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Gospel singer hits a note so low he sounds like Satan belching right on pitch

Sep 6, 2013 By Abraham

This guy can sing some serious bass. He goes low, and then lower, and then lower, and then…

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(via Reddit)


        1. Corban says:


          Comparatively, even though the contrabassoon is laughably low and sometimes sounds more like a fart than anything else, nobody would rightfully argue that it doesn’t have a musical place in the symphony orchestra.

          1. D'Andy says:

            Comparatively, the contrabassoon is laughably low and hence does not have a “musical” place (or any other) in a standard symphony orchestra. It is only brought out every now and then when some piece requires it.

            No symphony orchestra has a contrabassoonist on full time, either they play the bassoon or they are brought in especially for works that require it. As they say “t takes more brawn, and slightly less brain, to play contrabassoon. They are available at pawnshops in large numbers — the instruments as well as the players — and play the same three or four numbers as the tuba, although not quite as loud or beautiful.”

          1. Ciarán says:

            Hideous is in the ear of the beholder and just for show is vast, vast amounts of musical entertainment. Paganini used to strip all but one string off his violin and play a piece just to show off how shit hot he was. There’s a lot of free jazz and experimental music that I love that sounds like a musical aneurysm to a lot of people.

        2. Aaron says:

          It’s not musical because there is barely any tone to it. I went to college as a tuba player. We can make our horns do all kinds of sounds that aren’t musical.

  1. fic72 says:

    It’s not real! lol. He’s miming to what I suspect is a manipulated recording. His mouth isn’t even in sync and you can tell from his breathing etc that he’s not singing. ;)

    1. Karen says:

      Yes, I agree. This was a fake, manipulated recording. The bass stepped way basck from his microphone, but the purported sound from him continued undisturbed. This is fake.

  2. Karen says:

    This is pre-recorded, and quite possibly fake, digitally altered . Watch the the bass guy’s mouth as he supposedly sings the word “cloud” for the last time – his lips do not form the second part of the diphthong, the “u” sound, which is audible in the recording. He’s not actually singing, but mouthing the words, and badly at that.

  3. Sylvan says:

    This guy, whoever he is, is not the only gospel singer to hit that low note. A quick search on YouTube yields a half dozen other guys who can do the same.

    This performance was mostly likely lip-synched, as most TV music performances were (and continue to be).

  4. Brendt Wayne Waters says:

    For the historians in the crowd, The Cathedral Quartet recorded this song on the 1970 album “It’s Music Time”, a staple of my young years. George Younce’s voice was much more melodic, even when he went to those notes that you couldn’t even see from the bottom of the bass clef without binoculars.

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