Here’s Some Bizarre Trivia for You — All These States Are North of Canada

By Abraham Piper

Here’s a piece of obvious geographical knowledge — Canada is north of the U.S.

Is it, though?

Generally speaking, sure. But if you locate the spot in Canada that is furthest south and look at how many states are above that latitude on a map, you’ll be surprised at how much of the U.S. is not south of Canada.

Over half of all states are at least partially north of some part of Canada.

Check it out…

Here’s the point in Canada that strays the closest to the equator…

Middle Island in Lake Erie

Canada South of the US - 01

And here is a map that shows every state that creeps at least a little bit north of Middle Island…

Canada South of the US - 02

That’s 27 states. And 13 of them (with asterisks) are entirely further north than parts of Canada…

Canada South of the US - 03

See the evidence and documentation for this bizarre and fascinating bit of trivia.