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Funny Graphs Show Correlation Between Completely Unrelated Stats

May 9, 2014 By Abraham

In an ongoing and geekily hilarious collection of evidence in defense of the fact that correlation does not imply causation, Harvard law student Tyler Vigen shares charts showing “spurious correlations” — high correlation between two random, unrelated statistics.

Divorce and Margarine

Spurious Correlations - 01

Bedsheet Deaths and Ski Profits

Spurious Correlations - 02

Norwegian Oil and Train Accidents

Spurious Correlations - 03

Miss America and Murder

Spurious Correlations - 10


  1. Mathi Bear says:

    “The price of uranium just went up.”
    “That means it’s time to go play video games!”

    1. Nubbins says:

      Or does it mean that when uranium prices go up, we should stop playing video games. I’m so confused!

  2. flow ir in says:

    embrace discordianism. even though there may be no _causality_ here, it does not mean there is no correlation, nor no interconnectedness. reality is far more complex than we can imagine.

  3. ian says:

    I like the space launch and doctorates especially as it is not basically a positive or negative time series.

  4. Jason says:

    It took a Harvard education to find matching graph trends? I’d bet this guy can even tie his own shoes, good for him.

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