I think this was great. More people should do this. I hope he shoots her phone, tv and everything else. A lot of kids today do not appreciate what they have, I hope they do one day before it is not too later for the rest of the world.

  20. Barry says:

    I agree with all the people that feel it does teach her a lesson that she honestly won’t EVER forget, and I have no problem with that…..BUT….I figured out a LONG time ago that in life when you break something while you’re upset like this, you are throwing away valuable property for NOTHING. The perfect comparison I believe, is when one throws a dish at someone or at the wall and it shatters. At the end of the day you have a broken item that will have to be replaced (or you have just lost an investment) and really have nothing to show for this action. The discussion ITSELF should have done the trick. Just an opinion…

    1. Laura says:

      They had previously discussed this issue. And she had been grounded for three months. Trust me, talking just doesn’t do it for some kids! Yes, it’ll be replaced… when she buys one for herself and pays her dad back. Live and learn. It’s a big hard lesson but some people just can’t choose the easy road to learning!

  21. LissFirefly says:

    yes, teach her the value of a dollar, by WASTING a CRAPLOAD of money by destroying a laptop instead of selling it or donating it. Smart.

    1. AML says:

      he was not trying to teach the value of a dollar. He was trying to teach the value of a person and the respect that all people deserve.

  22. Brooke Reeves says:

    I dont think she will grow up to be a stripper or drug addict just bc her father cares enough to TEACH a valuable lesson. In fact, she will probably grow up to be a very respectful, very successful…..ANYTHING SHE WANTS TO BE!!

  23. Mel P says:

    I can imagine his frustration. Kids take you to extremes of emotion in seconds flat, and sometimes I am very glad I don’t have a gun around. Some of those damn talking toys would be shot into the middle of next week. Teenagers can very often be extraordinarily selfish and think nothing of what they have, just what they want. It was a very over the top way for this particular father to express his disappointment and frustration but I bet she sat up and took notice. Hopefully got over herself too ;o)

  24. spelvin2002 says:

    Daddy is a wise father, much in the same sense as the biblical Solomon. He did it right: he got her attention, made her understand that parents aren’t “friends,” and that parents exist to raise children as responsible members of their community/tribe/social order with some kind of a moral compass so that they don’t destroy themselves in the process of growing up.

  25. Christina says:

    I don’t think the dad should have posted this on facebook. I think it would have been way more rad if he had shot up the laptop and then just left it in her room for her to find. I think that would have startled her a lot more and made her think. But I had a dad like that growing up, so I know how the harsh punishments are and I turned out ok. It helps you grow up.

    1. Penny Gonzalez says:

      But the daughter had posted the Very Rude letter on FACEBOOK. Dad was just completing the introduction to reality his daughter needed.

  26. olivia says:

    1st i wanna say GO DAD! if you ask me the kid got off lucky. and to those who think she’s “mentally scarred” forever because he shot the computer..really? thats ridiculous. these are probably the same people who encourage their children to use technology in place of family intimacy. im so proud of what he did if i had his address i’d mail him the $130 myself as a thank you.

  27. Kerry says:

    I applaud this DAD. Glad they can find humor in it and move on HOLD YOUR GUNS (wink) Dad its only just begun at 15. Dont backdown stand firm in what your teaching her, what doesnt kill her will only make her stronger in the long run. All of us did without in our younger years time to teach our kids lesson in life its not always fair and you wont always get your way.

  28. Phil M. says:

    The dad’s response still doesn’t justify his attention whoring…

    He still sounds like a jerk to me. Call me crazy, but I don’t consider threatening to a put a bullet through something and then following through with that threat the calling card of good parenting.

  29. Orson Zedd says:

    You still look like a sociopath, and I can’t see this working out well for you long term. If you wanted to punish her so she’d be well behaved and have a good work ethic, I don’t think this is the way to do it. It seems short sighted and sociopathic to do it like this. Additionally, did you buy the laptop for her? If you didn’t, I’d also say this is criminal.

  30. wendy says:

    Bad actions bring bad conciquences, I think she learned not onlythelesson dad was tryin to teach, but that parents that care, WILL find out when you do those bad things…..I would imagine that as extreme as the “punishment” was, this was not just the first or even second offense on this particular rule…I as a parent would probably have gotten all the other electronic goodies she had and destroyed them too….along with a letter of appology to Linda and all the parents…..lack of consequences is why we have such a lazy work force these days…too many kids think they are entitled to everything without having to work for it.

  31. alex says:

    In todays world punishment are hard to do. Slapping her around could get him sent to prison And yelling is useless. shooting the laptop great plan.

  32. Sonny Jim says:

    To all the disappointed laptop people,
    Please dont hide behind veiled comments of wastefulness as you smugly decry the correction efforts of a frustrated parent. His efforts, though unorthodox, seem appropriate for a disobedient and insolent teenager. Hardly wasteful when you consider half of the world’s population eat rice to stay alive. Seems to me much more wasteful to sit around and “waste” time on a social media web site, such as facebook, instead of being a productive member of socity and helping to stop world hunger or some other good deed. Lastly, because I have spent to much time here, he should be teaching parenting 101 at his local university to the “young people” in our society.

