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There’s a forest in Minnesota shaped like…Minnesota

Mar 27, 2014 By Joey

If you happen to be in a helicopter or plane flying low over northern Minnesota, you might look down and see…a mini Minnesota…

Minnesota Forest 1

After a redditor noticed this remarkable oddity recently there was some speculation that the forest was Photoshopped, but a direct link to it on Google Maps proves otherwise.

According to a commenter at City Pages who spent time working as a forester for in the area, this patch of forest has existed in this shape for some time.

I have been aware of this timber harvest shaped like the state of MN border for about 8 years. …This is state forest land, managed by DNR Division of Forestry. The state employs foresters to design timber harvests to meet many objectives including ecological and economic ones. The forester who designed this timber sale is a veteran at his craft and created this boundary line without the use of GPS, but with map and compass instead.

Another redditor perused older satellite images and found that this was in place as early as 1991.

The feature can be seen a few layers out in Google Maps, but with no population or highways surrounding it, there’s no reason for most people to stumble across it…and even if you did, you wouldn’t know it from the ground…

Minnesota Forest 2

Minnesota Forest 3

Minnesota Forest 4

Minnesota Forest 5

It doesn’t take much zooming out before the state-shaped patch of forest is difficult to find, and there are still no cities or highways in sight…

Minnesota Forest 6

Minnesota Forest 7

To get a better sense of the location, here’s the entire state of Minnesota, with the pin marking the location of the Minnesota-shaped patch of forest…

Minnesota Forest 8

If you’re still not impressed, here’s a Minnesota-shaped pond, located in Central Minnesota

Minnesota Lake

Perhaps it’s a theme… We’ll update this post just as soon as we find a city limit, highway, or any other map feature shaped like the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


  1. Zaz says:

    Any idea where that pond is? I live in central Minnesota, but that designation is used for anywhere north of the Twin Cities and south of Bemidji.

    1. Joey White says:

      The pond is just south of Clarissa. You can see the exact location by clicking the Google Maps link in the post.

  2. jamsco says:

    I don’t know if this counts in your theme, but there is also a patio the shape of MN on the state capitol grounds:

    https:[email protected],-93.103046,107m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x51aff980505e7683

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