Frenetic 10-year-old beats international chess master in a 4-minute game

July 8, 2013 | By Abraham | 6 comments

Two days after he turned 10, back in 2010, chess prodigy Samuel Sevian, a student at the U. S. Chess School, played International Master Greg Shahade in an impromptu game of speed chess. It went unexpectedly well for him as a player and amusingly well for us as his audience…

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  1. Whovian007 says:

    I wish he wasn’t so cocky in the beginning (but he’s 10 so eh I’ll let it go) very impressive playing!

  2. Richard says:

    Master Greg Shahade has the right attitude. I’m willing to be that the “blunder” on move five was the sort of momentary lapse that doesn’t happen but once in a blue moon. (On the other hand, I think we should check for the performance enhancing properties of that pop the kid’s guzzling… : – ) ) Anyway, nice video.

  3. dpc says:

    He didn’t cheat… if you get a pawn to the end of the board you can exchange it for any of your pieces that are off the board.

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