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Group of men catch a toddler falling from a 5th-story window

Jun 21, 2013 By Abraham

Yesterday several couriers who were gathered in an alley of Ninghai, China saw a young child perilously alone up in a window on the 5th floor of an apartment building. They stayed beneath her, keeping an eye on her in case things took a turn for the worse…which they did.

The child, who had woken up from her nap and decided to climb out the window unbeknownst to her parents, fell. The group of eight men below caught her together. Two of them were injured, but the girl escaped with only a minor wound on her face…

(via BBC News, Reddit)


    1. Tink says:

      ”And though this world, with devils filled,
      should threaten to undo us,
      we will not fear, for God hath willed
      his truth to triumph through us.”

      These people saved a life. If you like to believe God had a part in it, fair enough. But these people also deserve credit for what they did. Every day people make choices, some of which help people – yes that might be doing ‘God’s work’, but it’s still not an easy road to walk, so people should be applauded for they good they do.

      1. Joy says:

        I don’t think the person making the comment was meaning that the people don’t deserve any credit…

  1. Stephen May says:

    As that Sunday school teacher who’s looking forward to being a father one day, I have so much respect for those guys.

    Well done, people who I will never meet and who will likely never hear my words!

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