From fish brains to bat embryos — 20 incredible, award-winning micro-photos

By Abraham Piper

Here are the winners of the annual Small World Photomicrography Competition

1. Zebra Fish Brain, by Jennifer Peters and Michael Taylor

2. Newborn Lynx Spiders, by Walter Piorkowski

3. Bone Cancer, by Dylan Burnette

4. Fruit Fly Eye, by W. Ryan Williamson

5. Cacoxenite, by Honorio Cocera-LaParra

6. Cosmarium Algae, by Marek Mis

7. Fruit Fly Eye, by John Bridge

8. Sea Gooseberry Larva, by Gerd Guenther

9. Ant Carrying Its Larva, by Geir Drange

10. Brittle Star, by Alvaro Migotto

11. Fruit Fly Larva Guts, by Jessica Von Stetina

12. Lymphatic Endothelial Cells and Fibroblasts, by Esra Guc

13. Sonderia Protozoa, by Diana Lipscomb

14. Desert Rose Pistil, by Jose Rivera

15. Ladybug Leg, by Andrea Genra

16. Fossilized Agate with Snails and Ostracods, by Douglas Moore

17. Stinging Nettle, by Charles Krebs

18. Coral Sand, by David Maitland

19. Garlic, by Somayeh Naghiloo

20. Black Mastiff Bat Embryos, by Dorit Hockman

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