  33. Phil M. says:

    This is probably a more serious response than this comment thread deserves, but here goes. The problem with this sort of punishment is that it is dealing with the sympton, not the actual issue. Do people really think that this girl will not find ways to vent publicly about her parents because of this? No, she probably has half a dozen other ways at her disposal.

    I’ve heard parents say to their children, “you own nothing! Everything you have is mine! I can take it away whenever I want!” That might be true now, but it won’t always be true. If your kid disrespects you, taking away their things isn’t going to earn their respect. It will make them hate you. They’ll learn to hide their behavior from you in more sophisticated ways. They’ll do anything they can to get out from under your power. And one day you have nothing – the financial carrot you dangled in front of them will be gone, and you’ll be left with no real relationship.

    So, yeah, this guy may have talked things through with his daughter after this, but by that point it’s too late. The damage has been done. Abusers always say they’re sorry afterward.

    1. Marci says:

      The psychologist in me (no really…) applauds you. I don’t think parents realize things like this. They go on an on about the consequences of the kids actions without stopping to think about their own. Another warning sign I thought about was that this shows that violence solves problems. If he wants respect he should show respect. No wonder his daughter acts the way she does, look at how he handles problems.

    2. Sisnky says:

      You must be a teenager yourself to be thinking like that, If more parents would carry through with thier threats, there wouldn’t be near as many teenagers on the streets and in jails. Way to go dad!!!!!

      1. lol says:

        be nice to your kids while they’re young because they’re the ones who pick your nursing home.

  34. Peggy says:

    I think this man handled it quite well. More parents should exercise their parental rights like this man did and maybe our world won’t be so screwed up as it is. Good luck young lady and give your parents a big hug and a kiss. They love you dearly. You will realize this when you are older and have a family of your own.

  35. moriah says:

    Well my dad did the same thing to me 18 years ago. I was 15 and did some terrible things. He took all of my make up and hair spray and gel and put it in a bag tied it to a tree and shot it over 30 times. Lol of course we laugh about it now and there was no facebook and iphones then …..it effected me so much that I am now a doctor so fear not Hannah you don’t have to be a stripper its just all those left wing anti gun morons that want you to think you should have an emotional breakdown so you can draw a check from ol uncle Sam. They are the weak ones not you or your father……I bet you learned something! Go dad!!!

  36. joanne says:

    Sometimes it takes a hard lesson. i was a smart mouthed rebellious whiny and at times ungreatful
    teen as well. i turned out just fine. it’s ridiculous for people to say the daughter is going to grow up to be a stripper!

  37. denise says:

    she is no different from us when we grew up. we would blow off steam with our friends and go play red rover or softball. take all these expense toys away and let them become more inventive. no one speaks or communicates any longer with words. it is all text, facebook and email. bravo to this father …he should be hurt and disgusted. if anyone has raised teens i will say no more.

  38. Peter Amodio says:

    The only waste was the opportunity to have had the computer switched on when he shot it. Would have been much more dramatic…..
    Shooting it rather than giving it away absolutely put it beyond reach, in much the same way we dealt with Nuclear weapons that were dissembled and the components crushed.
    Nice job!

  39. Jackie says:

    Saddly enough at the end of the day it was about teaching a lesson not a computer. You go dad! Have worked in the field of mental health for the past 27 years and what I see most is parents that don’t want to upset their children by taking god forbid their computer,phone,iPod, ect. So that they learn the value of family and what that means trying to prepare them for life in the big world that is not always fair, and that she will have to hold down a job and will have to do things for people she may not like at her job he clearly is trying to teach her somethings that one day she will thank him for . So dad thanks for sticking with the parents that still are trying to teach some values and morels to your children , to many parents are trying to hard to be there friend and not the parent!

    1. Mojo says:

      Jackie, I’m scared if you are counseling children and families and you are endorsing this kind of “punishment.” Can you give me just a hint about where you practice so I can be sure NEVER to refer anyone to you for help? Thanks!

  40. Lizz says:

    Man, I wish my parents were like this. Computer homicide, gun shooting, strict, all in one. Sounds wonderful. I think this is an awesome dad.

  41. Ronda says:

    I applaud this Dad for not only “letting his yes mean yes and his No mean no”, but for standing up in the arena where the violation ocurred! MORE parents NEED to do this! I see kids being disrespectful to their parents all of the time. This generation of kids are rude, lazy and have a feeling of entitlement that is beyond belief!! They cannot think for themselves or even entertain theirselves, they do not want to work or help around the house and yet they EXPECT all of the latest gadgets, money handouts,cars and such……It is sickening!
    YOU GO DAD!! And for you others….take a lesson!

    1. Mojo says:

      Best and most insightful comment here. A computer can simply be taken away, Dad. He’s as much of a drama queen as his kid.

