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Girl misunderstands a basic element of trust falls

Jan 12, 2013 By Abraham

A young lady teaches her friend about trust falls, but leaves out one key piece of information — which way to fall…

(via Voices)


  1. Hildogg says:

    To be fair, the girl had her eyes closed and the other girl was standing beside/in front of her. So, maybe she assumed the other girl would be standing *there* to catch her? Although I did laugh my ass off.

  2. Nath says:

    I love you and I love this site but please stop telling us exactly what happens in videos before we’ve watched them. Half the laugh is in the surprise! Wanna hear a joke about getting to the other side? Cool! Why did the chicken cross the road?

    1. Bee says:

      Yeah, I gotta say I agree…kinda takes away the point of watching the video if all you need to do is read the description. Leave an element of surprise, damn it!

    2. Lynnette says:

      On the contrary, I love that the title has a bit of description. Then I have a better idea if it’s ok to click Play when my kids are at the computer with me.

      1. Nath says:

        Don’t get me wrong – a bit of description is great! The title is good. Even most of the blurb before the video. All except the last bit. Why not just say, “A young lady teaches her friend about trust falls, but leaves out one key piece of information…” I only commented cos it happens quite a lot.

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