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Graphing Alanis Morissette’s irony

Oct 7, 2011 By Abraham

16 years late on this, but whatever…

(Click the image to enlarge it.)

(via Blame It on the Voices)


  1. thomasblair says:

    And, although the axes are labelled correctly on the whole spoon/knife conundrum, the choice of scale leaves something to be desired. A cursory examination makes you think, “oh, well i just have a spoon when what I needed wh a knife” and what’s really happening is that you have TEN THOUSAND spoons when all you need is a knife, the latter situation being much more ironic. This infographic fails to capture the magnitude of the irony here.

    1. Neal says:

      Yes, I’ve been saying this for years…16 of them. The only thing ironic about that song is that nothing in it is ironic.

    2. JP says:

      Me, too. None of the things she sings about are ironic. Irony is when a firestation burns down. Rain on a wedding day and the others are not ironic at all.

  2. Greg says:

    Wired magazine had a statgeist chart showing that a few years ago – 0% ironies, 100% unfortunate circumstances.

  3. Kay says:

    Maybe the song was done on purpose by Alanis?(write a song about about unfortunate circumstances – call it ironic but the irony is that the song isn’t ironic – get it? ) People are still talking about it now and it’s been over 10years. Haha

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