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Grown ducks experience water for the first time, don’t like it at first

Oct 8, 2012 By Abraham

Recently the folks at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary rescued over 130 birds from an animal hoarder who had kept them in woefully inadequate conditions, to understate it. When some of the ducks were shown to a pond for the first time, they were quite certain it wasn’t for them, but then…


  1. Steve says:

    Cute music doesn’t take away from the fact that these poor ducks are enduring a traumatic event. Forcing an adult human into the water in this fashion, pin an effort to force them to “learn to swim” say, would land the perpetrators in jail. These ducks were clearly not entering the water willingly!

    1. tonicclonic says:

      That’s not the same thing. Humans are not natural swimmers. If you toss a child in the water it will probably drown. Ducks are natural swimmers, which is why none of those ducks were drowning even though they’d never been in the water. The fear they showed was fear of the unknown. Once they were there they seemed quite happy with new sensation of swimming. Ducks SHOULD be swimming. It would be even more tragic if their hoarded past deprived them of a life in the water.

      1. Kristelle says:

        Actually… humans are born with the knowledge to swim and stay afloat. A baby that is born underwater will swim to the surface! It is not strong enough to stay up for long, but it knows how!! Just sayin’..

        1. Michelle says:

          Kristelle, his point still stands. He probably should have said “if you throw an adult who’s never been around water into a lake, they would probably drown”, but the point is still that ducks naturally swim and humans do not. These ducks, having never been around water, were swimming like pros and not sinking and/or drowning. Adult humans being forced into the same situation for the first time would not be so successful. A friend of mine teaches adults in China to swim. Some of the people she teaches were raised in areas where water was very scarce and had never seen more water than the small bowl full their families used to wash their faces in once a day. Just standing up in the water and being able to put their face in the water is a huge accomplishment for these people. Those ducks, on the other hand, are swimming around like it’s nobody’s business – and that didn’t take months of helpful encouragement and therapy!

    2. Shirley Valdez says:


      seriously? They’re DUCKS. You probably have a PhD in victimization theory or something else equally pathetic.

  2. Carol says:

    This is a great video and I totally agree with everything about these ducks. So cute–splashing and having fun for the first time.

  3. Mathi Bear says:

    To me it looks like they were bathing repeatedly and saying to themselves “Finally clean, we are finally clean”.

  4. bj says:

    That cat…. kills 12 birds a month. Not a good thing to have around. Check it out on Nat. Geo. Billions of animals are killed each year by outside cats. There are other animals besides birds, reptiles, small mammals and more.

    Keep your cat inside.

    1. Earthling says:

      What do you think cat food is made from? It’s dead animals. Cats are carnivores, as are many other critters. Pretty much everything is food for something else. Birds are prey animals. They get eaten on a regular basis. “Nature, red in tooth and claw.”

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