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Gandalf wearing sunglasses on the set of The Hobbit

May 13, 2011 By Abraham

(via Neatorama)

Also, is his nose bigger for this movie?


  1. Jennifer says:

    I think those might be 3D glasses. I saw PJ wearing a similar pair in his intro video a couple weeks ago. Yes, fine, I admit it. I watched it twice and squealed like a teenage girl both times.

  2. Scott W Kay says:

    Yes, I believe that it was mentioned in Peter Jackson’s intro video that Ian McKellan would have to wear a different nose as well as the grey wig.

    1. Betsy says:

      He wore a larger, prosthetic nose in the trilogy. They talk about it in the special features of the extended versions.

    1. "My Backpacks got jets" says:

      glad someone else thought ZZ-top. I was reading through the comments and feeling old because no one else was coming up with it.

  3. Christen says:

    your ears and nose are the only things that grow your entire life. that’s why old men have such big ears and noses. maybe that’s what happened?

  4. Thomas says:

    Definatly the 3D glasses. Since they’re shooting the Hobbit in 3D, and Gandalf’s gotta be able to see what’s going on when he’s not being filmed!

    1. QuirkyKiwi says:

      What eyeballs? you can’t see them behind those dark shades.
      I guess you could call Gandalf a W.I.B. Wizard In Black.

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