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Green Bean Bacon Bundles

Jun 10, 2011 By Abraham


Here’s how to make them.


  1. thomasblair says:

    I’ve seen a similar creation done with asparagus and just enough prosciutto to wrap the stalk, grilled and dressed with olive oil and salt. Magnificent.

    1. Katina says:

      …and Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other special event. Sometimes the “special” event is Wednesday.

      1. Dianne says:

        Boy, I could live with that. These looked fantastic enough, and then I read the recipe and saw that butter, brown sugar and garlic are also involved. Holy cow! Where have these been all my life?

  2. Cara Herzberg says:

    For all you bacon lovers, here is a SUPERB recipe my brother made up:

    Take two pounds of bacon and weave them together like lattice and bake. Then, crack some eggs on the lattice and mix it in with some shredded cheese. Add your favorite hot sauce. Bake some more. When the eggs are cooked, roll lattice and slice.

    DE-LISH! And don’t stray to far from the bathroom.

  3. rev says:

    that’s like the most basic thing you can make (after boiled potatoes) if you’re from europe. but these beans look kinda dried up. you need to precook the beans first, after that wrap them up in the bacon and just bake the bacon till slightly crispy.

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