  42. Tracey says:

    If your kid is such a spoiled brat that you have to take a gun to her computer, you raised a crappy kid. It’s ON YOU, not her. She didn’t get that way overnight, there were lots of opportunities along the way to turn her around and make her a bit more grateful and kind. If your kid’s a monster, you made them that way.

  43. Terry G says:

    Personally, I’m not sure how some people can say that this man’s daughter will grow up to be a stripper or anything else for that matter. Kids are rebellious, and they’ve been rebellious since Biblical times (remember Spare the rod and spoil the child?). I applaud this dad for doing exactly as he said he would do. I hope they keep the laptop as it is now. It will make a great conversation piece when she grows up and has children of her own and relates to her children about what grandpa did in order to teach her a valuable lesson. I received my fair share of punishment as a child and I never repeated those mistakes, and I’d be willing to bet that this man’s daughter won’t make the same mistake twice.

  44. Mojo says:

    I’m sure this ground has already been covered ad nauseum, but really? A gun? And the mother wanting him to make sure he put a bullet in there for her? Guess I’m one of those bleeding heart liberals (who happens to have two well-adjusted and well-behaved teenaged children I might add), but all I kept thinking is there is an implied threat here that she is next if she doesn’t behave herself. And no one—yes, not even a spoiled brat, people!–deserves to have even a hint of a fear their own parent could be capable of shooting them if they are mad or disappointed enough. Epic fail, Dad!

  45. Joe American says:

    Hopefully she wont become a Ghetto Hoe like half of the women in America are now with no husband and fatherless children. They are far more likely to be delinquents and the deep in poverty. The fatherless criminal class, the new third world America.

    1. Mom of two says:

      There are two reasons for fatherless children. Boys (I intentionally didn’t say men) not taking responsibility for lowering their zippers and girls wanting to have more kids so they can get more welfare.

  46. Karen Matt says:

    I think kids with disrespect behavior are natural, because children have not yet developed the skills to express and deal with feelings of anger, rage or other strong emotions.

    The best way to address disrespect behavior is to do it calmly. Keep your voice calm and level. Listen to them and let them see you act with respect to their answers.

  47. swhithorn says:

    I totally agree with this dad I don’t think he has anything to be ashamed of. He was polite and respectfull to the point about why he was doing it and what they expected of her. Go for tough parenting kids don’t have to have a cell phone laptop or other stuff like that. They appreciate what they earn better than what they are given. Entitlement is way to ramppet I was expected to do chores and so are my kids no if ands or buts about it

  48. Meg says:

    So, to all those who are saying you must be a bleeding-heart liberal gun-hater to dislike this… well, no, don’t blame politics. I AM all of those things, and I still think this dad is pretty cool. He followed through with his threat, no one got hurt, and this is way less emotionally (and physically) scarring than the thoughtless things parents do to hurt their children, everyday. Just think about what parents did in the past! My dad got a fork through his cheek and a bottle smashed over his head as a kid. She even had fair warning! Sounds like she’s mostly a good kid with a caring parent who did something typically snotty of a 15 year old. That’s when lessons about respect are learned. Do I like that guns are so prevalent, and that they are used so casually? No. I think some other spectacular means of destruction would have worked pretty well, but hell, he’s got a gun and it’s his computer to shoot–also negating all the work he just did on it for the sake of a lesson. Go for it dude! And no, this is not “wasteful.” Anyone can use a library computer, and if they aren’t near one and can’t buy a computer, they probably can’t afford internet anyway. It’s not wasting anything necessary. And how she’d end up a loser in life because of this is beyond me. It just shows that she’s got someone in her life who doesn’t want her to be a spoiled, disrespectful jackass. There’s enough to hate on in this world without wasting time worrying about this. Good job dad, glad your daughter can appreciate it more than the internet.

  49. RE says:

    If I were that girl the threat of ‘putting a bullet’ in anything would be terrifying. I’m glad my dad didn’t parent like him.

  50. JeanniK says:

    I don’t see why people think this was such a bad way to deal with his daughter’s disrespect. He told her what her punishment would be if she disrespected him again and when she did, he followed through with it. Don’t all the parenting books tell you that’s precisely what you should do? Personally, had it been me, I would have sold the laptop to recoup some of my loss, but then I don’t live in Texas or Oklahoma or wherever he was (Warm weather in February and a western accent)so I react differently to that sort of thing. I think the guy’s a great dad!

  51. Vickie says:

    Honestly, I think the dad did show a lot of love, tough of course. More parents need to stand up to their kids and deal rather than giving in. Kids need direction and discipline. Kids NEED parents that are consistent and aren’t afraid to be parents. Very nice too that he chose to come back and update the masses.

  52. Laura says:

    Love … at the point of a gun. Outraged destruction as a method to teach responsibility.

    It’s no wonder this country and its children are so screwed up.

  53. Rafaela says:

    He should have given the laptop to Linda, the “cleaning lady”.


    He is a GREAT dad and someday she will be really happy that he taught her not to be so entitled.

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